8 Websites Use JavaScript for Website Development

In a world that is digital like ours, web-based websites have become crucial for businesses to succeed in today’s digitally driven world. It is essential to have a functioning site that attracts potential customers and clients. The design of the front end of websites is vital to making sure that users have a seamless experience. Website Development for the front end should therefore be top of the list when designing your customized web-based solution.


If we’re talking about the front end, then we cannot ignore JavaScript. Every top website uses JavaScript to build them. When you visit a site that has that is more than static data, JavaScript is involved. Regular updates to content, animated tabs, shuffling tabs scrollable videos, as well as interactive maps, are some examples of JavaScript abilities.


We’ve put together an assortment of the most well-known websites that are built using JavaScript. If these huge companies have faith in JavaScript this is the most suitable choice for you. Before we get started we must first know the basics of JavaScript and why it’s extremely popular with developers.


JavaScript Brief Glance

JavaScript is an object-oriented, high-level programming language that adheres to ECMAScript (A JavaScript standard specification language that ensures interoperability between browsers for the web) JavaScript can be considered as a general-purpose programming language that can be used for both frontends as well as Website Development backend. Developers can use it to write client-side and server-side code for websites that communicate with their customers.


CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are the fundamental technologies that make up the World Wide Web. HTML is utilized for creating and displaying the fundamental layout of a website on the internet. CSS is used to format layout elements, elements, and presentations. Additionally, JavaScript defines the behavior of front-end elements.


JavaScript is among the most used software languages and for great reason. It is estimated that 97.5 percent of the websites that are on the internet make use of JavaScript.


While there are some alternatives, such as Ruby as well as TypeScript, JavaScript remains on the top and is virtually impossible to substitute for. For a more thorough comparison, we suggest checking out our blog posts on TypeScript and JavaScript or JavaScript Vs Ruby on Rails. Learn more about why developers are all in love with JavaScript and the reasons why you should be using it, too!


Why Should You Use JavaScript?

JavaScript is all over the place. No matter what the size of a startup or a multi-national enterprise, JavaScript is used by everyone for the development of their websites. Although it was initially intended for front-end development, nowadays, it is utilized to write server-side scripts as well. Let’s examine a few capabilities and technologies provided by JavaScript that make it an ideal option for web designers.


Easy to Learn

There are numerous documents and resources from which you can get started learning JavaScript. It is among the most popular programming languages, to begin with, because it is a simple learning curve.


Interactive or Responsive

The perfect choice for web designers who wish to create user-friendly websites. It is recommended to use JavaScript to create user-friendly websites, applications, and applications with interactive web pages and innovative interface layouts.


Cross Browser

All browsers are compatible with JavaScript which permits animations, videos as well as other media to be stunningly displayed on websites. JavaScript engines were previously used by web browsers alone however, they’re now included in specific servers.


Many Frameworks or Libraries

It is sometimes difficult to grasp JavaScript on the whole. This is the reason why developers employ front-end JavaScript frameworks and libraries that offer components that are pre-built to make the development of JavaScript more straightforward. For more information on JavaScript, and Frontend Frameworks.


Cross Platform

JavaScript is praised by many for front-end development because it’s multi-platform. It is a great tool to develop apps that function with desktops, browsers, and even mobile phones.


Additionally, it’s also used in a backend architecture (using Node.JS) for the development of native mobile applications designed for Android and iOS and content management systems like WordPress and many others. New technologies such as those of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as artificial intelligence also use implementations using JavaScript.


8 Popular Websites That Use JavaScript in 2024

Once you’ve mastered the many benefits of using JavaScript let’s examine some JavaScript websites to see examples. We’ve highlighted the technological web giants that show JavaScript in action.



Google needs no introduction. The search engine is so well-known that it’s now being widely used as a phrase, “Just google it quickly!” It’s hard to not be amazed by JavaScript due to the sheer amount of data it can manage and is updated in real-time for Google.


In addition, there is a huge amount of users, and their queries are efficiently handled and without delay. If JavaScript can handle Google and other search engines, it will be able to manage anything across the Web.



YouTube is among the world’s most well-known streaming and sharing site for video. Although a lot of people are mobile applications, however, the website remains the second most popular online. It has revolutionized how users watch videos, record as well as upload videos. It is impossible to attain without JavaScript. 


In 2011 Youtube was updated with a modern user-friendly UI style that is based on the format of social media. It offers a cutting edge user experience with personal recommendations as well as tabs that are trending and categories. The Top 10 Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast.



To the list of top websites made with JavaScript and JavaScript, we also have Facebook the most widely used social media site. Facebook with its simple design and numerous capabilities for messaging, and sharing photos and videos, has created a brand new method for users to utilize social networks.


Facebook the parent company of Facebook has also come up with React which is an open-source JavaScript framework that they have developed on their own. They utilize it to create websites for many of their services, including Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp Web, and Giphy.



LinkedIn is an online social network for professionals who work in the middle of the market. It allows you to connect with colleagues and friends, as well as clients, sharing their stories of inspiration. JavaScript is utilized along and another language to maintain the homepage for social feed functioning. A beautiful design with fast search capabilities, LinkedIn uses a lot of features from JavaScript to work. You can create job alerts, access automatic resumes, and much more using the site.



Amazon is another instance of a site that is highly trafficked and built by using JavaScript. It’s an internet-based eCommerce store, serving millions of customers around the world. It lets users sell their items, while also providing shipping and marketing services. There are more than 2.5 million sellers who make use of Amazon to sell their goods. 


There is no doubt that with this huge amount of data managing secure transactions and on-time delivery is a huge job. JavaScript offers designers tools to build a user-friendly, safe, and easy user interface, similar to Amazon.



Twitter is a blog site and social network that has daily visits of 192 million as per the Statista survey. Twitter has evolved into a central point for news from around the world and a place to discuss important issues. With such a large volume of traffic, and constant tweets and retweets, Twitter is a good choice to use JavaScript to build its front.


Thanks to JavaScript, Twitter has a user-friendly interface that caters to all kinds of people. Tweets that cascade, adding external images, links, and videos customized tweet blasts are just a few of the aspects that make Twitter popular.



Wikipedia is the most popular destination for detailed information on all things. The most comprehensive encyclopedia that is maintained entirely by human beings, JavaScript was used by the site to create a huge database of information. Updated regularly by contributors from all over the world The website is based on an extremely basic rudimentary design.


While it can be difficult to comprehend the long explanations, this isn’t due to the absence of tools in JavaScript. You must utilize Wikiwand which is a web-based application built with an Angular-based JavaScript framework Angular which gives the Wikipedia web pages a more contemporary look and feel.



Quora is a different social media platform that makes use of JavaScript to fulfill the needs of Website Development. It is not like Twitter or Facebook it’s an information-sharing social media platform that is aimed at connecting experts and intellectuals with newbies.


Quora is a great model for showing the different ways that a developer could make use of JavaScript. Alongside the front-end features created using jQuery Quora utilizes JavaScript to create some incredible back-end functions.



These were just a few websites created using JavaScript for backend and frontend Website Development. It’s clear that with these high-end brands and companies included within the portfolio of JavaScript, JavaScript has a massive impact on the web. As a developer, knowledge of JavaScript is essential when you are planning to create an interactive website.


Each of the websites in this article has provided enormous growth to their organizations. No matter if you’re a new or an established business it is essential to develop websites or web applications which provide an excellent experience for your customers and clients. Find out more about Website vs. Web App.


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