Tips to Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rate

In this world full of competition, converting a lead into an order is getting tougher day by day. From entrepreneurs to industry giants, every business is in the race to increase its online sales. Therefore, to outrank competitors it is essential to maintain a healthy conversion rate. 

As per a recent study, the average conversion rate of any e-commerce business varies between 2-3%. If you are still struggling to fit the criteria and looking for effective ways, you are in the right place. Identifying what needs Improvement in our E-commerce Rate depends on you and the nature of your business. 

We are here to tell you the top 7 effective ways to improve your e-commerce conversion rate and acquire new traffic.

1. Make User-Friendly Website

The thumb rule to gain attraction is to keep your shopping site easy and user-friendly. Customers do not want a heavy and disorganized interface. Don’t make it difficult for them to make a purchase otherwise, they will take no time in hitting the back button. 

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and test the complete process of your website. Keep things clear and simple for an effortless journey by reducing the number of steps required to place an order. Have a “smart search” option for users and keep your policies precise and clear. 

A Minimum Viable Product is Good for E-Commerce for the minimal type of your brand that is already in the market and tested.

2. Grow Your Presence on Social Media

Having a website and waiting for customers to visit is not enough. You won’t achieve your conversion targets by just sitting back. Becoming active on social media is the key. Social media is a great platform to engage with your customers and know what they want. 

Creating a community on social media allows you to reach a wider audience and humanize your brand. Tell your customers about your brand and how it can add value to their lives. This will help in building trust and more customers will engage with your brand.

Make a place to register with customers and share Industry Information on Social Media. Since you build which relationship they’ll love you more.

3. Provide Free Shipping

Users are very much attracted by the phrase “free shipping”. No matter how many bucks they spend on buying products, if they see shipping charges in the end, they abandon their carts. This perhaps is the most disheartening thing that drops your conversion rates. If you want your customers to be happy and satisfied with your service, offer free shipping. 

You can even decide on a threshold for shipping. In this way, customers will top up their cart and avail of free shipping. This would be a win-win situation for both the customer and the business. 

At the same time, you may want to examine the health of your financial statements and figure out whether your cash flows are comfortable and enough revenues are flowing in to drive future growth.

4. Importance of Testimonials 

Nearly 50% of the conversions depend on the ratings and reviews of your website. Testimonials are becoming more important than discount coupons these days and thanks to Google, users have developed a habit of checking reviews before making a purchase. 

New customers will look at the review section of your product and decide whether to buy it or not. So, adding testimonials to your website is likely to improve your conversion rate and drive more genuine traffic. Post authentic reviews of your customers as it can boost your conversion rate and have a direct impact on new users. 

5. Grow Brand Trust

Building trust is another crucial way to retain existing customers and generate new ones. Respond to every query, every email, and every conversation to increase the trust of customers for your brand. This can also be achieved by providing them with exclusive offers and promo codes via email and newsletter subscriptions.

Another way of generating loyalty is to show that you are available for them 24/7. Be transparent and accurate with prices and make sure you do not surprise them with any hidden costs or charges. Consistency also plays an important role in gaining customers’ trust. Make sure you do not over-promise and under-deliver.

6. Be Realistic

Just because you have designed an eCommerce website and understand it, doesn’t mean that everyone will fall in love with it. Many e-commerce sites fail due to complex check-out processes and lengthy forms.

 For users, the first impression is the last and if you fail to impress them at the very glance, you will have to suffer a high bounce rate. Let every user have a seamless and good experience so that they may leave positive reviews behind. 

7. Testing Matters

Testing the website as per the marketing tactics is the best way to improve the conversion rate. You can easily analyze what’s working for you and what’s not. Try different marketing ideas and implement them to streamline the sales process. Hiring a Brand Marketing is good for the E-commerce rate but it would cost you some investment and money.

You can even ask your friends and family for suggestions and execute the changes on your website. This will provide a realistic preview of your online shop and will help to boost the conversion ratio. 

These are the best tips to boost the conversion rate on your e-commerce website and grow your business despite tough competition. Get started with any of the optimization tactics and thrive online. Additionally, you can opt for suitable SEO packages that help you to boost your conversion rate as well.

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