Android Developer Guide for Beginners 


The world is going towards technological advancement rapidly. In today’s life, our smartphones are more of a necessity than a gadget. Every day more than three thousand apps get released on Google Play Store from Android developers worldwide. 


Therefore, gaining expertise in an Android Development Course can open the doors to success. The main question is, what needs to be done to be a pro-Android developer? One thing is certain; if you are a mobile app enthusiast, then you must try getting hands-on Android training. Before that, let’s get to know why one must get into Android development.


Reasons To Learn Android Development

  1. Open And Free: The best thing about the Android operating system is that it is open-source. In simple words, you do not have to pay to use the Android OS at the start. One can just begin developing without investing in a license beforehand. This is a boon for beginners dabbling in Android development.


  1. Popular Globally: A massive number of phones are launched, which are largely powered by Android. Hence, the demand for Android phones makes it an intelligent decision to learn Android development. More than fourteen lakh apps are currently active on Google Play and this is increasing daily, whereas 1.5 million Android devices get activated every day around the world.


  1. High Demand: Android is supportive of conducting business and has an amazing revenue model. Therefore, many startups and big corporations are always on the lookout for Android developers. People with a passion for creation can have a promising career in IT as new ideas for Android development are in high demand.


These are three reasons that make Android development a lucrative career option. You can work as a freelancer or in a job with credible Android developer certification.


Steps Involved In Becoming Android Developer

Here is a brief guide on becoming an Android developer compressed into a few steps that one can follow.


Learn Various Development Tools For Android

The first and foremost thing to do is to get the fundamentals of Android development tools right. You can join an Android app development course to learn professional Android development. Languages such as Java, the Android SDK, and Eclipse IDE with ADT plugins are crucial. Additionally, Android development is compatible with various devices, including PC, MAC, and Linux machines.


Learn Java

Generally, the Java programming language is used in the development of Android applications. One should not worry about getting expertise in Java; the fundamentals are enough to start developing. Recently, various other programming languages such as Kotlin are being used for Android. Start with the basics and learn the rest by actually coding.


You must know that we can create websites using Java. There are many websites available for that which you can see. There are so many JavaScript Website Developments.


Understanding Lifecycle Of Android Applications

Android app development is different from web applications. This is because, in desktop applications, the OS is responsible for all other apps and activities. In mobile development, it is the responsibility of an Android developer to have a code ready for managing external events. Hence, it is vital to understand the Android application lifecycle for better compatibility and user experience.


Get Hang Of  Android API

API is an Android platform framework that helps applications interact with the basic Android system. Therefore, an Android developer must understand the API change management and the approach of the Android platform towards it. Similarly, the knowledge of API-level identifiers and Android API packages is vital for gaining control of the device’s hardware.


Write Android Application

The main goal of learning Android development is to write your Android application. It may seem overwhelming initially, but as you proceed, not only you will gain experience but in-depth practical know-how. When you are starting, make an Android application on the topic of your interest and keep the framework insanely basic and simple.


Publish Android Application

To check the receptivity and functionality of your application, publish it on Google Play. There is a one-time fee payable, but it is affordable and worth distributing your application. One can not be an Android developer if they do not end up publishing what they create. You can later use them as a portfolio for a job or freelance work applications.



Android development is a continuous learning process. So whatever stage you may be at, it is vital to upskill with the latest market trends. If you are beginning, create a lot and network with your fellow developers. And if you have already had a reasonable experience, you may help the newbie developers.

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