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Instagram or as the Millennials fondly call it “IG”, was an overnight sensation of sorts when it was created by two smart minds for iOS platform-supported mobiles in 2010. It gradually made a prominent place with its entry on the Android platform as well. 

It is among the top social media platforms today. But, there isn’t enough awareness about the things you can accomplish with its help. For starters, most people don’t even know that anyone can effectively boost their businesses on Instagram.

So, to begin understanding everything about Instagram, let’s start with the coining of “Instagram”. It is a portmanteau of “instant” and “telegram”. It has some very distinct aspects that have made the platform extremely popular. 

Instagram allows the uploading of photos and videos. The famous Instagram stories garnered a lot of attention and a feature that everyone wanted to try. The camera feature also gained immense popularity with the filters that were in-built into the app. One can tag friends and also add a location to the uploaded posts. Here we use Social Media Optimization to promotional posts get published on Instagram.

To know your impact on this platform, the number of “Followers” of your account is given the maximum importance. These followers are active users of Instagram and they follow you as they are interested in what you do on a professional front, they are your target audience that will be bringing in new leads and growing your business. This is why it is important to grow Instagram followers organically.

There are often people who use the online tweaks available to shoot the count of their followers. But, that is not at all helpful as growing your Instagram account organically is what counts and makes the difference. 

So, here’s an insight into what can you really do to grow your Instagram organically.


Growth Strategies

One needs to keep a tab on the engagement rate for your account. What you post and at what time you post, will bring in statistics. This data needs to be monitored. It is learning in the initial process of you building a fruitful Instagram account.


Crisp Instagram Profile

Whenever a user visits your profile, they read your “Bio” which explains a brief of what your account is all about. In a few words, you need to express the entirety of why you are on Instagram and what can you offer to your customers. Instagram has the option of either keeping your profile “private” or “public”. While it is a personal choice, business accounts should be kept public as you want to get the maximum exposure for your business. 

My Instagram Profile Picture Blurry


Post Consistently

You need to understand that you cannot expect to fetch results within the uploading of your first post. Things don’t go viral instantly in most cases. It is a very consistent process. You should not lose faith and perform the task with full conviction. It is also necessary that you maintain a certain gap and variety in what you post. Nobody wants their account to be flooded with posts from you. They might even unfollow you.


Know Your Followers

Depending on the type of your business, there is a specific type of audience that you are looking for. Identify such people and try to approach them in a dignified and professional manner. Try to build a loyal base by treating people who follow you already with quality content on your profile relevant to your business. Content marketing is a major role player when it comes to social media. Keep Your Followers Engaged. What you show is what sells.


Prompt Action

A happy customer/client is a testimony of your services. On the flip side, one wrong review can take you toward a downfall. If yours is a product-based business, you must make it a point to leave comments on users that drop queries, complaints, or even just appreciate what you do. Genuine comments and thoughtful comments can help you in the long run when it comes to building brand loyalty on Instagram.


Influencer Marketing

Yes, you read that right. Many influencers on the platform can positively help you to propagate your business and also to grow your Instagram organically. All you need to do is identify the right person. You can check out their top posts or even perform quick research to find one with an Instagram post of competitors. These are people who have built a large audience already. The right person will give you large exposure and can work wonders for you. People are wanted to viral on Instagram so they are Adding Hashtags to Their Posts and it is trending now.

Interactive Advertising

Let’s accept it, We all love discounts, sales, and gifts. So, you can run contests, promotional giveaways, and many such things to engage more people and keep them updated about what you have to offer. Many Insta handles ask their users to tag their friends and invite them to follow the page to win gifts. 

Thus, if you religiously abide by these tips, you can be sure to grow your Instagram account organically and make the most of your online presence.

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