Reasons to Transform Your Space with RTA Cabinet Solution

Do you want to renovate or update your kitchen? RTA cabinets might be ideal for you. Remodelling can be expensive these days. Many homeowners are choosing the DIY approach to save money. As kitchen cabinets can be daunting to install, RTA cabinets are rising in popularity. They have been designed for easy and quick assembly. Even when you want to hire a professional installer, RTA cabinets have fewer requirements. 


Here are some of the reasons you should get RTA Cabinets Wholesale to transform your kitchen. 

Lower Indirect Costs

RTA cabinets are more affordable than pre-fabricated stock cabinets and customized cabinets for two main reasons. The first reason is lower labor costs. Manufacturers do not have to add the cost of assembling the cabinets to the price since you will be doing the work all by yourself. 

The reason behind the affordable cost of RTA cabinets is lower shipping costs. RTA cabinets will be shipped to you in a flat pack. Thus, they take up less space than customized or pre-assembled cabinets and are easier to ship. 


As an additional advantage, they will get to you faster since you will not have to wait for them to be assembled. Most of the time than not, there is no lead time between ordering and shipping as the parts are in stock already. 


Easy to Install

Manufacturers of custom RTA cabinets know that their customers might be wading into unfamiliar territories. Thus, they are usually well-prepared for making the assembling process easier. The pack has all the needed hardware. The pieces are cut to size and then labeled. All required hardware holes are pre-drilled. 


You just have to fit the pieces together and then glue or nail them in place. Well-defined printed RTA cabinets assembly instructions and video tutorials will walk you through the entire process. In case you get stuck, most manufacturers provide a customer service phone line, which connects you to an agent who will be able to help you out. But not all manufacturers can offer good customer service. Thus, it is important to choose carefully.


Good Quality Construction

Previously, few reliable manufacturers sold RTA cabinets and the ones that did hardly invested in them. due to this, these cabinets have gained an unfortunate reputation as being low in quality. But these days, many reputed manufacturers have started offering RTA cabinets. So, you will easily find a wide range of RTA cabinets, from pressed wood and particle board options to ornate designs in cherry and solid oak. You choose what will work for your budget when you are considering Installing RTA Cabinets

Even with the best quality material and production techniques, the RTA cabinets will cost less than stock cabinets of the same quality. 


More Customization Options

A few manufacturers provide custom RTA cabinets, which are customized to your specifications. They are just like any other customized cabinets but are shipped to you unassembled. Others provide a selection of wood types, pre-set sizes, colours, trims, finishes, and styles to give you some room for choosing the functionality and look you want. You might have options for additional features, such as a pull-out spice rack, wine rack, wood range hood, and appliance lift. 



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