Bookmark These 8 Free Online Tools to Achieve Academic Success

Bookmark These 8 Free Online Tools to Achieve Academic Success

With the advent of online educational sites and tools, you no longer need to cross oceans or spend a treasure to study in an Ivy League college. Today, all it takes is one click and a few keywords to access massive amounts of information on the internet for your assignments. 

You have educational apps that you can access on the go using laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can also upgrade your knowledge base and acquire diplomas and certifications right from the comfort of your home by signing up for online courses with academic portals. 


8Free E-learning Sites and Tools to Bookmark Right Now

If you are looking for options to hone your skills or seek assignment help, I have brought you a list of online websites and tools that you can use to stay ahead of your peers. First off, we have got a few fantastic websites where you can access several free and paid online courses.


Top 3 Websites for the Best Online Courses

Here is a list of the top 3 online education websites with the best certified online courses that grant you diplomas and certifications that are recognized worldwide.

  • edX

edX was a product of two academic kingpins collaborating – MIT and Harvard. edX is one of the largest non-profit brands recognized globally to offer free online courses. At edX, you get to choose from a vast database of 2,400 free and paid courses offered by top-tier universities around the world. 

  • Coursera

This particular academic portal is partnered by 150 university partners and offers 2,700 courses in more than 200 specializations. While the free courses offer certifications and degrees, you can also opt for courses with specializations and degrees by paying a nominal fee. The faculties of several top colleges and universities worldwide conduct the classes via video lectures and community discussion forums.

  • Udemy

A global education marketplace, Udemy boasts of an online faculty of 42,000 instructors teaching 30 million students. You get to choose from 100,000 courses. The best thing about Udemy is that the site offers courses in 50 languages. The site offers diplomas and certificates that are accepted in the professional world.


Top 3 Online Academic Tools to Use

As a Gen Z member, the motto is to study smart and not hard. Use these academic tools to save time and devote to studying!  

  • BibMe

As if researching wasn’t difficult enough, you also have to cite the sources to give the original authors credit. If you get confused with the varying formats and rules of MLA/Chicago/Harvard referencing, BibMe is what you need. All you have to do is put in the source, and the tool will locate the source and list them in the chosen format in under a few minutes. 

  • Turnitin

Starting from bad grades to paper cancellation, plagiarism can escalate to rustication and legal repercussions. With Turnitin, you can avoid committing an unintentional felony. Use it to check your papers against a vast database of online and offline publications. The tool will highlight the areas that show similarity to other text, which you can cite or paraphrase. 

  • Hemingway Editor

Erroneous grammar can put out the wrong impression and lead the reader to think that you aren’t sincere enough. Moreover, missing punctuation and wrong words can alter the very message you want to put across. Use the Hemingway Editor to weed out tense, verb-subject agreements, and restructure sentences to achieve perfection. 


Top 2 Academic Sites for Writing Assistance

Since assignment writing is an integral part of the education system, mastering the art of it can give you a competitive edge over your peers. This is where the academic sites listed below come in to offer you personalized assistance. 


With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, stays true to its word and offer “ALL” kinds of academic help. Apart from getting writing assistance, you can also access the brand’s academic tools. Some notable mentions are the essay typer tool and the citation generator.


At, you will get writing assistance for all kinds of academic papers across all educational levels. The brand also covers more than 100 disciplines and sub-disciplines. Besides writing aid, you also get other relevant services, like proofreading help, topic suggestion, paper referencing, etc.


Parting Thoughts

You can now sit in the comfort of your home and learn more if you know how to use technology and the internet to your advantage. Instead of using the internet to dive into the black hole of social media, access online scholarly websites and tools to get a high-quality education while saving effort and time. 

Bookmark this post for easy access to the apps and resources and pave a smoother way towards success. All the best!

Author Bio: Kerry Brighton is an educational counsellor hailing from Massachusetts, the US. She is also associated with the academic brand through which she offers Assignment help. Brighton loves to read and cycle around in her free time.

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