Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone

Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire or Neelam Stone

Benefits of Wearing Neelam Gemstone 

If you believe that Blue Sapphire and Neelam are only for September babies, or natives from Capricorn or Aquarius, then think again. There is a Saturn position in everyone’s birth charts. Some people may have Saturn in the right position while others may have it wrong. People who have a Saturn position that is not right should be aware. A ferocious Saturn can turn a person’s life into ashes. Like an oasis in the desert, Neelam can help those who are ill-fated by turning Saturn’s negative energy into a positive one. 

A Neelam can help you relax your mind and give you peace of mind. A calm mind and soul will allow the person to make good decisions. Every aspect of life depends on making decisions. With precise decisions, one can never predict what his/her life will look like. If everything goes according to plan, what else is there? People may have a spiritual mind, but their monkey minds prevent them from reaching spirituality. Blue Sapphire helps keep the mind clear and allows them to live a spiritually inclined life with a mind open for meditation.

A healthy body is the foundation of a sound mind. A person cannot think positively unless he is well. Neelam can help with this problem. Neelam is believed to be able to treat paralysis and bone fever.

The strongest and fastest-acting gemstone of all nine astrological gemstones, also known as the Jyotish Gemstones, is the Blue Sapphire. It can instantly result in increased wealth, resolution of a problem, windfall, and other benefits.

According to Vedic Astrology, blue sapphire is the gemstone associated with Saturn. Saturn is a karmic planet and Saturn Periods can make or break a person’s life. A person’s life can be defined by the Sade Sati/ Saturn phase.

Blue Sapphire recommendations should be taken with caution. You should ensure that the Blue Sapphire you choose is 100% Jyotish and has no flaws, as stated in the sacred texts. Flaws in a Blue Sapphire can cause accidents, health problems, and even a fall from grace.

Saturn is either malefic or benefic. It controls longevity. It is considered a secretive planet and is known as the planet of limitations and restrictions. Natives who are good in their horoscopes will be cautious, strong, deep, austere and laborious. Natives will be disciplined by Benefic Saturn. He will also have mental and moral courage, foresight, and be a highly-order thinker. One will be able to sense the future and make decisions quickly. Benefici Saturn-like people will be prudent in their expenditures and income. He will be cautious, careful, perseverant, provident and industrious.

Blue SapphireOne The other hand, Saturn can be negative or malefic. This could lead to deceitfulness, melancholic behaviour, various, laziness, lethargy, and scepticism. He will face obstacles and hindrances in his efforts in all of his endeavours. He could become irritable, distrustful and pessimistic. He might also have wicked friends.

When he is in conjunction with other planets such as the sun, he can experience loss of power, divorce, financial loss, loss of authority, disfavour from the government, and disfavour among officers and government officials. He will continue to be unsettling in his profession and may experience many ups or downs in his personal life.

Saturn can, if it is malefic, cause problems in the teeth, bones, feet and secretive system. Saturn can cause chronic diseases such as paralysis, gout and rheumatism.


Neelam has Many Advantages

When combined with other stones, Neelam can be used to treat and combat bone cancer, kidney troubles, nerve disease, and paralysis.

This stone will bring wealth, fame and prosperity to the wearer. Blue sapphires protect against terror, danger, theft, accidents, storms, fires, and other natural disasters. It can make a person’s financial fortunes better, improve their career prospects, and even make them rich. It can help with mental anxiety.

It makes one feel detached and guards against envy. It is good luck and protects against evil spirits. Blue sapphires, which rule the nervous system, help with nerve-tension problems and neuroses-diseases that are caused by Saturn. Saturn, the slowest-moving planet, is prone to chronic disease.


Professions That Benefit From Blue Sapphire or Neelam

After wearing Neelam, surgeons, engineers, machinists and astrologers can reap the benefits.

Neelam will be of great benefit to anyone in the fields of drama, dance, martial arts, cinematography and action direction.

The business of people in the export and import of transport, vehicles, manufacture of minerals, textiles, spare parts and petroleum gas business will see a significant increase.

Natives can become great industrialists or political leaders by wearing Neelam.

In different rashes, blue sapphire and Neelam.

This stone is not recommended to be used unless astrologers have given you a clear direction. Otherwise, it could prove dangerous.


A Word of Caution

Sapphires, particularly blue ones, should be worn only after a trial. Even the most perfect sapphires can sometimes be unlucky and cause problems for the wearer. One can test a blue sapphire by wrapping it in a blue cloth around one’s arms for one week. You can also put it under your pillow for three nights. The sapphire should not be used if it has a negative effect.

Blue sapphires can be a sensitive gem. Even when worn by professionals, they can cause problems. Because some gemstones can be unlucky. Blue sapphire should be worn for a test period to determine if it will cause harm.


Blue Sapphire: How to Wear it

On Saturday, after the appearances of stars, it should be adorned with iron or gold in its middle finger. The weight of the Neelam should be determined by an expert astrologer. Neelam should not be worn by itself. To get the best effects of Neelam, it is important to wear at least one gem. Neelam can only be worn by Aquarius and Capricorns. The quality of Neelam is important so it is recommended to only wear high-quality Neelam. Wear only Inder Neel Neel neelam. This is a high-quality Neelam from the outside and white from the middle.

If Saturn is debilitated, the gem should be avoided. Blue sapphires may be worn during an eclipse.


Which Stone Should l Buy?

Blue sapphire should not be heat-treated if it is to be used for astrological purposes. Heat can reduce the gem’s astrological power, sometimes to the point that it becomes useless. Astrologically, darker stones are less effective. Rudra Centre provide Certified Neelam stone


Blue Sapphires Look Best in Strong Sunlight or Under Strong Fluorescent Lights

The most valuable sapphires are those that have a cornflower-coloured colour. The best blue sapphires are those that have no flaws and are brilliantly cut. Astrologically, blue and rubies are the same, but the value a blue sapphire has is only one-fourth that of a comparable quality ruby.

A sapphire that is of good quality will be brilliant, transparent, and radiant. It should radiate out from the inside and not reflect any other colour.


Beware of Faulty Sapphires

Cracked gems can attract accidents. An untreated stone can cause boils or ulcers. A milky stone can lead to poverty. Two-coloured stones can indicate trouble from the enemy. It can cause problems for the family if it is opaque or dull. It may also cause eye problems if it has white lines. It can also cause poverty if it is marked with red dots.


Blue Sapphire Setting Metal

Blue sapphire wearers should select stones with at least two carats, and preferably at least five. These stones should be set into rings of iron (steel), and, if needed, ashtadhatu (an alloy of eight metals: gold, silver, copper, zinc, mercury and lead). You can also set them in rings made of silver and gold. To install the gem, it is important to follow all appropriate rituals. On Saturdays, the ring should be worn in the middle of the right ring finger.


Where Sapphires are Sourced

Sapphires are mainly mined in Australia, Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is home to some of the finest sapphires. Australian sapphires range from deep blue to almost black. Montana has metallic blue sapphires. To achieve maximum effect, it is important to choose a gemstone of high quality. The more powerful the effect, the better the quality of the gemstone. To get the maximum effect, the gemstone should not be less valuable.

Common Parlance refers to Blue Sapphire as Neelam. Let’s find out about the top ten advantages of Blue Sapphire as well as the effects of the Neelam stone.


The Top Ten Benefits of Blue Sapphire

1) It is one of the most powerful gemstones and it can be felt immediately. It can bring wealth, luck, promotion, and opportunity within a matter of days to a month.

2) The Blue Sapphire can show miraculous results in Saturn Transits such as the Sade Sati if it is used properly. You can immediately feel relief by experiencing a surge in metabolism, energy, and the feeling of the pallor of despair going away.

3.) The Neelam stone is a protective gem. It protects against enemies, evil eye and jealousy.

4) Blue Sapphire is good for mental clarity, clearing confusion, and blessing the individual with correct decision-making abilities.

5) It helps to improve digestion, eliminate lethargy, and improve focus and concentration.

6) It is a powerful healing agent that soothes the senses and brings calmness and equanimity.

7.) It removes negative energy, unknown fears, and complexes in certain horoscope scenarios.

8.) Blue Sapphire can have a direct effect on wealth levels. It can give you a boost in your finances. If the person is motivated and works hard, it can bless them with multiple income sources.

9) It grants names, fame, and a formidable reputation.

It is a spiritual aid that allows you to practice austere spiritual practices. Blue Sapphire can balance the Sahasrara/crown chakra. This is the chakra where Kundalini and the cosmic energy converge.

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