How to Style Indian Dresses for a Formal Event


When going to a formal event, say a corporate event or meeting, you need to keep things simple. You can decide to wear a western outfit, but wearing an Indian outfit is a brilliant idea. Indian outfits are liked all over the world because of their gorgeousness, and that is why you should wear them to an important event. But how do you style Indian dresses when going for a formal event? Well, here are styling ideas to help you out.


Consider Simple Salwar Suit

Salwar kameez is one of the most liked Indian outfits across the world. The Indian outfit is classy and can be worn for formal as well as informal events. You should go for a salwar suit that is not heavily embroidered. In addition, you should consider a plain colour for both the suit and the dupatta. Besides that, cotton material will do the trick. But you can also go for lighter materials like chiffon, crepe or georgette.  These Gorgeous Dresses Come in Some Classy prints and designs and some charming colors as well.


Pick Neutral Colours

If you want to look simple and elegant in a formal event, bright colours are not always the best option. If you want to look smart and make an impression during the event, you should consider neutral colours. Navy, black, brown, and grey are some of the colours you should consider. What you should avoid at all cost is a multicolour Indian dress, it can give a wrong impression of you. Visit This Page to see some of the neutral-coloured Indian outfits you should wear for formal events.


Consider Indian Dresses With Theme Color(S)

Some events have theme colours. You should ask around to know if people attending the event will have to wear certain colours to make the event more colourful. This is just a trick to ensure you don’t look odd when all the others have specific matching colours.


Less Jewellery

Although Indian dresses are always accompanied by a lot of jewellery for a complete look, you have to keep it simple when going on a formal occasion. You need to let go of some of your heavy necklaces and bright coloured earrings. Simple earrings and a necklace can be more than enough. Wearing a lot of jewellery is ideal for weddings and parties.


Avoid Low Cut Necklines

Remember this is not a date, it is a formal event. Therefore, you should not show too much of your body. Be careful with the design of the kameez or top. However, if you wear a dress that shows too much of the body, you can use a dupatta to cover some of the problematic areas. That way, you will look smart and conservative.Top celebrities and people choose the Best Gemstones for their engagement rings and fine jewelry.


Low Heels Preferred

When you go for an official event, you need to have comfortable shoes. For that reason, it is not wise to wear heels when going to such an event. You should wear low heels so that you can feel comfortable all throughout the event. However, if you are comfortable with high heels, why not wear them?


Wear Some Make-up

After wearing the right dress, Footwear, and Jewellery, what else do you need to look great for the event? Some make-up. You need to wear make-up that enhances your look. Do it carefully and remember not to overdo it.


Final Words

When going to a formal event, be it a product launch event or an important meeting, you need to look your best. You can choose simple salwar kameez, but make sure it doesn’t have too many colours. Also, you remember that heavily embroidered Indian dresses are not good for formal events. Lastly, choose comfortable footwear.

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