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Everybody makes use of a keyboard while working on a PC. But more than a keyboard, you are more dependent on the mouse. The mouse is very convenient to use, no doubt. But you don’t even realize how every time making use of a mouse may be too time-consuming.


As a working professional, you don’t have time to move the mouse cursor from here and there every time. You should know some computer keyboard tricks to do your work faster. Otherwise, just relying on a mouse will not increase your efficiency.

Also, make sure that you have downloaded the Keyboard Driver Windows 10 latest version on your PC. To run the keyboard smoothly, you should remove the outdated version of the keyboard driver. You can update the driver automatically or manually.

List Of Computer Keyboard Tricks For Windows PC

In this article, you can grab the opportunity to learn some easy computer keyboard tricks that you can use on a Windows PC. Such tricks will work not only on Windows 10 but also on the old versions. Shortcut Key can Help to Make Audit Management Easy.

1. Use Shift+Alt+Print Keys

You can set the High Contrast settings by using these keyboard shortcuts. You have to just press the Shift+Alt+Print keys on your keyboard. You will see a box to set the High Contrast on your screen. It will give you two options, yes or no. If you want to set the high contrast, click on yes or no. 

If you set the high contrast, you will see the whole background goes black and the fonts will turn white. In case you want your previous setting back, you can press the same keys again. 

This is how you can set high contrast without even touching your mouse.


2. Use Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow as Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard shortcut will work depending on your graphic cards and video drivers. With this shortcut, you can rotate the desktop. 

  • Go to the Settings app first by pressing the Windows key+I key on your keyboard. 
  • Then you can click on the System option and then go to the Display option.
  • You can now change the orientation according to your choice. For example, either from Landscape to Portrait or you can switch to the flipped version. 

3. ALT+Tab Keys

When so many windows are opened at a time, how to quickly shift between them Well, you can use one of the keyboard shortcuts here. Just hold the Alt key and simultaneously, press the Tab key on your keyboard. You will see all the open windows on your screen. To open a particular window, release the keys. 

If you wish to change the direction of the windows, hold the Alt+Shift key along with the Tab key on your keyboard. 

4. Shift+Del Keys

These keys can be used as one of the keyboard shortcuts for deleting something quickly. Nobody likes a message for confirmation, every time you want to delete something. To avoid any confirmation message, press the Shift+Del keys on your keyboard.


5. Windows Key+D Key 

You can press the Windows key+D key on your keyboard to see the desktop. Also, you can restore all your Windows that were opened before. This can be done by pressing the same keys.


6. Windows Key+L Key

Windows key+L key is used to lock the system while you are out for some tea or a coffee. It is recommended to not leave your desktop open. This will not disturb your work, you will get the Windows and programs in the same condition as you left them. 

7. Use Windows Key, U, I / U/ R / H /S Shortcuts

You can quickly shut down Windows with the help of these keyboard shortcuts. You have to click on the Quick Access menu by pressing the Windows key+X key on your keyboard. Then you can expand the shut-down or sign-out options by pressing the U key. In the end, you have to press the I key to sign out, the U key to shut down, the R key to restart, the H key to hibernate, and the S key to sleep on your keyboard. And you are done.


8. Ctrl + (Tab# 1-9) key

When so many Windows are open, you should learn the number of Windows. If you know the number of a Window, you can easily use this shortcut to open that Window. If a total of five Windows are opened, you want to open the third Window, press Ctrl+3. And so on. 

9. Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab Key

Sometimes, so many Windows are open. To move through all of them, you can apply this shortcut. To move from left to right, you can press the Ctrl+Tab key. For the reverse direction, press the Ctrl+Shift+Tab key.


10. Ctrl +F4 Key

O close any Tab, instead of holding the mouse and taking the cursor to the close option, use this shortcut.


11. Ctrl+Shift+T Key

To open a tab that was closed by mistake, use this shortcut. The Ctrl+Shift+T key will restore the closed app.


12. Spacebar or Shift+Spacebar Key

Instead of using the mouse to scroll the page of a Window, use this shortcut. You can press the Spacebar or Space Bar+Shift key on your keyboard to scroll the page up or down.


13. F1 Key

To bring the screen into full-screen mode, press the F1 key on your keyboard.


14. Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y Key

In case you have to undo the changes that you have made, just press the Ctrl + Z shortcut key on your keyboard. Also to redo the changes made, press the Ctrl + Y key.


15. Alt + F4 Key

If you wish to close the current Window, you can press the Alt + F4 key on your keyboard. It will also close the browser you are working in, along with other open Windows.


You can become a master of keyboard shortcuts if you will read this article thoroughly. Hope this article will help you in saving a lot of your precious time. If not all, try out some computer keyboard tricks as mentioned in this article. If mastered, you will just love using it again and again. Here are some Best Safe Internet Browsing tips available for you to continue safe browsing.

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