What features should an on-demand delivery app have?

What features should an on-demand delivery app have?

On-demand technology has drastically transformed the delivery landscape. In this super-fast era where nobody has time to do everything on their own, on-demand delivery apps are making lives simpler. But what exactly these on-demand apps are? On-demand delivery apps are something that lets you order anything within a few tabs on your smartphones. 

The reason behind the growing popularity of on-demand apps is customers’ demand for quick and accessible doorstep deliveries. Whether it is food, grocery, beauty services, courier, transportation, or shopping, on-demand delivery services are a huge stepping stone in mobile app development.

Since everybody is using mobiles to make their lives easier, an on-demand app can be the perfect choice for your business. On-demand app development is the best way to drive revenue to your company and making the customer happy in the comforts of their home.  


On-demand delivery app models

Before you start on-demand app development, you need to know about the existing business models. Depending on the user’s engagement, on-demand applications can be categorized into the following three types:

  • Business to business

A business relies on many small businesses, enterprises, suppliers, maintenance companies, service providers, etc. to carry out its operations smoothly.

General Electric, Amazon, Flipkart, Urban Company, etc are some of the popular on-demand delivery B2Bmodels. 

In the B2B on-demand delivery model, both the service takers and service providers are just facilitators, not the end customers.  

  • Business to customer

In this typ of on-demand delivery model, businesses develop an on-demand delivery app to provide their products and services to the customers. With an on-demand delivery app, businesses can reach a larger audience and can also create loyalty among their existing customers.

Dominos is the best example of a B2C on-demand delivery model. Dominos’ on-demand delivery solution contains all the necessary features of pizza delivery, along with accurate real-time tracking features. 

  • Customer to customer

In customer to customer on-demand delivery model, customers order products or services from each other without the involvement of any company or enterprise. Here the on-demand app serves as a connector between the buyers and the sellers. TaskRabbit, Postmates, and Instacart, are the examples of C2C models.

Remarkable features of an on-demand delivery app

When you are going to venture out into on-demand delivery app development, you need to know about the essential features of an on-demand delivery app. The more user-centric your features is, the more successful your app will be. Here are some key features for every kind of on-demand food delivery app:

  • Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard is one of the prominent features of on-demand delivery software. This feature allows you to get a bird’s view of your daily orders. It also shows the multiple statuses of your deliveries such as ongoing, cancelled, completed, pending, etc.

Moreover, Admin Dashboard also shows you the details of your profits or losses, driver earnings, commissions.  

In this way, Admin Dashboard provides easier access to the admin so that he can maintain the company’s goodwill.   

  • Real-time tracking

We can consider real-time tracking as an inevitable feature of an on-demand delivery solution. This feature gives an assurance of safer deliveries by providing them with every real-time update of their delivery. Real-time tracking is the best way for customers to stay connected with the driver.

Even if the customer wants to change the delivery time or date, they can easily do that with the help of a real-time tracking feature. However, the complexity of real-time tracking features differs as per the distance between the buyer and the seller. 

  • Rating and reviews

Ratings and reviews are one of the most important factors that can strengthen your brand image. Besides this, rating and reviews play a crucial part in growing sales, as the prospective customers can get influenced by the reviews shared by other customers.

Ratings and reviews can also improve the performance of your on-demand apps over app stores. However, you must clearly define your target audience, define business rules, create a great partnership with suppliers and providers, and make an accurate budget.

  • Loyalty methods

Don’t miss a single opportunity to make your customers feel special. Introduce new offers and try unique strategies to make your customers feel you care about them. Try a referral program or give them a free service on some initial orders.

Along with this, you can try some other customer loyalty methods such as rewarding users to perform specific actions in your apps such as playing games or puzzles.

These offers will expand your user-base as more users would get attracted to avail them. Every audience is different, and that is why they show their interest in various proposals. Carry out extensive research before introducing any loyalty schemes.  

  • Push notifications

Push notifications enable you to create better engagement with your customers. As per E-goi, the opening rate of push notifications is over 90 per cent, which is more than that of emails.

Furthermore, you can use push notifications to inform your customers about your new offers and schemes. Apart from this, push notifications are very helpful for customers, as it has a retention rate of around 93 per cent.  

Kindly ensure that your push notifications bring value to your customers rather than making them annoyed. If it annoys your customers that you will get a bad image of your service in their mind.

  • Multiple payment modes

As an on-demand delivery service provider, the payment becomes a crucial part of your business. That is why providing a simple and safer payment experience to customers can drastically grow your revenues.

Incorporate advanced payment gateways and mobile wallet app services. Offer a wide range of payment choices to your customers such as credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery, mobile wallets, net banking, etc. 

Apart from this, you can also provide promo or voucher codes to add some excitement. Ensure that your customer’s online payment information is safe and secure as any glitch in payment security can damage your business reputation.

  • In-app messaging

Although there are a lot of robust tools involved in the on-demand delivery business, human interaction is a much-needed thing to create a personal touch. And that is why on-demand delivery apps contain the in-app messaging feature. An in-app messaging feature is necessary to resolve the queries of your customers.

You should deploy artificial intelligence bots for this purpose. In-app messaging allows customers to get detailed order details, resolution of payment issues, the answer of subscription queries, return item options and much more.   


How much does it cost to make a profitable on-demand delivery app?

The cost of making an on-demand app depends on the number of hours the project takes, and the more difficult the functionality, the longer it will take to implement. After considering these factors, we can say that on-demand delivery app development would be around $20,000 to $50,000.

You require a great combination of technical skills & vast experience to build an on-demand delivery app. So, ensure you hire the best software development team that possesses the required skill set & experience and is also budget-friendly.



On-demand apps are the future of the delivery landscape. Those days are not so far that every service provider has its own on-demand delivery app. So, if you are looking to develop your on-demand app, be sure to contact us. We’ll work with you to make the best on-demand delivery app that will help you serve your customers better. 

Hope this blog has provided you with detailed information about the features of on-demand delivery apps. If you want to know more about how a top-notch on-demand delivery app can help you, then you can contact us any time. Thank you for reading this blog. Stay tuned to this space for more such insights.

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