Tips to Slay Your Style with Effortless Flair

You can make a Powerful Fashion Presence by staying up-to-date with the latest fashion. Gone are the days, when fashion meant emptying pockets. Whether you are a student or a homemaker, you can easily catch people’s eyes. Style and fashion are like a synonym. 

You have your style which in turn is a part of fashion. So, Oasis Clothes Presents a few Indian fashion style tips for you to slay your style in a fashion-friendly outfit effortlessly: Your optimistic thoughts for your style statement can have a great influence on you. you are looking good. When you have confidence in your dressing sense.

Quality Outfit

Don’t shop for anything that comes under your gaze. Always buy good quality clothes. The better the quality, the more ethereal you look. There’s a reason why few clothes are cheap and why few are costly. You better not be running around selling stuff all the time girls!!


Keep your hands on outfits that give you satisfaction. If you are comfortable, you can easily slay in any dress. Whereas, if you aren’t feeling comfy, then you might end up ruining your perfect plan for the day. The comfy clothes truly boost your attitude.

Right Fitting

The next Indian fashion style tips are worth remembering! Always wear your well-fitted clothes like Trousers are Hot products in Fashion. Don’t wear unnecessarily loose or too tight clothes. There’s a myth, that people look beautiful in tight clothes. But, honestly, that’s not true. Only your apt well-fitted clothes can make you look glamorous. Also, it adds graceful comforts to your classy attire.

Be Creative

Be creative in your fashion sense. Don’t limit your ideas. You can make your fusions. There are lots of Indo-Western fusion ideas. You can lay your hands on one which is suitable for you.

Body Type 

the next Indian fashion style tips suggest you know your body type. Not all clothes look good on everyone. You should know your body type, and your style before you glam up in the day outfit.

Skip Trends Sometimes 

There are a few trends that are evanescent and you don’t even try them at all. So, don’t buy such clothes for yourself. These clothes stay in the market for very little time. And, you end up wasting your money unnecessarily. So, stop running after trends every now & then. You can easily rock in any dress and makeup style to continue the Trends in Fashion and Makeup

Minimalist Style Attire

Keep yourself always ready with a minimalist style outfit. Such clothes are convenient when you are stuck on the Question, what to wear? You can easily grab such clothes and get ready. The monochrome theme Anarkali or jumpsuit is best for such an outfit. You can have a simplistic attire by playing minimal at times. 

Clothing Accessories

Jewellery and shoes play a vital role. The right jewellery and shoes can grace your look effortlessly. Don’t hoard yourself with unrequited accessories. Minimal jewellery is the style statement of today. Even a classy watch can enhance your look pretty well. Just be confident in your style and you will conquer the world! 

Play Up With Colours

Colour combinations matter most! Make sure that every colour in your attire compliments your personality. A brighter colour can set your mood for the day. 

If you want a bolder look, you can opt for black.

Do Your Hair

Your hair adds magic to any ordinary outfit. So, you can try random hairstyles for every other ensemble. Firstly, learn your face cut & shape. After that, trial & error new hairstyles. It is a sure-shot way to get that mesmerizing look.

Wear Some Heels

Footwear with heels can add decided drama to your overall look. If you have a short height, then such footwear can add instant height. Also, it makes your legs appear in shape & lean. So, you can grab a footwear pair as per your clothing style. 

Go for traditional if your dress matches Indian ethnic vibes. Whereas, you can choose Western sandals if your clothing matches Western culture.

Keep Good Smile

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. True it is! So, never the least, keep a decent smile on your face no matter what it is. Your beauty is accentuated when you carry a beautiful smile all day long. So, no matter what happens, never lose your smile.

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