Top 6 Methods Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your Audience

Did you know around 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day? Well, that shows how this feature is one of the most dominant ones on social media.


So, are you looking to use this feature to gain more audience online? If yes, we will give you the top tips that improve this feature online. We will talk about portrait mode, highlights, and super close-ups for Instagram stories.


In today’s time, all businesses have gone online, so everyone wants to go online, everyone wants to grow their business, and they mostly use social media you can also Grow Your Instagram account. At the same time, we will talk about longer stories, stickers, and much more.


Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is a function from Instagram that allows you to take selfies in a great manner. You can use selfies without any expensive and latest cell phones or other gadgets. All you have to do is take a picture that looks beautiful by blurring the picture background.


Super Close-up on Stories

A super close-up of a face or something else can make your picture look special. So, try using this super close-up to make a great impression on your audience.


This content creation method can help you have the best results with stories. You can try using this method to make your stories special and worth it.



The use of highlights can help you get benefits that Stories do not provide. At the same time, it may be considered a type of Story for your content creation.


It allows you to keep your content online for more than 24 hours. This benefit makes it more useful when you are looking for a longer version of the content. 


The experts believe that using this type of feature helps you improve your marketing. So, you can use this method to make your content look special and worth sharing.


Such content creation would help you get more sales and better marketing as well.


Multiple Videos and Photos

Adding multiple videos in Stories can help you get a better marketing result for your content creation. All you have to do is try out videos and photos in the stories section of your profile.


When you use such content, you get the ability to show off the beauty people would love to see. It helps you grow as a marketer on the platform.


Longer Stories 

Using a longer story can help you create a better impression if it is quality content. The use of stories can help your audience grow and would help all niches.


You can try using stories with a length of 60 seconds that would help your profile grow. At the same time, it allows you to take advantage of the full length of your story potential.


The experts believe you should add a sticker to the Story your share to make it special. You can tag a photo of a product you want to sell with your stories. At the same time, you should adjust your story sticker to make it look special. 


Sharing your stories can help you get more engagement and better results for content creation. This method can help even better if you share these Stories on different social platforms. You can always share your stories from Instagram to Facebook for better results.


Stickers for Interaction

Stickers can be a great source of interaction and would help you have the right responses. All you have to do is interact with your marketing and use Instagram stickers.


Some of the top stickers that you can use for the platform are quiz Stickers, DM Me Stickers, and Food Delivery stickers. Apart from that, you can try story stickers and location stickers as well. Moreover, you should try using mention stickers to respond to brands that you mention.


This sticker allows you to respond to the people you want to see your content. It would help you create a better community and bring better results.


Ideas to Use in Instagram Stories 

The use of content ideas can help you gain more audience quicker and more reliable. So, try out the following types of content to bring the best marketing results:



Using Instagram for behind-the-scenes can help you create amazing content without any hassle. All you have to do is try creating content about how you do things in real life.


If you are looking to bring more sales, getting more followers is what you need to work towards. So, if you Buy Instagram followers, you can try your best to get more sales.


User-Generated Content 

User-generated content can help you gain more followers without you spending much. So, you can try asking people to send you their impressive content to build your following.


You can gain such content by running a contest online on the platform. It would help you have more sales and a better following without much spending. 


Promote Your Products 

Using stories to publish the right type of content can help you gain more followers for your account. You can try using stories to reach new audiences and promote your products online.


Just make sure that you use the right type of content and promote your products with it. But before you start promoting your products, you should have a great informational content campaign.


You can try using instagram auto likes to make a better community online. Without the right type of community, you cannot have the right marketing campaigns. 


That is why getting people to your stories can bring more sales and better content results. So, try out the best types of content in your stories section for improved marketing.


Final Thoughts 

We talked about some of the best methods to use Instagram stories online. You can use stickers, longer stories, and highlights for better reach. This reach can allow more audience to your profile to bring more sales.


The use of behind-the-scenes, user-generated content, and product promotion will also help. Using stickers for interaction and highlights can help you build your marketing greatly. 


At the same time, you can use super close up for better Stories. These tips can help you grow as a marketer and bring more sales without spending too much money on marketing.


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