Get Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Problem by the best sexologist in Gurgaon- Dr. Chirag Bhandari.

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual problem that takes away all the pleasure of sexual life from a couple’s life. Not having proper knowledge about ED and its treatment can leave you with nothing but despair. Erection failures, if not treated on time, can make the situation worse, and the person will not be able to live their sexual life like before. Only by consulting an expert like Dr Chirag Bhandari can overcome your ED issues with world-class treatment and expert guidance.

No matter the cause of your Erectile Dysfunction problem, Dr Chirag Bhandari will only give you the best solution to overcome those issues. He is the best sexologist in Gurgaon.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a type of sexual illness that consists of the inability to maintain or keep a firm erection that is enough to have satisfying sexual intercourse. Some doctors also called it impotence. Erection issues can affect a person’s sexual life that may lead to the adverse health of a person.

Men have Erectile Dysfunction because of stress and depression. Occasional ED is not a significant point of concern, but if a person has frequent Erectile Dysfunction, then it is advised to visit an andrologist as soon as possible.


What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction occurs because of any issue during the process of erection. Erection occurs because of the increased blood flow in the male reproductive part. The blood flow in the penis makes it erect, and it is only possible when a man gets sexually excited or aroused.

When a man is excited, the blood flow starts increasing through the arteries of the penis and fills the two chambers of the reproductive part. And as the rooms get filled, the penis receives rigid, causing erections.

The factors that affect the whole process are:

Cardiovascular and heart disease
Blood pressure and diabetes
Kidney related issues
Lack Of communication between the couple
Unusual sleeping disorders
Alcohol and cigarettes consumption
Drugs intakes
Age factors
Pelvic area injuries or past surgeries

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction by Dr Chirag Bhandari.

There can be several ways to treat illness, which depends on the extent of the problem and the medical history of the patient.

Treatments by Dr Chirag Bhandari to cure Erectile Dysfunction are :


Dr Chirag Bhandari first analyses the actual cause of ED issues in a person. If the cause is treatable by medicine, he gives a proper and well-defined set of medicines that a person has to take daily.

One can see visible results after 2-3 weeks of daily intakes of the medicines.


Behavioural therapies

Sometimes it is not the health issues that give rise to erection failures. But it is the poor communication or conflicts between a couple that give rise to the sexual problem.

By providing behavioural therapies, a couple seeks guidance from expert psychologists to improve communication and make a new and strong relationship. A couple who has a better understanding is less likely to encounter sexual issues.

Expert psychologists offer the therapies given by Dr Chirag Bhanadri to help the patients deal with their depression, anxiety and other issues.


When nothing else works for the sexual problem, the last option left is to perform surgery. Usually, surgeries are done when no medication works on the issue, or the cause of ED is very severe.

Dr Chirag offers operational solutions designed by experts and is taken under well-equipped and highly efficient rooms only. Dr Chirag is the only doctor in India that uses the latest technique of Shockwave Therapy- a painless way to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

Why Chirag Bhandari is the best Sexologist in Gurgaon?

Dr Chirag Bhandari offers a wide range of treatments that you can select for solving Erectile Dysfunction problems entirely from your life. The things that make Dr. Chirag the best choice for ED treatment are his past record and his experience in the respective field. For more than 8 years, he is treating people with some or other sexual problems and has become thorough.

Dr Chirag Bhandari at IASH only uses the latest technologies and techniques to treat ED that he learned from his various international training and fellowships under the world’s best sexologist and male sexual health experts.

With the help of the latest Shockwave Therapy- the newest way to eliminate ED painlessly, Dr Chirag can eliminate your erection failures quickly. Dr. Chirag treats physical and psychological factors that promote erection failures with the help of the city’s best psychologists.

If you want the best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, consult the best sexologist in Gurgaon.

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