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The Income Tax Department of India provides specific home loan tax benefits. It is to keep the housing sector pink and homeowners interested in property buying.

Home loan tax benefit varies by their way of deductions. It is allowed against principal and interest repayment, registration and stamp duty charges paid, and more. On that note, let’s check out home loan tax benefits available under various sections of the Income Tax Act in this post

Home Loan Tax Benefits Glance

Payment Made Towards Principal Component 

Your home loan EMI comprises the interest and principal components. The payment made towards the principal part of the housing loan is eligible for benefits. If the home loan is availed to buy/construct a home, then a limit of up to Rs.1.5 lakh is available for deductions. It is available under section 80C of the IT Act. Nonetheless, this deduction is reversed. If the property on which it is to be claimed is sold within a lock-in period of 5 years from the purchase date. It is possible to know about your exact EMI amount using the home loan EMI calculator.


Payment Made Towards Stamp Duty or Registration Charges

Expenses incurred for registration charges and stamp duty for buying a residential property can help you claim up to Rs.1.5 lakh. But you will claim such deductions only for the year you have made the payment.


Payment Made Towards Interest Paid on Home Loans 

The total interest amount paid during a financial year is entitled to deduction during the calculation of liability of tax. If it is for self-occupied residential property, the maximum limit is Rs.2 lakh that you can claim. It is available under section 24B of the Income Tax Act. If a property is purchased using a home loan and put on rent, there stands no limit on the tax benefit amount you can claim.


Deductions on Joint Home Loan

Section 80C of the Income Tax Act lets both interest and principal component deductions for housing loans if availed jointly. As per the repayment amount and the contribution of the individual, each home loan joint applicant can enjoy deductions. It could be up to Rs.2 lakh on repayment of interest and Rs.1.5 lakh on repayment of principal.


However, borrowers need to be the owners of the purchased property to enjoy such home loan tax benefits.


Deductions on Interest for Property Under Construction 

The deduction on the interest component of the home loan is also permitted for the pre-construction phase. It is in the event of the said property being under construction. But, for claiming such a deduction, the construction of the property must be completed within 5 years of availing of the loan.


How to Avail of Home Loan Tax Benefits

The procedure to claim home loan tax benefits differs with borrowers’ types like self-employed and salaried. To get started with the claim of tax benefits, a salaried individual needs to take care of the following aspects. 


  • You need to confirm that the ownership of the residential property financed is in your name. For someone claiming tax benefits as a joint borrower, they ought to ensure being the co-owner of the property.
  • You also have to calculate the exact tax deductions using an income tax calculator to get started with it.
  • You should obtain an interest certificate from your lending institute and hand it over to your employer. It will help you with TDS adjustments.
  • If you miss these steps, you can still claim tax benefits. It is also to enjoy home loan tax benefits during their annual income tax return (ITR) filing for the relevant tax year. The presence of an interest certificate is required for a successful claim.
  • Self-employed home loan applicants, don’t need to abide by the steps as stated. They only have to ensure the furnishing of necessary documents while filing an Income Tax Return (ITR). This way, you would be able to enjoy home loan tax benefits.


The home loan tax perks are now made available to you. Based on your type of home loan application type, you can get started and pocket savings. You can begin by checking out the home loan eligibility right away! Happy tax savings! 


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