Perfect Camp in Qatar for Your Vacations

In the Middle East, desert adventures are one-of-a-kind, and Qatar adds to the experience. Qatar is a place with deserts, museums, hotels, spas, and several other relaxation places. Every camp in Qatar has something unique to offer, from great desert activities to overnight stays in the breathtaking scenery. There’s a lot to look at in this corner of the globe. You witness it in everything from a magnificent wedding ceremony at an estate to the happiness of renting out your own caravan.


To enjoy in a comfortable open environment, it is recommended that you must look for a car service. In Qatar, renting car service is a need of people. As it allows you to move freely and enjoy your stay happily.


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Perfect Camps In Qatar For Your Vacation


1. Regency Sealine Camp

Regency is the perfect example of paradise in the desert. Surprisingly there are luxuries offered in this beautiful desert. Of all terrific places, this place is in the heart of Qatar. It looks traditional in every way; it provides a distinct interior. The Sealine Camp features everything one might want, including wifi, restrooms, special event services, exclusive dining areas, etc.


One of the best experiences offered under the stars is barbecue dinner. The guests can appreciate the beautiful view of the sea and sky. When in Qatar, visitors won’t want to miss all the fascinating activities like roaming in small markets, tattoo making, camel riding, etc. The highlights from the camp:


  • Desert Activities
  • Camps with Air condition
  • Candlelight dinners for couples and families
  • Celebration of Special Occasions


2. Sarab Camp

Sarab is a classic Arabian camping community with plenty of activities for tourists. Sarab Camp in Qatar provides an indoor playroom in the middle of the desert. In addition, Sarab Camp is a beach camp, allowing visitors to have their private beaches exclusively. It provides you with a completely new experience of the desert and its activities.


While the accommodations are first-rate in every manner, travelers may also try some fantastic cuisine. It offers you the most incredible dining experience and exquisite hospitality with six different tents. This is a destination you should certainly consider visiting on vacation. Visitors to the Sarab desert camp are allowed to have their entire barbecue time with family and friends. Or they can order their favorite cuisine from the resort’s Arabic menu. The highlights from the camp:


  • Indoor playroom
  • Exclusive beach
  • Explorations on desert
  • Self-barbecue place


3. Private Campest

Most people want to go on road trips, and why not? It offers them more time to spend with family and loved ones. What do you think if you plan to go camping this vacation in Qatar? Private Campest is among the finest camps in Qatar. It offers you a rental caravan around Dukhan Beach with an extensive facility. You can spend a night close to beaches will give you a fantastic experience.


The Private Campest provides tourists with conveniences such as a private BBQ setup, free wifi, air-conditioning, and more. The best for visitors to Qatar is that they may even rent a horse or a kayak to make the most of their trip. The highlights from the camp:


  • Wi-Fi access for free
  • Different Rooms including the Kitchen
  • Personal Barbecue
  • Private fence


4. Outdoor 369

Do you want to go on a girls’ night out in the desert? Then, outdoor 369 is the address you need to remember. Outdoor 369 provides Qatar’s most beautiful desert camping cabins, which many describe as a glamping paradise. The cottages are tiny, but they offer ample outside space.


Surprisingly, the site seems like winter camping, which lends a charming touch. During the night, one may not only build a cozy bonfire and cook marshmallows but also sit down and enjoy the spectacular view while sipping a nice cup of Karak. Since the campsite is near Al Khor, getting here isn’t a significant deal. Outdoor 369 is one of Qatar’s most incredible locations to visit for females and families. The highlights from the camp:


  • Swimming pool
  • Decorated outdoor area
  • Bonfire

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