Falken Stands Out Among Tire Brands in UAE

Falken Tires started as a brand in the year 1983 and since then has gone on to become the leading tire brand in Europe and UAE. It has been the features and characteristics of the products of the company that have managed to help it stand out from among the rest of the tire brands in the UAE that have been discussed in detail below.


4D Nano Design Technology

The technology ensures that tires meet the key requirements that are demanded by driers and cars today and will be doing so in the future as well which are low rolling resistance, exceptional safety, and lastly durability. The research conducted by the company in the molecular structure of tires has enabled the company Falken to make use of particle accelerators and stimulation computers to control and stimulate the molecular structure rubber compounds of the tires at the Nano level leading to the development of Nano design technology.


The advanced 4D nano design technology is one of the key features that make the Falken tires distinguish from other bands this technology is an outcome of the advanced research and development of the company in the molecular structures. The benefits that 4D Nano design technology is able to provide to the vehicles is that it can save fuel consumption by about five percent as compared to the traditional tire models and plus, it can significantly enhance the performance of the tires in wet conditions.


Silent Core

One of the major issues that are currently being faced in the UAE is that of environmental noise and noise pollution which is why Falken is committed to reducing noise pollution. The quiet and silent tires are the means through which the goal is trying to be achieved. Many drivers prefer that they have a comfortable experience of driving and no one wants the noise to disturb their experience while they are driving through the city or on the highway.


It has been observed on various occasions that the drive-by noise that is created by the tires of the car is louder than the aerodynamic noise of the motion of the car and the noise created by the powertrain. If you’re “interested in learning more about choosing the right car tires and understanding the best brands available in UAE, explore our blog on Choosing Car Tyres How Can You Do It Right here for insights on tire brands in UAE”.


The reason behind the generation of noise from tires is the vibration of air in the interior of tires which develops cavity resonance and thus the noise. The company, Falken has managed to minimize the vibrations in the interiors of the tires through a polyurethane foam layer that has managed to reduce the drive-by noise by about ten decibels which is yet another feature distinguishing Falken from other tire brands in the UAE. Car plays a very important role in our vehicle, hence be careful while changing the tire.



Falken has been committed to ensuring sustainability and environmental protection in its production of tires. The major issues regarding sustainability in the tires and automobile industry are fuel savings, the use of sustainable materials for production, and the efficient use of resources. Keeping these issues in mind, the company tried to upgrade and optimize its manufacturing process and the components used in the production.


Research is carried out regarding biosynthetic mechanisms to extend the Nanostructure level of the tires and such research has made it possible for the company to produce rubber by making use of material that is eco-friendly and thus use such material that is sustainable as well as is at top of the technological hierarchy.


Run Flat Technology

Another distinguishing feature of the Falken tire brand is run flat technology. If the traditional tire loses air its shape is deformed on the wheel rim which creates heat and leads to the destruction of tires in a short time. The Falken tires have managed to fight this issue by launching the first-ever run-flat tires that have reinforced sidewalls that prevent deformation in cases of tire damage and puncture which can allow the tires to continue driving at about eighty km per hour.

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