5 Great Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

When it comes to birthdays, it seems there are two kinds of people. Some love birthdays and will make a huge deal of every single one of them. They even celebrate a birthday week or a month. And some don’t seem to care and will simply say, it’s just another trip around the sun.


But milestone birthdays appear to be celebrated by both groups. Because turning 16, 18, or 21, depending on where you’re from, is expected to bring a change to your life. And then the next birthday milestone for most people will be the big 30.

But why is the 30th such a significant birthday? Firstly, because we’re saying goodbye to a decade of our life that helped us develop as official grown-ups.


Secondly, it’s time to start a new exciting chapter. And thirdly, like it or not, most of us will begin to feel a bit older – for example, partying all night might suddenly get a bit harder. So, it’s an important date, but it can also be a bit bittersweet. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to celebrate turning 30, here are five awesome ways to do it. We tried to cover all kinds of tastes so that you find the one ideal for you. 


Go to Nightclub 

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. What’s better for a birthday celebration than taking your crew to a nightclub to celebrate with drinks and dancing? Especially if you guys used to do it every weekend. It’s going to be a combination of partying all night and walking down memory lane. 


To prepare, check out some Birthday Club Ideas to find what would fit you and your friends best. Other than selecting your outfit, this might be the only planning a nightclub birthday celebration requires, which is another plus. 


It’s a great way to say goodbye to the decade of your life during which you enjoyed parties and dancing. Even if it just shows you’re not up to it anymore, it might make it easier for you to say goodbye to your 20ies. 


Go Glamping or Rent Airbnb in Nature

Going camping with your friends and family is a great way to celebrate your 30th. Similarly to a night out clubbing, you’ll have a chance to reminisce about the time when you went camping as kids while getting ready for the new inspiring part of your life. Instead of camping, you can Go on Glamping to add a pinch of glamour and class. Search for great places where you can be close to Mother Nature without the whole thing getting too tough. 


Another great option is to rent an Airbnb located in the woods or near the ocean. This way, you’ll have all the amenities required for your urban lifestyle and be able to enjoy nature. It also might be good for you if it’s a bit secluded, should you decide to spontaneously organize a house party in your accommodation. 


Visit Escape Room

Visiting an escape room is a great way to go on an adventure with besties. Not to mention that escape rooms maybe weren’t available to you when you were kids, so it’s another great way to start the time machine and go back to your childhood. You can choose a place with a theme that interests you all. You’ll have a great time working together to find a way to escape while laughing your hearts out. 


This is a unique way to spend your birthday, so your guests will be thrilled with your out-of-the-box thinking. Still, remember that maybe not all of your friends will share your enthusiasm. Not everyone likes puzzles and solving problems under pressure. But you can ask those less thrilled to humor you because it’s your birthday. Promise everyone a trip to a bar afterward or maybe some cake, whatever is preferred. 


Organize Dinner Party 

For those who are completely ready for adulting in their thirties, a dinner party is a perfect way to celebrate entering that decade of their life. It can be intimate or you can invite your widest circle. It’s totally up to you.


As for location, it can be your home or a fancy restaurant. Make sure your and your friends’ favorite meals and drinks are on the menu wherever you are. You also have choices when it comes to attire. For some, it will be more special and classy to have a formal dress code, while others will prefer a casual style. 


Host Movie Night 

For fans of low-key celebrations, a movie for the 30th birthday can be the best possible choice. You can take everyone to a cinema or someone’s movie room. There’s always the option to do it at home too. You might want to consider renting a projector and screen for a complete home cinema experience. 


As for the movie, you should choose it, because it’s your birthday. If you’re uncertain what to select, maybe a movie about turning 30 would be the most logical choice. It’s not a bad idea to have a few options ready. You might end up watching them all, who knows? Don’t forget to have some popcorn and other snacks ready, as well as some wine. 


Swimming Pool Party

For those who want to dip in the cool waters, or simply lounge in the sun with your favorite drink. If you don’t have a pool in your home then you can just rent a good resort or private villas where you can host your Birthday Party with Pool Decorations for your friends and families. 


No pool party is complete without an array of delicious treats to support our aquatic adventures. Set up a buffet table with a selection of finger foods that you can easily eat and enjoy while lounging by the pool. Think sandwiches, skewers, French fries and dips, and an abundance of fresh fruit. For drinks, keep cool with refreshing iced tea, lemonade, and of course plenty of water to keep you hydrated. And for the adults, there’s a selection of cocktails and mocktails to add a touch of sophistication to the festivities.


Wrap Up 

Even if you don’t care about your birthday, some milestones, like your 30th birthday, are worth the celebration. Especially with so many great ways to celebrate it and create unforgettable memories with your closest ones.

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