Top 9 Treks to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Learn about Himakhal’s top 9 walks. The list of the top treks for visiting Himachal is below. 

1. Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most stunningly beautiful tours. It is one of the treks that professionals call dramatic. On either side of a dramatic trek, you can see two distinct scenery styles. The 24-kilometer walk takes approximately 6 days. The experience of going on the Hampta Pass Trek will be very good since it is mild, and not very difficult.

But as it’s 14,000 ft high, you have to prepare for this trek before you start.


2. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek is best known for its name, which not only offers a view of Himachal Pradesh but also offers its most beautiful pastures. Going on this tour could prove to be your most beautiful gift. Long lands of grasslands you can barely see at their ends. On this wide-open grassland, you can see sheep and horses.

This walk is under moderate difficulty, and it takes you nearly four days to walk. Bhrigu Lake Trek also provides a panoramic view of the wilderness and the surrounding mountains.

3. Indrahar Pass Trek

Indrahar Pass Trek is renowned for its spectacular views of the mountains of Dhauladhar. The walk is not very long, but it is not suitable for beginners. The trek, which covers about 35 km, takes approximately 9 days. It comes from McLeod Ganj and leads you across the poisonous Himalayan valleys.

Scenic beauty is not the only thing Indrahar Pass Trek offers; you could explore and camp around the Lahesh Cave during this trek. The best time to go on this trek is between May and October.


4. Friendship Peak Trek

It is one of the country’s best-known hiking destinations. The Himachal Parades is located at the Pir Panjal range a lovely location. You can cross several different flora and fauna streams across stunning alpine wetlands, and landscaped forests and cross the river. Upon arrival at the summit, there is a wonderful panorama over the Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and the Himalayas.

The Friendship Peak Trek’s difficulty level is high, so it’s not for those who just began walking. The trekker should be well-trained and have some knowledge of these challenging treks beforehand.


5. Shrikhand Mahadev Trek

This trek attracts trekking fanatics not only through the adrenaline-hurried adventure route but also through the spiritual peace it offers. It is also the pilgrimage to the devotees of the Hindus. Mahadev’s name has been given to Shrikhand Mahadev Trek by the peak of Shrikhand. In all of India, there is the most beautiful scenery.

You’ll see Kullu, Jorkandan, Kinnaur Rangrik, and many more stunning tops near Satluj River as you walk along the trails. The hike is one of the hardest. Steep climbs and slopes run through rugged covers of glaciers. This trek should not be undertaken by people with little to no hiking experience.


6. Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek is one of India’s most common treks. It is a walk that provides a lifetime experience and a wonderful view of the amazing peaks of the Himalayas. The Trek Begins in Kasol, it is known as the bag-packer paradise. The path leads through a range of thick pine and rhododendron woods surrounding the stunning wetlands of the homely hamlets.

This trek is not too difficult for beginners. This is also possible. It could be the start of a new voyage as well. The walk is easy, but its beauty is uncompromising. It is from May to October that the best time for this trek.


7. Bijli Mahadev Trek

One of India’s most popular walks is the Bijli Mahadev Trek. This walk was named after the very famous temple of Bijli Mahadev at an altitude of 2460 m, which is 24 km away to the east of Kullu. This is not easy walking, the first few kilometres are very steep so it may seem a little hard for beginners but it is much easier after the steep walk.

The whole walk is 3 km long and can be covered within a few hours. As the winter season is very difficult in the northern part of India, the best time to visit Kullu is during the summer season.

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8. Malana Trek

Malana Trek provides the opportunity to discover Himachal Pradesh’s beauty. The walk is not long, but the summit takes approximately six days. The trip starts on a bus from Delhi to Manali village. It normally takes about 10 to 12 hours to travel from Delhi to Mahala. The Manal Trek is very popular among visitors such as the temple of Gowrishankar, the Tripura Sundari, Roerich Art, Deo Tibba, the fascinating peaks of Ali Ratna, and Hanuman Tibba. Because of his isolation from the outside world, Manila became popular.

So Manila would be a great place for you if you were to experience peace and have an adventurous journey.


9. Bhaba Pass Trek

The Bhaba Pass is the Most Natural and amazing walk that you have ever been able to go. The walk gives you a lovely view of the valley Pin beneath you, covered in different shades of pink, always in the midst of the sky and Spiti mountain. You can see the lush Bhaba Valley extending to endless times as you look ahead.

You’ll need a while to understand that since you began the walk, the countryside has changed a lot. The walk normally takes approximately 9 days to the top. You don’t have to have the right experience to take this trip for new trek enthusiasts.

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