10 Guaranteed Ways for Straight Men to Up Their Game

Women have set the bar quite low for men in recent years. Dating apps and social media platforms have taken over the dating scene. Before the technology boom, women were wooed by romance and chivalry. Nowadays, we feel lucky and appreciated if a man replies to an Instagram story or if we get an “I miss u” selfie via Snapchat. This has been normalized for too long. Women are beginning to raise their expectations and standards. It is time for straight men to up their game.


How to Up Your Game


1. Browse in Proper Way

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and the wide array of virtual dating apps are efficient ways of securing a date with someone. The main issue reported with using dating apps is the rate at which you secure a second date with the same person. You will have a better chance at success with dating apps if you do these two things: curate a genuine depiction of yourself in your profile and state you’re true intentions. For example, bragging about your height in your bio and adding in the classic characteristics of a man that you guys believe women typically “love” comes off as disingenuous and overly confident.


If you provide an authentic description and intention, women are more likely to take your first date seriously and therefore, immediately set you up for a better chance of securing a second.


2. Approach Women in Charming Manner

So, you put the dating apps to rest, and you see a woman of interest in the real world. The approach is everything. Women analyze every second of your first impression. Do away with those exhaustingly typical pickup lines. A perfect first impression from a man is an exertion of confidence, yet self-effacing at the same time. The fact that you are approaching her is oftentimes enough to display confidence. Body language is also a way to present confidence. You don’t need to overdo it with words! Stand tall, shoulders back, and smile. Make it appear that this conversation is easy for you, and leave a comfortable opportunity for her to decline.


3. Plan Your First Date

You don’t have to go above and beyond when deciding what to do for your first date. What is most important to women is that you have an idea for it. So many of my single girlfriends will write a man off for not doing so. It’s not that you need to create a pathway of roses and take her to a prestigious restaurant. Just don’t ask her 15 times what she wants to do. It is well-mannered to ensure that she is interested in your idea, but don’t spend several days requesting that she demand where she wants to go.


Some good ideas for first dates: Some good ideas for first dates: a nice but not too formal dinner, seeing a comedian at a local comedy club, or going somewhere leisurely, like exploring a state park or having a picnic-style lunch.


4. Dress to Impress for Your Date

Whether you were successful with a dating app or an in-person approach, now it’s time to get ready for the first date. Dressing to impress doesn’t mean putting your flashiest clothing and jewelry on. Dress well, smell good, and wear an appropriate outfit. This is the mistake I see a lot of men make because they don’t understand that women notice these things. Dressing appropriately for the occasion means not wearing shorts if it’s wintertime, bringing an umbrella if it’s raining, and wearing hiking boots if your date is going to be an outdoorsy activity. Dressing to the occasion is a severe green flag. It’s a subtle way of showing that you have style. If you are interested in Style Indian Dresses for Formal Event.


5. Enjoy Date

It is possible, to no one’s fault, that this will be the only time the two of you will be getting together. That’s fine, and part of dating. If you have this feeling or sense it from her, still attempt to enjoy your time. It’s common for first impressions to not be an accurate representation of someone’s true character. And if it is, still enjoy your time! Even your worst date ever has value. Take what you experienced on your date and turn it into a lesson.


Whether it be that you realize you don’t like the restaurant you chose, how you presented yourself, or just that you simply don’t connect with this person, you gain knowledge and awareness. Both of these better prepare you for your next!


6. Follow Up with Your Date

This applies to all dates whether it was successful or awful. Whether you couldn’t be paid to see or again or whether you felt love at first sight. A follow-up shows care and maturity. You might be asking why you need to show either of those if you don’t plan to see her again. Because girls talk. This especially goes for men who reside in a small town or city. Even if you feel that you don’t care, why not be straightforward and nice anyway? You don’t want women to waste your time, so extend that same effort. If it went well, then express your satisfaction with it.


Further that you’d like to see her again. This is where some men will go overboard with compliments and exaggerations. Women want genuine thoughts and opinions. Do not spew that she is the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen, that you can already see a future with her, etc. It comes off as desperate, and disingenuous, and makes women feel that you not only are saying what she wants to hear but that you do this with everyone you meet.


7. Go with Flow

Two people need to remain on the same page when developing a relationship. You want to find a good balance between seeing each other often enough to get to know each other but also going on with your regular routines. A common mistake that men make is assuming a woman’s interest. Some women are simply people pleasers, and can’t be straightforward with a denial. This makes it tough for men, but that’s why communication at this point is essential. If she begins to pull away or respond less frequently to messages, ask her about it. Don’t jump down her throat and inquire about her reasoning. If she is no longer interested, you want to know, and it doesn’t make her a bad person if she isn’t. 


8. Communicate Regarding Physical Affection

Sometimes people choose to hug after the first date, sometimes people decide to sleep together after the first date. The only thing that matters is that the two of you are on the same wavelength. Do not make her feel pressured to be physically affectionate. Ask her if you can kiss her goodbye, approach anything beyond that slowly, and always confirm that you are on the same page. 


9. Take Mental Notes

You always want to be fully aware of where you stand with someone, and how a new relationship is going. Are you happy with how you approached her? Did the date go well? What did she say she liked about your date? Could I see a future with her? At different stages of the development of a relationship, there are always questions to ask yourself. Sometimes it is to better yourself as a partner, and other times it’s to acknowledge what went wrong. Dating is one big learning experience, at all stages. Take advantage of that.


10. Accept Denial

If a woman wants to pursue you, she will do that. Pushing someone to feel obligated to see you again, or to give you another chance, is worthless. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t like you anyway? It sounds ridiculous, but desperation and loneliness will drive people to this point. Getting denied, whether it be at the initial approach, or after four dates, does not say anything about you as a person. Sometimes two people simply are not compatible. Sometimes people choose to pursue someone else or feel that they are no longer ready to date. The reasons behind denying or ending things with someone are uncountable. Don’t allow it to be a blow to your confidence. Accept it, and move on with a smile.

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