Utilizing Exam Management Software in School

Exam management is one of the vital aspects of running a school. If there is a school, there will be examinations. It is as simple as that. However, managing all the activities related to exams is not an easy task.

From finalizing the examination dates of each class to allotting rooms, everything has to be done within a certain time. The School Management Software eases out this process of exam management to a large extent. Let’s see how it does so.


Sort Your Plan

There is a lot of planning involved during exams such as the finalizing of exam dates, the allotment of seats, and the assignment of teachers for each class. When done manually, these tasks require a considerable amount of time and effort.


However, with the School Management Software, each one of these tasks becomes effortless to a large extent. What one needs to do is just put the data in the software, and it sorts out everything by itself. So, in that way, it saves the staff from unnecessary stress and makes all the planning hassle-free.


Workable Examination Schedules

With this software, examination schedules are worked out in such a way that the students are informed in advance as to which exams they would have to appear in throughout the year, be it weekly, monthly, half-yearly, or yearly.

This helps them to prepare better for all of these exams, as they know about them right from the beginning and have ample time to learn and practice. Thus, they study better and get better results as well.


Easier Grading

Once the exams are over, correcting answer sheets and publishing results is the next step. The teachers have to enter the marks in this software program and then the application is to grade every student based on the passing criteria.

So, grading is not something that the teachers have to worry about. Hence, along with exam management, the School Management Software makes result management easy as well.


Make Results Online

With this software, the exam results can be made available online. So, all that the students and their parents have to do is to log in to the application and then they would easily be able to check the results. The examination results are given according to roll numbers, subjects, and classes. Thus, one would face no difficulty in checking the results.


Saves Time for Teaching Staff

Since most of the responsibilities of exam management are taken over by the school management software, the teachers get a lot of time to concentrate on other important tasks. Thus, they can put more effort into completing the syllabus in a better way and they can also go through the chapters again and again to set all-inclusive question papers.


Certificate Management

Along with exams, School ERP also takes care of certificate management. Suppose, a student has done exceptionally well in all exams throughout the year, and the school needs to give him/her a certificate for that, or it can be any other kind of certificate such as a character certificate, bonafide certificate, or migration certificate, the School Management Software makes the whole process of making a certificate quite easy.


It already has all the information about every student in the school, along with attractive templates from which you can choose the one that you like. Thus, without any extra effort on your part, you can generate certificates within a limited time.


Makes the System More Efficient

This module of the School Management Software brings a lot more efficiency to the system. It does all the work related to exam management in a much faster and more comprehensive way. So, better work in less time equals more efficiency and more productivity in the school administration.


Automated System

A worthwhile educational endeavor that can help students enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and technology literacy is to Incorporate Software Development into school curricula and administer software development exams. It is an automated system and hence it is free from all the hassles associated with the traditional form of exam management. First of all, there are no piles of papers associated with managing exams anymore.


Secondly, since the work is not done manually, there is no scope for man-made errors as well. So, this is a paperless and errorless system that brings more accuracy to the process of exam management.



Exam Genius Education Management activities are flawlessly completed by Vasp Technologies’ school management software, Desalle Connect, which also significantly lessens the workload of school employees.


From making examination schedules to publishing results, it simplifies everything and makes the school administration more productive. With this software, there is no stopping the school from making rapid progress and going to greater heights!

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