Benefits Of Economic Online Class For 12 Students

After the temporary closure of schools and colleges, students especially in the 12th standard face multiple problems as they try to cope with class 12 economics online classes conducted by schools. Although the online classes conducted by schools are nowhere close to offline schools, there is a huge number of students whose schools are not even conducting any Economics online classes. 

Economics Online Classes are provided by Vidya Setu on their official YouTube channel and can be attended without a subscription. Class 12 Economics is divided into macroeconomics and Indian Economic Development The publishers for economic books prescribed by CBSE are T.R Jain and V.K Ohri.

It is also one of the difficult subjects which involve a lot of practical questions and graphical representations. Thus students cannot manage the Class 12 economics subject on their own. 

Online classes for Economics class 12 have turned out to be a torch of hope and have taken a front seat in any student’s education as they are one of the safest and most trustable means for proper education and Online Entrance Exam Preparation.

There are many 12th economics online classes available for students both free and paid but not all of them are good enough for the students, most of them lack basic features like problem-solving and HD-quality video.

We will take a close look at some of the top Online Economic Classes for 12 students in India, which are known for their superlative education and excellent career prospects.

Consider Before Joining An Economics Online Class

Students should consider the following points before joining class 12 economics, online classes. 

  1. The students should make sure that the classes are free or at minimal cost and should not get into a trap with those who are providing classes at very high rates. 
  2. The Economics Class 12 online classes should be accessible to all at any point at any time and do not require students to step out of the class. 
  3. The class 12 economics online classes must have experienced teachers as the subject is tricky and cannot be taught by anyone. 
  4. The app or website should be easy to use, it should not ask for regular logins and neither should show unnecessary advertisements.
  5. The quality of the Video lectures should be top-notch so that students do not get distracted by regular errors and bad-quality audio.
  6. The Benefits of Economic Online Learning lets students maintain their own pace when it comes to learning.

Types of Online Classes 

  1. YouTube Video Lectures
  2. Zoom Classes 
  3. Online classes on websites 
  4. Pendrive Courses


Vidya Setu Learning Online Classes For Class 12

The Vidya Setu Learning provides free and best online classes for classes 11th and 12th, it also provides the free resources required by students to properly prepare for the exams. The CBSE class 12 Economics online classes at Vidya Setu are taught by expert faculty. 

Economics class 12 online classes are provided in HD Quality with clear audio, it is also the most trustable and liked economics online class by students as they feel that classes are knowledgeable and teach more than the school does. It also widens the opportunity for students as they can establish a network that might help them in the future. The problem-solving at Vidya Setu online classes is also hassle-free and available 24*7. 

Here is how to plan an Economics Online Class for Students to help and learn.

Benefits of Vidya Setu Economics Online Classes

Experienced Teachers Economics is a difficult subject and involves both practical and theoretical aspects, experienced teachers are provided by Vidya Setu so that students can understand this subject perfectly. And exams are 
Free of Cost The circumstances caused by Covid-19 have led the students to sit at home although schools are still charging fees. Hence Vidya Setu is providing free classes as the motive is not to earn money but to educate. 
HD quality with clear audio Economics online classes provided by Vidya Setu are of HD quality and have crystal clear sound to them. 
Accessible to all  Vidya Setu’s online classes are available to each enthusiast who is willing to learn irrespective of any financial difference.
Recorded Classes The benefits of viewing recorded lectures are numerous, they can be downloaded. Vidya Setu’s Video Lectures are downloadable. 


Vidya Setu has changed my entire way of studying, now I focus more on individual topics and can score 90% marks in 12th board exams.” Riddhima Jain

“Vidya Setu is a single solution to all the queries of 12th graders, they have online classes, NCERT books, notes, and even sample papers and mock test papers.” Akshay Gupta


The CBSE class 12 economics online classes are provided by various institutions but not all are trustable to invest money in. The Vidya Setu Learning online classes provide the best online classes for students which is also free of cost. The classes are provided by experienced teachers with all the study material available in downloadable links free of cost.

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