Why Do Many People Choose Bangalore Escorts?

Using the terms “escort” and “sex worker” amateurishly and interchangeably can be politically problematic. This is exactly why one should know what puts escorts in a separate milieu from sex workers. For one, escort service is an industry run by both the dominant sexes, male and female whereas sex workers’ businesses are predominately run by the female gender. 


Secondly, sex worker sells their body and Engage in Sexual Activity for money. However, escorts sell time and their valued companionship to their clients. Thirdly, sex workers contractually consent to engage in sexual activity whereas it is not a necessary condition for escorts.


Reasons Why People Choose to Avail Escort Services


Search for Compatibility 

Compatibility is one metric that has varying degrees of complexity and is multi-layered. Compatibility is often talked about along varied tangents such as emotional, sexual, and intellectual compatibility. People, irrespective of their gender identities and sexual orientation, choose to avail of escort services to find a safe space that allows them to satisfy any of the above-mentioned needs to completion. 


However, some might view the same in an opposite rationale or viewpoint. Independent escorts in Bangalore are so carefully picked to match up to the taste of the client’s ideal choice that going out on a date or office party with an escort becomes an excuse for instant gratification. Availing of these services in the long-term scheme of things might result in the client’s inability to sustain long-term relationships. Starting a relationship with your love interest is exciting. In the early phases, sparks are flying, you are discovering each other, and having the best time of your lives. It is important to be each other’s Best Friend in a Relationship, otherwise, love is done by everyone.


Open to Varied Options

Most Professional Bangalore Escort Service agencies have an extensive list of all the services they offer. They can range from services that are completely non-sexual to purely sex work. Escorts hired by these agencies pick activities that fall in their comfort zone. Needless to say, the kinkier the portfolio gets, the harder it is to search for escorts who are willing to do the deed. 


For people who are still navigating their venereal needs and wants and wanting to explore and experiment, hiring an escort or a sex worker who is willing to do the same consensually can help them know themselves better. After all, sexuality is fluid.


Act of Dating

Availing Bangalore escort services can be viewed through the lens of performance wherein the actors (in this case, the client and the escort) choose a stage (restaurant or any meeting space of the client’s choosing) to execute the act of dating (sexual or non-sexual or both). This completely overlaps the idea of mise-en-scène wherein there is a stage design and an arrangement of actors who are assigned definitive roles to act out along a pre-determined storyline.


Establishing Alternatives to Dominant Power Equation

In a society that is driven by set norms that cater to patrifocal whims and demands, escort services are symbolic of breaking misogynistic patterns and elevating a fluid space where participants consent to a healthy exchange of power and control. 


Men and women are nurtured to emulate their gender roles to perfection and any deviation from that causes unthinkable repercussions to the subject in question. Availing of escort services can be thought of as an escape from dominant cultural predicaments and adopting an alternative model of society wherein men can lay off their guards and be their natural feminine selves. 


Contrary to men, women who are independent escorts in Bangalore are integrated into the economy as people who are assigned to take a position of power and authority. Honing their skills to craft an escort out of themselves, the industry has been able to quantify the value of their skills. Both parties, irrespective of gender and sexual orientation, are said to have their natural right to exercise free will.


Human Need for Company 

Sugar daddies or old widows reach out to escorts in Bangalore who may or may not choose to engage in sexual activities. No matter how successful a person is, the human need for the company never ceases to exist completely. In addition to this, there is a therapeutic angle to the entire discussion. 


Clients who have had a traumatic experience such as domestic or substance abuse may consider escort services as a way to seek emotional rather than physical support. Some clients might be on a drive to join the dots again and seek experiential guidance on how to reconnect with another human being.



As one can see, escort services are a versatile industry where power rests with both parties. A code of conduct to ensure that everything is previously approved is everything that such an exchange requires. With the advent of dating apps, escorts are now exercising newer forms of freedom to choose their clients and maintain privacy for security reasons. From providing company and compatibility to exploring your sexuality and desires, escorts in Bangalore can provide the safe space you have always wanted more power to all.

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