Word press security plugin to protect your site

A Word Press plugin is a part of software that contains various functions. These plugins add more features to Word Press.

Word Press security is much stronger than any plugins but they can assure more security to you.

However, selecting the best security plugins can be tough because of the variety of plugins resent in the market.

This means that you can fulfil your website needs by installing and customizing your security of the website.

In this blog, we will know the best security plugins available in the market to protect your word press site from attackers.


Why use Security Plugins?

Today many websites are facing security issues to a high extent. According to research, a normal website is attacked 44 times each day.

You should install a security plugin to stay protected from website damages.

That means your website can be attacked by hackers and hackers can steal your important website data, you can lose access to your website or even can get locked out of your website.  

The most important thing is it can affect your company’s reputation and you can get down in your SEO rankings.

However, To avoid such conditions you should follow security measures one of the steps includes using Word Press Security Plugins.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the Word press Security Plugins which can safeguard you from security breaches.



Sucuri is the most popular Word Press plugin available in the market. It helps you to scan and clean the malicious programs present on your website.

This plugin offers you auditing, file monitoring, malware scanning and security notification without charging anything.

Firewall filters help in filtering and restricting bad traffic on your server. Its DNS level firewall with CDN provides you with a high-quality performance which boosts your website speed.

Sucuri features are mostly free but for getting advanced features of this plugin you need to pay an amount of $199.99 per year.



Here comes another popular plugin. As it runs in the endpoint firewall and malware scanner which helps to protect your word press, better protection cloud alternative.

Wordfence is built on new firewall rules, malware signature and malicious IP Address. Plus it comes with more advanced features which makes it one of the best security plugins available for WordPress.


 iThemes Security 

Firstly, This security plugin was known as Better WP Security. It offers more than 30 features such as hacks and malicious program. It let you know about the software’s which need to be updated or the passwords which can be hacked easily or are weak.

iThemes Security offers its features for free but if you are searching for a more advanced feature then you should go for the premium version. It charges $80 per year for its service. You can update your choice of plans, as per your needs.  

The premium version provides you high tech security, strong passwords recommendations, backups, end to end encryption.

iThemes Security is a great choice to protect your word press attacks.


All in one WP Security 

WordPress Security plugins is a powerful plugin that helps you to audit, monitor and protect by a firewall. This plugin ensures you practice the best security measures for your websites.

It focuses on preventing brute force attacks. IP filtering, file and account monitoring, tracking all malicious activities and patterns are the core workings of these plugins.  

A firewall helps in protecting from malware software’s and bad traffic, WP Security Firewall blocks these IP’s.

However, it is recommended to block suspicious IPs.  



This is a premium plugin which works with PHP application. It is a plugin that uses an endpoint firewall this helps you to control traffic for your website by cloud.

It helps your WordPress to stay protected from attacks and fake traffic. As this plugin doesn’t need any technical knowledge to set up, therefore, it is easy to set up.

WebARX offers you to create firewall rules, backups, and security alerts etc.  


Shield Security 

Shield Security is a free plugin that reduces the burden to maintain your website security. It is a popular plugin that takes actions for different threats. It will start scanning and protecting your website as soon as you install it in your system.

Shield Security is a free tool but if you want to add more features than you can go for Shield Pro just at $12 per site. Pro features more scans, password strengths policy, audits and support and monitoring.


Defender Security 

This plugin helps you to scan for suspicious code for a WordPress website. Defender focuses on brute force attacks, SQL injections, IP Blocking, Firewall, 2-factor authentications and more.

This is one of the security plugins which makes WordPress security easy and it comes with a free and paid version of both.

Its pro version includes cloud backups with 10GB storage, Monitoring and Scanning, you also get support from experts who will help you to restore the hacked site.  


Anti-Malware Security 

Here comes an Anti-malware security plugin that helps to identify the most common threats.

It scans all the files and checks for the malicious code, malware and malicious pattern present on your WordPress website.

You can make a free account on these plugins for using its features and also try the premium version for more add on. It also notifies for updated versions of features and definitions.


Jetpack Backups

Backing up your important data is essential. Jetpack Backup is a perfect backup solution for WordPress sites. This plugin helps you to find the loopholes of what and where something has gone wrong.  

You can restore your data with just one click by desktop and even mobile phone.

However, Jetpack Backups takes daily or monthly backups of your whole website if you go with the listed plans:-

Daily Backup plan – 30 days backup archive + log of site changes

Real-time backup plan – unlimited backup archive + log of site changes

This plugin is highly cost-effective as it comes with $8 per month.



In Conclusion, there are lots of WordPress security plugins available in the market.

Hence, choosing the best WordPress plugin can be difficult because they include so many useful features to protect your site.  

You just need to think of installing the plugin which suits you more, pair your plugin with other security practices and you are ready to secure your website from attacks and malicious programs.

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