Evening Desert Safari –A Perfect Tour For Adventurists

Evening Desert Safari –A Perfect Tour For Adventurists

Dubai is the centre of attraction for travellers roaming around the middle-east. Whether you visit the city for a short span or arrive here with a complete bucket list, limitless entertainment is a sure-fire. 

Among the city’s quintessential places, its conservation reserve is the most exotic destination to explore. Desert safari Dubai is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for adventures, entertainment, and traditional aspects in one place. Specifically, an evening desert safari would be the best deal for you if you want to take in all the colours of this amazing landscape. It’s a natural asset of Arabia where tourists from all over the globe stop by to explore the Arabian culture to its core. 

Being the excited guests of Dubai, we booked an itinerary through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. So that we could witness the colours of an evening desert safari. And this is what we explored in our exciting venture.

Why Evening Desert Safari is a Must-try Venture in Dubai

1. Pickup in a 4WD

In a typical desert safari Dubai, an off-road 4WD, usually a land cruiser, arrives at our doorstep to carry you to the conservation reserve. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC sent their skill drivers to pick us from our hotel in Dubai. An evening tour is usually of six hours, which are enough to see the golden dunes of Arabia in a variety of vibrant colours at desert safari Dubai. It took us about half an hour when we first saw glimpses of the majestic golden sand sea.

2. Dune bashing

Challenge yourself for a topsy-turvey drive in the middle of an insane arena. Dune bashing is the most opted activity among all the terrain sports which take place in the dune arena. In this, a maximum of 5 people is seated belted in an off-road SUV. The skilled professional takes you across the high-end dunes with their jeep manoeuvres. There are different SUVs that keep hitting the dune arena all day long. These include dune buggies, wrangler jeeps, land cruisers, and many other furious sports vehicles. 

We had a dune bashing ride in a Nissan patrol. It was a roller coaster experience in the middle of the infinite sand ocean. We also had a sunset photography session while dune bashing. The photographer from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC  captured some shots while we were enjoying the insane manoeuvres of a 4×4.

3. Sand Skiing

Skiing on the velvety soft sand is an exceptional recreational activity. Fix your feet on a sandboard and glide on the surface of high sand heaps. It’s a great way to celebrate your presence in the arms of the static sand sea. Sand skiing is all about balancing and not so tricky things to do at the dunes. A little practice will wake up a surfer in you. You might go unstoppable once getting the catch!

4. Camel Safari

A camel safari amidst the golden Arabian sand is a must-do activity while you venture into the desert. We had a memorable ride during the final hours of the dusk. Our tour operator led us to the camel caravans. From there, we had the lead of a Bedouin who took us to the sound vicinity of the desert. It was so peaceful to watch the beautiful displays of still dunes from their royal ride. No matter how much you love to seek the thrill in SUVs, the legit ride of a deserted landscape is the camels.

5. Campsite Fun

The campsites are pretty adorable there. We were quite impressed by the Bedouin theme set up of those little “Khyma”. Our tour guide from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC escorted us to our camp where the ambience was based on the Arabian archaic background. There were pretty exciting activities going on outside those camps. These include henna painting, Arabian attiring, falconry, and shisha smouldering. Getting into those recreational activities left a highlight in my long-term memory.   

6. Witness the Sunset Beauty

The sunset beauty is the most mesmerizing view you can have in a desert safari. The view is so aesthetic to see when the dunes are blended in the reddening hues of the setting sun. The whole barren takes up the serenity and reflects the miraculous show of nature. If you get to witness a sunset in this golden landscape of Dubai, consider yourself lucky!

7. Entertainment After the Sunset

Evening desert safari exclusively offers you to witness the animated tradition of Arabia on the live stage. When the sun settles down, talented artists show up to portray some of their best dance performances. These include the mystic Tanoura dance, the stunning belly dance, fire show, Khaleeji dance, and stickman. The artists show their impressive moves on the melodious Arabian beats which are pretty entertaining to watch live.

8. BBQ Dinner

The campsites invite the voyagers to a luscious feast in which their cravings to try Arabian cuisines are satisfied. Not only that they can also try various international cuisines. Our hosts from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC offered us a luscious meal when we were back at the campsite after sand sports. After rejuvenating ourselves with refreshing drinks, we went to the buffet station which was so tempting at first sight. We tried charcoal roasted lamb, BBQ, different veg dishes, siders & soup, and continental food as well.

After having a heavy meal, the hosts served us the famous Arabian “Gahwa” with a platter full of dates. It’s unique of the Arabs to welcome their guests from faraway lands.



Wandering amidst the wilderness of this exceptional landscape leaves the visitors in awe. These awe-inspiring happenings and visuals are worth celebrating during your voyage in Dubai. Reach out to trusted travel planners like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC for the sake of enjoying the bounties of this place at their core. 

Sightseeing, dinner, dune bashing, live entertainment, and other exciting opportunities become 4x enticing when you have good company. So if you want to enjoy the amenities offered in an evening desert safari, be smart and grab reliable travel planners.

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