Elegant Emoji Keyboard to Express Your Emotions

Whether you like it or not, emoticons or emojis are frequently used in modern communication. There’s no need to LOL when you can just use emojis because they’ve even taken the place of slang and acronyms. 

We now send them as SMS, add them to images, and even use them as responses to communication streams on team Slack channels because they are a universally recognized iconography and we all understand.

So, let’s see the magic of emojis in the form of emoji keyboards.

What is An Emoji Keyboard?

Emoji is a visual representation of facial expressions, emotions, symbols, or objects. Emojis are used everywhere from social media platforms to advertising, marketing, and beyond. Every time you type a message, comment, or create a post, you definitely use emojis.

Some emojis are already there on your keyboard. By that time, people get bored of using the same emojis. So where can you get new emojis?

Yes. It’s the EmojiKey – Emoji Keyboard. The emoji keyboard offers 3000+ latest emojis which you wish to use in your next message on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, or other social media platforms.

Not just new emojis, the emoji keyboard gives you brand new emoticons, kaomoji, 1000+ new stickers, 100+ cool artistic fonts, and GIFs.

DIY Keyboard Steps:

You can completely change the look and feel of the emoji keyboard for free.

  1. Choose a background from various categories or select a photo from the gallery
  2. Reshape the style and colour of the keys
  3. Choose live animated background
  4. Modify the key tap sounds and effects
  5. Select your favourite fonts to apply to the emoji keyboard

Cool Features of Emoji Keyboard:

You can customize your keyboard using the “Emoji Keyboard” app. It provides unique themes and features that may help you to completely transform the appearance of your keyboard. Using the features listed below, you can make a DIY keyboard that is incredibly unique.

Unlimited Themes:

You can download the hottest themes and set them, or you can set lovely pictures from your gallery. Every week, unlock dozens of new themes. Choose from a variety of keyboard styles in the theme store, such as Today’s Special, Trending Keyboard Themes, New Themes, animated themes, etc.

You can also search for the desired keyboard. To find more results, try a deep search using AI filters like 3D, classic, neon, festival, flower, love, kitten, RGB, lightning, backlit, cartoon, hot girls, night, chocolate, food, anime, nature, glowing, colourful, dark, etc.

Emoji Keyboard’s machine learning technology now enables searching for keyboards by colour names, such as red, yellow, blue, green, orange, or pink.

Thrillers Wallpaper

Look clever by utilizing great wallpapers on a smartphone that looks smart. Pick from a wide range of HD wallpapers that are of the highest quality. Discover several categories, including anime, girls, cars, music, games, shows, food, neon, places, nature, and flowers.

Animated Images

Decorate the background of your keyboard with animated images. Experience real-time keyboard backgrounds with animated images such as glitter particles, sizzling coffee, the Golden Gate Bridge, cute panda, horror ghosts, animated rockets, snowfall sparkles, thunderstorms, etc.

Funny Tap Sounds

Don’t you find the old keyboard’s tick-tick sound to be irritating? Definitely. Perhaps you stopped the sound. But hold on!

During the customization of your keyboard, you can modify the sound of the key presses. The system provides more than 70+ different tap sound variations, such as bubble, hammer, music, jumping, camera click, dog, and the rest that you must try to experience.

3D Key Press Effects

Watching the visual effects each time you hit a different key will be more entertaining. The keyboard app provides a wide range of options to pick from when pressing a key, including a violin, a Mario game, a piano, a strong punch, a bullet firing, message tones, a flower, a bow, a biscuit, an autumn leaf, a ball, and more than 100 additional effects.

Exclusive Key Shapes

Have you ever considered the possibility of modifying the key shapes as well? Emoji Keyboard enables you to do so. Try out these essential shape variations and choose your favourite.

A variety of important shapes, such as oval, framed, stormy, colourful, sparkling, etc., are supported by the app. Anywhere, at any time, you can modify it.

Cool Fonts

You may have downloaded other applications to use beautiful fonts. But you won’t need to download any additional apps for your smartphone because of the Emoji Keyboard app.

You may talk with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media platforms using a variety of typefaces, including fashion fonts, signature fonts, brush fonts, graffiti fonts, horror fonts, cool fonts, gaming fonts, trendy fonts, etc.

Your keyboard’s font colours can also be changed. You can choose the font colours for the keyboard using the app’s colour toolkit.

Benefits of Emoji Keyboard:

  1. They make you more popular on social media
  2. They’re OK even in business settings!
  3. They soften the blow of a critique
  4. They make you appear more friendly and competent
  5. They create a happier workplace
  6. They correlate with real-life happiness

Other Useful Features

Lock Screen Wallpapers:

Download and set free wallpapers to customize your home screen and lock screen.

Emoji Art:

Send lovely emoji art on your birthday, your anniversary, festivals, Valentine’s Day, or whenever you need it.


Adorable stickers for social media chats on all platforms. Browse a variety of stickers by category, such as cute bear stickers, hot lady stickers, panda stickers, Mr Bean stickers, meow stickers, and minion stickers.


You will have access to a vast collection of GIF images, including funny, kiss, cartoon, cats, valentines, memes, awkward, comics, anime, birthday, cards, emotions, sports, games, food, candles, happy, bad, weekend, Saturday, goodnight, and many more.

Free Games:

Unleash the hidden gamer within you. When you’re feeling anxious, bored, drained, or furious, play some free games. Even installing particular games is not necessary. You can play various games in the gaming zone of the Emoji keyboard app.

Earn Free Credits / Coins:

Collect Daily coins & free credits. Use coins to use premium themes & features.

Live Typing Features:

Emoji prediction when typing is another speciality of this emoji keyboard. As soon as you start typing, the keyboard will automatically propose emojis that correspond to the words.

Other typing features like motion typing, word prediction to autocomplete words, and much more are also offered by the AI keyboard. To type using gestures, choose the gesture swipe colour you like and slide through the letters to enter a word.

Final Words:

Fantastic. We have introduced a next-generation emoji-powered keyboard that offers astounding capabilities and functions to create your ideal keyboard.

It’s now your time to make your keyboard dull to bold using the Emoji keyboard’s cute features. Create a brand-new, eye-catching, and vibrant keyboard by utilizing every feature, then watch the magic unfold.

Keep checking back for updates on more technology that you can use your smartphone to access to make life easier.

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