Top 70s Make-up Trends Back in Fashion

The cyclical nature of fashion is a well-known thing, but this year it will be noticed even by those who are not too immersed in history. 70s make-up trends that are back in fashion give millennials a chance to experiment with their looks as they enjoy it the most.

If you have watched movies from the 70s, you would remember some of these trends quite well. Here are some of the 70s make-up trends that are back in fashion.

1. Rhinestones Around Eyes

Decorating eyes with crystals became popular during the heyday of the disco style – in the 70s of the last century. Then everyone tried to overshadow the disco ball with their radiance.

70s make-up trends that are back in fashion include bright blue eye shadows, rhinestones around eyes, Best Makeup Looks sparkling artificial jewellery, bright fabrics, feathers, shiny tights, and lush hairstyles.

The singer Cher was known for her love of rhinestones in this era. The trend is back on the catwalks for the spring 2020 runway shows. Models with rhinestones of a metallic shade and sequins on the skin appeared in the shows of Marc Jacobs, and Valentino. And Anna Sui models came out with a more concise version of this make-up: they had one Silver Star under each eye.

2. Very Long Eyelashes

Even before the disco boom, the trend was the doe look with infinitely long eyelashes. The most striking example of this trend is the image of the Twiggy model with spider eyelashes.

She wore several sets of false eyelashes at once; in addition, additional eyelashes were even painted on her face. For inspiration, you can again turn to Cher and her images of that time. In many pictures, she is depicted with eyelashes reaching almost to her eyebrows. This year, make-up artists advise again to stretch the eyelashes as much as possible while boldly highlighting not only the upper but also the lower ones. Sephora’s lashes are one of the best make-up products of all time that always has the trending products available; you can get lashes for them to get the perfect look.

3. Pink Lips

Among the top 70s make-up trends that are back in fashion, this one is my personal favourite. Hot pink lipstick was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, glossy fuchsia lips were worn by everyone. 

This trend of wearing hot pink lip colour became popular among blondes in the early 2000s. For those who want to try pink lipstick today, make-up artists recommend opting for matte shades. You can check lipsense colours 2021 to get a perfect hot pink shade for your lips. This will help make the trend more appealing.

But remember to keep your lips healthy by using lips sleeping mask that is one of the best make-up products of all time. It helps to give your lips a natural glow and remove pigmentation.

4. Bright Blush

Everyone has long forgotten about sculpting, and a more natural way to add freshness to the face and emphasise cheekbones a good old blush is back in fashion. In the 70s, women applied red and pink blush to the centre of their cheeks.

In the middle of the 20th century, more delicate and natural shades became popular.

To replicate the classic 70s make-up, L’Oreal Paris Recommends applying a pink C-shaped blush to the temples and cheekbones. L’Oreal blush is another best make-up products of all time. Make-up artist Adam Burrell 2020 advises choosing pink and coral blush shades.

5. Colored Mascara

Coloured mascara is a characteristic feature of the 70s-90s make-up. Cosmetic companies in their advertisements offered to combine the colour of mascara with the outfit and offered models in the brightest colours.

In the 2010s, coloured mascara returned to fashion several times, but always somehow timidly and for a short while. This year, its comeback promises to be noticeable and stay with us for more than one year.

Those who are afraid of drastic experiments with eyelash colour should start with less flashy shades: dark green or blue. If you aim for brightness, choose white, red, or yellow mascara. 

6. Graphic Eyeliner

This trend was hugely popular in the 1970s with the release of Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor. The boldly drawn eyes with arrows and triangles reaching the temples conquered the women of that time. Bold eyeliner was used in their make-up by Twiggy’s model, Doñale Luna.

In the past year, experiments with eyeliner began to return. On the catwalk, models appear with a liner pattern above the eyelids, traced but unfilled with voluminous arrows, eyeliner that reaches to the very eyebrows. Nail Polish Makeup Box trends are Back in Fashion. 

The trend from the 70s has also returned. Such eyeliner is trending not only in black but also in a variety of other shades.

7. Glitter Eyeshadow

Another tribute to disco nostalgia is the return to glitter shadow trends. These are Cleopatra Taylor, Cher, and other stars of the 60-the 70s. Last year, Lady Gaga showcased how you can combine this and the previous trend from our list. 

For the AT&T TV Super Saturday Night, she chose sparkling silver eyeshadow and bold black arrows that touched her eyebrows.

Natural Makeup

When we take a look at old pictures of celebrities from the 70s, it is evident that they used to flaunt natural looks on magazine covers. This trend has now again started to become popular. 

Try to keep All Beauty Trends to a minimum to get the perfect natural make-up look. You can try the best make-up products of all time, Sephora, to get a natural look.



You need to choose Design Makeup Boxes for whichever make-up trends you follow. Do not haste with the purchase as you do not want to ruin the beauty of your skin. You can try all the 70s make-up trends that are back in fashion this year and tell us which one is your favourite.

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