Choose Contrast Blouse for Plain Sarees

When you look at a woman wearing a saree, all you can think about is how graceful and beautiful she looks. Little do you know there are several little challenges that she has conquered to achieve this flawless look. 

Indeed, dressing up in a saree is not as easy as buying an outfit and simply putting it on. There are hundreds of minor things you need to consider before you decide to.

Wear a Designer Party Wear Saree in an upcoming event such as the saree fabric, the saree’s design, the saree draping style, and what contrast saree blouse will look best.

When someone says styling a saree is tricky; they are absolutely right! It is a constant series of small decisions and if you mess up even one of them, it could ruin the entire look. One such decision is the blouse you’re going to pair up your saree with. 

Choosing a blouse becomes even tougher when you are wearing a plain saree because then you have millions of options that will go with it but of course, you can pick only one out of it and it has to be the best choice.

This article discusses different types of blouses that can help you create the perfect contrast saree blouse combination. You will have a number of “saree with contrast blouse ideas” once you finish reading this article.

1. Plain Saree With a Contrast Blouse

Those days are long gone when women used to look for the perfect colour matching. Nowadays, you have got to play the contrast game to stay in fashion. Let me tell you how. 

It might sound peculiar to some of the women out there, but you can always choose a blouse in a colour that is not present anywhere in the saree. A contrast blouse with a Plain Georgette Saree looks amazing.

For example, if you are to wear a plain maroon saree you can choose a peach-coloured blouse to wear with it. The maroon and peach combination is full of elegance and you will never regret it.

Similarly, you can always wear a cyan-coloured blouse with a plain royal blue saree and this contrast saree blouse combination will look heavenly.

Moreover, the latter combination is ideal for winters since dark colours are the most loved during cold weather so you may wear a fancy designer party wear saree in this combination to rock the event.

2. Plain Saree With an Embroidered Blouse

This one of the contrasting saree blouse designs is ideal for women who are short of time yet they don’t want their clothes to look like it was a last-minute decision. With an embroidered blouse, you will be able to have a choice of at least three to four colours for the saree.

If you are a fan of plain sarees but you don’t want to look a little too simple, wear them with an embroidered blouse. A little embroidery on the neckline and sleeves will make you look really glamorous. You can wear this contrast saree blouse to occasions like birthday parties, dinners, and even to a friend’s wedding.

The best part of buying an embroidered blouse for yourself is that you can always wear it with different coloured sarees that go with it and with a different saree draping style to create a unique look and no one will ever suspect that you almost repeated an outfit. 

This type of designer party wear saree will be low on budget as it can save you the shopping expense when another event comes up after a short period.

3. Plain Saree With a Cotton Blouse

Now, this is not an idea for a designer party wear saree but you can include this in your daily wear wardrobe during the summers. A plain linen saree combined with a cotton blouse in a contrasting shade is everything that you need in.

This hot and warm weather to stay cool and yet look stylish as ever. There are endless advantages to Contrast Blouse Hot Product In Fashion choosing this outfit as one of your everyday wear.

First of all, both the linen and cotton fabrics are soft, permeable, and extremely lightweight. 

The soft nature of the fabric makes it perfect for summer as it absorbs sweat and prevents rashes by keeping the skin dry. The permeability of the material allows the air to pass through hence the heat does not get trapped and you remain cool during the scorching heat. 

Lastly, the light weightiness of linen and cotton fabrics makes the saree easy to wear and carry so you can comfortably move around and do chores while wearing it.

All of these benefits include looking trendy for such a small cost. Isn’t it like a dream come true.

4. Plain Saree With a Printed Blouse

Trends come and go but prints are one of the few trends that never seem to diminish from the fashion industry. You might get bored with them at some point, but you cannot deny their strong impression and influence in the world of fashion.

Printed blouses along with plain sarees are one of the most loved contrast saree blouse combinations by Make-up Trends Women. Not only does it add charm to your personality but also provides you with an essence of style which is undoubtedly craved by every woman.

In addition to that, there is a huge variety of prints that you can choose from. From floral and leafy patterns to coins, feathers, sequences, and many other designs. 

A floral printed blouse with a pastel-coloured saree will look exceptionally good and feminine. You must go for it if you wish to look beautiful and delicate at the same time.

5. Plain Saree With a Brocade Blouse

Brocade fabric has been considered to be one of the top-notch fabrics in India so it is impossible to deny its royalty. For a woman who loves to stay under the limelight, this one is definitely for you. 

Brocade is a rich fabric and so if someone wears its blouse along with a  Plain Saree with Star Wars Jewelry, she is definitely going to look gorgeous. Your saree will look ten times better and more charming with a brocade blouse.

Another best thing about a brocade blouse for a saree is that it will look great with almost everything. You can wear a blouse the same as the colour of your saree or you can go for a contrasting shade, everything will seem to be perfect alongside a brocade blouse.

Even though brocade itself is a fancy fabric, if you wish to create an even fancier look, wear it with a silk or Banaras saree and make your attire exquisite for events like weddings.

6. Plain Saree With a Kalamkari Blouse

I’m sure by reading the heading, there is one question that might have popped up in everybody’s mind. What is Kalamkari? Kalamkari is a type of art that displays epic sceneries, mythological characters, and idols. 

It is either hand-painted or block-printed. Now that you know what Kalamkari art actually is, you may have noticed a rising trend of Kalamkari blouses.

These blouses have become so popular because of their aesthetic nature. Women find Kalamkari blouses to be versatile and so it is perfect to be worn with a plain saree to create a semi-formal look.

The art on a Kalamkari blouse is mostly multi-coloured so it can go with any plain saree either in Mix And Matching Your Blouses colours or in contrasting shades. Furthermore, silk sarees are another great choice to wear with Kalamkari blouses. This combination is also perfect for formal occasions. 

You can also pair up a Kalamkari blouse with a cotton saree if you don’t desire a super fancy look. The combination of a cotton saree and a Kalamkari blouse is beautiful and graceful. 

It will undoubtedly add elegance to your personality and help you rock a semi-formal event even when you have put the least effort into your overall look.

Hence, all of these saree with contrast blouse ideas will make a perfect formal or casual attire for you. With a little more creativity, you can definitely make your own Bollywood designer fancy-wear saree and no I’m not kidding.

Look it up on the internet and you will find at least ten of your favourite Bollywood actresses dolled up in the same contrast saree blouse combinations that I have mentioned above.

With all of these ideas in your head, you can now easily manage to create flawless attire for yourself. If the instructions are followed correctly, you will look fabulous.

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