How AR Apps can serve your Ecommerce Business

Demand for AR applications in the eCommerce business is on the rise and there are strong reasons behind this. On one hand, eCommerce offers the customers homely comfort to shop and on the other hand, AR apps facilitate engaging them with the products and services of your brands. Now you may wonder what it actually implies for eCommerce. Is it increased sales? Well AR for this industry has much more in its store to offer.

As there are lots of other aspects apart from sales in this business, this post will give you a better idea about why you should imbibe this technology to boost your brand and stay competitive. AR app development has become one of the most trending advancements in the domain of technological transformation for businesses. By using suitable apps made with AR you can actually serve your customers in the most desirable ways. Now to know more about the impact of AR on eCommerce check out the below-mentioned facts and information.


Meeting the wants of the buyers

Market reports have suggested that 40 per cent of the customers don’t mind paying more for their preferred items if they can experience those via AR-enabled apps. 61 per cent of the buyers are more inclined towards shopping from those platforms that offer AR assistance and 71 per cent wish to opt for those retail stores that have AR experience. 


Prime benefits of AR in eCommerce

Both customers and brands can be benefited from the impact of AR in eCommerce. Apart from sales it also influences brand visibility and customer satisfaction. 


Customer engagement: Although experiential marketing has been the most effective one it is highly cost restrictive and is also quite challenging. However, with the advent of AR, marketing as a whole is inclining towards offering experiences to the existing and targeted customers across the globe. Consistent interaction with the customers can ensure growth for your bands as there lies a higher chance of satisfactory purchase. Personalised AR app development can definitely improve your brand’s ability to attract and retain customers by properly identifying the desired tastes and preferences of the consumers.


Making products online tangible: Attributes like See It In Your Space and Try Before You Buy have literally made AR increasingly popular among online shoppers. The qualities of AR can enable the buyers to check out their favourite items without leaving homes. Right from the features and functionalities to colours and sizes etc can be checked and experienced before the final purchase simply by using appropriate apps created with AR technology. To make the buying process for furniture and home decors fun, informative and convenient, AR apps are being extensively used to ensure loyalty among the buyers. 


Personalizing the shopping experience: To make the entire process immersive, AR contributes towards upscaling the buying experience. By enabling the buyers to gain control of the digital components in the actual environment, they can be encouraged to get connected intensely with your brands and their offerings. By adjusting the sizes, features and colours, appealing items can be spotted conveniently via AR-based apps. AR apps actually serve the roles of floor salespersons at their fingertips. 


Facilitates in independent store navigation: Using AR you can avail the digital services provided by any floor salesperson at your fingertips. For example, if you are standing in front of any store having AR features, then simply by using your device you can find suitable digital assistance that can guide you in the right way towards your specific point or direction. Isn’t it fascinating? Augmented Reality app developers can enable you to avail yourself services that can not only engage your users or buyers but can also enhance your digital reputation to increase the customer base without any compromise on the proposed quality. 


Thus you have seen in a nutshell how AR apps can make your brand stand out in the current competition. In today’s fast-paced world businesses are looking for new and innovative technologies that can boost their productivity and can help to establish benchmarks. Ecommerce is no exception in this regard. From the above discussion, you have seen why you will use AR technology in your eCommerce business process. Well apart from enhancing sales and making the buyers satisfied, AR apps can also serve your training purpose to make your workforce competitive and efficient. 


Conclusion: So are you looking for a mobile app development company having expertise in AR? Well if yes then you are probably one of the luckiest business owners to experience prominence and acknowledgement in the minds of your prospective and potential customers. This is high time that you should incorporate interactive technologies to improve the quality of work-life and identify the changes in the buying behaviour. 


Author Bio: Mr Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, an established company working with trending tools and technologies for making exclusive apps. His passion for digital technologies has helped him to experience the magic of AR and since then he has been dedicated to make this an inseparable element for business growth and prosperity.

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