Impact E-commerce Boom Have on Warehouse Industry

Anyone can choose and shop for anything they need instead of visiting a physical store in digital shopping. They can escape traffic, prevent infections, and enjoy better and wider shopping options from the comfort of their homes with just a smartphone. Online shopping has always been a thing. However, until recently, neither modern shops nor customers knew how important it was. 


E-commerce Booming

Today Digital-first is no longer a trendy phrase. Rather, it is a truth that 2020 made clear. E-commerce will expand as time goes on. Additionally, it will increase the pressure on warehouses to streamline operations while increasing storage capacity and delivery times. A logo is something that represents a business and what it stands for. It lends an identity to a brand and acts as its intangible representative


The growth of e-commerce has affected the warehousing sector cyclically. Due to the significant increase in client demand, there is an increasing requirement for efficient distribution centers and more warehouse storage. 


Rise of Automated Dimensioning Solutions 

The DIM weight can be easily calculated using automated dimensioning solutions by calculating the cubic package’s size and multiplying it by the dimensional factor. As a result, it ensures customers have a quicker shopping experience while providing the warehouses with unmatched accuracy, ease, and speed. From 2022, you can make money by bringing your e-commerce business online.


Types of Automated Dimensioning Solutions 

Automated parcel dimensioning systems and automated package dimensioning solutions are two categories of these automated dimensioning solutions. 

Crate and pallet measurements are computed using package dimensioners, also known as automated package dimensioning solutions. They can offer insightful data on the pallets when connected to external equipment like barcode scanners and weighing scales. With this information, warehouses may easily determine the precise amount of space needed throughout the shipping process.


The capacity to measure small packages of shapes like cubes, cuboids, polybags, or even irregular shapes gives parcel dimensioners, often called automated parcel dimensioning solutions, their potency.  


Select Right E-Commerce Warehouse 

Automated warehousing technology is used by E-Commerce Businesses to expedite order fulfillment and improve quality standards. Finding more space to store more goods also enables firms to lower warehousing costs. With automated dimensioning solutions, lowering the dimensional weight (DIM) and package sizes are simple, obviating complicated space problems and irrational shipping costs. 

When selecting the best e-commerce warehouse, there are numerous things to consider. Among them are: 


Choosing Right Warehouse Location 

When warehouses are located distant from the client, shipping costs will inevitably soar, and delivery times will probably lengthen.

Choosing a proper warehouse location involves five key considerations, including:

Industry Type: Whether a small or large scale, be aware of your vertical size.

Nearness to The Carrier Services: This helps you streamline your delivery procedure and strikes a balance between the convenience and proximity of your clients.


Storage Needs: To guarantee that the product is properly accommodated from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep, you must ascertain the type of product it is, such as whether it is fragile, dangerous, or combustible.


Workforce Availability: It might be best to look up where the warehouse is. They might hire high-paid laborers because there isn’t enough supply for a high-demand area, which affects overall business prices.

Durability: Analyze the order flow and warehouse operations to gain insight into the warehouse’s expansion.


Understanding Purchase Patterns 

Understanding buying trends can assist in preventing overstocking of goods. Additionally, choices are made based on the client personas, which consider factors like age, gender, region, forecasts of popular products, delivery schedules, and shipping costs. 


Ensuring Full-Time Operations 

The round-the-clock e-commerce industry requires owners of warehouses to ensure delivery efficiency with a full-time service protocol. The following five key tasks can help you improve your warehouse operations: receiving the product, putting it away, packing it up, and shipping it. Managing all the activities above for successful full-time operations can make all the difference. 


Adopting Automation Technologies 

Warehouses can automate and improve repetitive procedures like package picking and receiving using robotics and AI-powered capabilities. 

For instance, we may install automated dimensioning solutions in the warehouse to replace the conventional dimensioning. In less than a second, these automated dimensioners help calibrate the dimensional data for packages and large pallets, which is relatively quick and more practical for shipment. 


Adding a barcode scanner to these dimensioners makes it easier for consumers and warehouse operators to locate specific products. Unfortunately, older models are still widely used in many warehouses. As a result, they lack the tools necessary to handle the stability of operations daily, let alone deal with unforeseen buying trends or seasonal shopping spikes. As a result, warehouses must be flexible to help merchants deliver more products to customers while maintaining a strict commitment to the effectiveness and timeliness of the shipping process. This explains why Automated Dimensioning Systems are becoming more and more necessary in warehouses and distribution hubs. 



The development of eCommerce and warehouse automation will become global buzzwords in the coming days. As a result, most warehouses have begun implementing automation to reduce the iterative process, improve the workforce pattern, encourage customers to continue with the brand, and generate a respectable profit.


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