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Social media has become a favorite place for everyone to hang out, make friends, spread work, and do business. But, with something so accessible and profitable, there is a high likelihood of being impersonated. This calls for a proper authentication protocol to safeguard the users on such platforms.


Talking about social media, one of the most powerful platforms that have emerged is Instagram. Grow Your Instagram Account Organically is a place today where almost every individual, public figure, celebrity, or global brand has a very active presence. There, one can find personal, paid, or promotional content going on. So, as a user, how would you know that the person you are so religiously following or making deals with is a legitimate Instagram profile? You must have often observed that all your favorite actors, actresses, singers, celebrity designers, and almost everyone who holds a big name have a blue tick beside their profile photo.


Most of you might be aware of this indication. But, for the unknown, this tick is a depiction that this is an official account of the person. Now that, know how important validation is for a Verified Instagram profile, let’s dive further into it and also learn about the reasons Instagram ads are not working while getting verified on Instagram.


Ways to Know That Profile Is Verified

It is pretty simple to know that an Instagram profile is verified with a simple glance. Most of us must have observed a small blue check or tick on the corner of a profile picture. This is a badge of trust given by Instagram itself that a user can trust the content on that profile and that it is official.


As one can easily guess attaining this badge is not easy and that makes it a coveted achievement.


Meta Verified For Instagram

It is understood that this badge is not meant for everyone. You need to follow a few Instagram community guidelines to attain the blue check for your account. 

First things first, it is necessary to understand no algorithm or automation reviews your profile for verification. The verification process is very much manual, conducted by real people who decide whether you deserve the badge or not. So there are a few things that you need to keep up with to receive the seal of approval.


Points To focus on:


  • Maintain an active account. One of the most important conditions to get verified on Instagram is to have an account that is up to date and has content being shared, and a regular inflow and outflow of comments, shares, likes, etc.
  • Relevant and great photos. Instagram is primarily about photos and videos. If your account is completely stocked with quality posts from time to time, it can be a powerful KPI that will work in your favor when you want to get verified on Instagram.
  • Make sure campaigns, ads, live events, etc. are all following the type of followers you have. It will largely help you identify your target audience and also up your game when it comes to getting verified on Instagram.
  • You need to give the platform all the right reasons and guarantee that your account provides value. Treat your followers right. Make sure that you regularly respond to them in the form of comments, likes, and information that your followers ask you.
  • Create credibility for yourself by engaging links to other social media platforms as well. Just like the Facebook page, Instagram also looks to provide authenticity to its users. As discussed previously, Instagram focuses essentially on everything visual. You may work on platforms like YouTube, Musical, etc. This is similar to Twitter verification which takes into account your being featured in multiple news sources.
  • Your reason for requesting verification needs to be convincing. The verifiers must know that your account may be impersonated. Having fan accounts if you are a celebrity also helps. 


Steps To Get Verified On Instagram

There are crisp steps that you need to follow once you are sure enough that your account will be verified and you are worthy enough to expect a positive response. Only submitting a request is not enough. The logical reason for this is that if they reject your request once, you have to wait for another 30 days before filing for the blue check.


These are the steps you should be following, post ensure a perfect Instagram account:


  • Sign in to the account you wish to be verified.
  • Go to “Settings” on the top-right corner of the screen and select Account.
  • Next, click on Request Verification.
  • Fill in all the required fields and your request for verification will commence.



Once you have placed the request, there is no specific time frame within which Instagram is bound to verify you. You need to be patient and persistent in what you do all the while. It is crucial to understand that even if you do not have the blue tick on your profile, you need to keep growing your followers organically by doing everything right for your brand identity or yourself if that’s what you are looking for.

To keep ourselves verified on Instagram, it is important that we show personality and brand correctly as well and we have to adopt the Latest Social Media Trends to become verified or famous on social media or Instagram.


In conclusion, verified Instagram prioritizes the accounts; whether personal or business if you ace the following segments:


  • Unique
  • Notable
  • Complete
  • Authentic


So, keep putting your best foot forward and following the tips and tricks on how to get verified on Instagram.

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