Terrorist Attack in India

Post India’s independence in 1947, India has proved its worth in all the areas. We have emerged as a strong nation. Moreover, we have left a mark on our success far and wide. We are one of the leading developing nations in the world. Many world leaders see India as a competitor in different areas like commerce, education, health, etc.


India has been faring well in all walks of life. However, with success, the number of terror attacks in India is also on the rise. There have been a lot of bomb blasts in the country.


It has been a target of many terrorist attacks as well. The major terrorist attacks took place in different regions of India. Many soldiers, policemen, and civilians have lost their lives until today.


It’s not the first time that India has been attacked by its neighbouring country. There have been many proofs of attacks at different places like railway stations, temples, and parliament to name a few. Many people were killed in these attacks. However, it’s the first of its kind where they attacked an armed force with a great number of explosives.


Recent Terrorist Attacks

Three attacks happened on Indian security. Below is the list of these attacks.


Pulwama Attack – 14th February 2019

Recently a terrorist attack took place in Pulwama. It’s a place in Jammu and Kashmir. There were 49 members of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) troops on the bus. all of them were martyred. It is the most horrific attack happened in India in the past 10 years.


This attack was led by Jaish-e-Mohammed often abbreviated as JeM. Jen is a jihadist group in Pakistan that is active in Kashmir. Their primary goal is to separate Kashmir from India and merge into Pakistan.


A member of Jem named Adil Ahmad Dar rammed a car into a CRPF bus with a 60 kg RDX. The impact of the explosive was so high that a body flung over 80 meters from the blasted post.


From the attack, we can have several assumptions. One of them is that it was planned for months. The terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, run by Masood Azhar has taken responsibility for the attack.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given all the rights to the Indian Army for handling the security situations of India after the Pulwama attack. Nonetheless, the Home Ministry called a cabinet meeting on the Pulwama terror attack with all the Indian government officials. The discussion was on the future relationship between India and Pakistan.In a press conference held at the high commissioner. Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan has fueled the involvement of Pakistan. 


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Sukma Attack – 13th March 2018

Sukma was an event of repulsive action by Naxals on Indian Security. 10 Naxalites were killed by Indian security forces. A team of 11 CRPF jawans was patrolling in a Kistram area of Sukma. They were in an anti-landmine vehicle.


Naxals blew the vehicle with an IED(Improvised Explosive Device). The blast was so heavy that some of the dead bodies were found 25 to 30 feet away from the spot. Elite Cobra Force was called as they were specially trained to handle the Maoist insurgency.


Sunjuwan Attack – 10 February 2018

This attack was coined with the death anniversary of Afzal Guru. He was convicted in 2001 for an attack on the Indian parliament. A group of JeM militants attacked the early dawn Sunjuwan camp of the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir. The militant entered from the rear of the camp. They were armed with AK-47 rifles and grenades. They entered the residential quarters of the Military camp base.


The intense gunbattle was held between the military personnel and the terrorists. It lasted for 24 hours. All the militants were killed. However, 11 Soldiers and 1 civilian attained martyrdom. We hope the current Indian government led by PM Modi and the security forces take the necessary steps to stop the terrorist attacks in India.


While we are talking about attacks, it is very important to remember the Indian Air Force Attack, many of our soldiers were injured in that war. Salute all our soldiers and their sacrifices.


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