Boiler Strategy Can Save More on Energy Bills

Free and Simple Money-Saving Strategy You Can Use Right Now

Lots of low homeowners might save hundreds of pounds on their winter energy costs by making a few simple changes to their boilers. Many citizens are going to face record-breaking prices in the coming months. 


However, professionals at rapid response plumbing and heating, who give energy efficiency advice, say there are two modest modifications you can make to the way your boiler operates that may save you up to 17%, or roughly £299, without making your home any colder.


Two Simple Boiler Tips are Quick Straightforward


1. Turning Down Your Temperature Flow 

The flowing temperature of a boiler controls how hot the water is when it exits the boiler and travels to your radiators. 


Most condensing combi boilers in the UK are still set at their factory setting, which is often around 80C, although boilers cannot work at their most productive at this temperature.


When a condensing boiler burns a gas, a large amount of heat can escape via the flue and onto the street – this heat essentially vanishes into thin air. Steam leaking from a flue indicates that the flow temperature is high and heat is escaping. You might even check to see whether this is happening if the flue is visible on the side of your property. At relatively low temperatures, the boiler recycles much of the heat back into the water it is attempting to warm. To ensure a more efficient boiler strategy and learn about electrical safety measures for homes and workplaces, explore our blog on Electrical Safety for Homes and Workplaces here.


According to Rapid Response Plumbing and Heating, curving down the flow temperature can save homeowners six to eight percent of their annual gas expenditure. It’s worth noting that, while condensing boilers are A-rated on the box (for efficiency), they don’t always achieve an A-rating in the home, she said. Some A-rated boilers have been shown to have E-rated efficiency levels in the home, with only 75% efficiency. 


Decreasing the flow temperature is not a duplicate of lessening the thermostat. The boiler and radiators will continue to operate to keep rooms at the same temperature as previously, although the house may take a bit longer to heat up.


It is critical to remember that you should only do this if you have a condensing combi boiler that is not connected to a hot water cylinder. If you have vulnerable persons in your house, you should also be cautious about keeping rooms cold.

“Over millions of our users who participated in our utility efficiency method last winter informed us they tried it, with some preserving nearly £101 on their invoices,” she added.


2. Turning off Your Boiler’s Pre-Heat Function

“If the boiler is not on and heating the residence, it will fire nevertheless, only to keep that water at temperature, even if no one is home during the day, and surely it will burn all night, even when hot water is not in demand,” Rapid Response team explained. That entails burning gas all night, every night, for nothing.


Turning off the pre-heat function may result in a lengthier wait for the shower to warm up in the morning, but it is a little inconvenient compared to the hundreds of pounds gained. The rapid response team predicts that homes might save between 5 and 10 percent of their gas consumption.


The boiler manual or online should have instructions on how to turn off the pre-heat function. The Rapid Response team, on the other hand, suggested that during droughts, people turn on the pre-heat if they had to wait an unusually long period for hot water to reach the taps. They can still turn it off at any time of day or night.

If you want to save more than £299 on energy bills by the boiler process, contact a rapid response plumbing and heating professional to get complete info on how to save money and what the best offer on new boiler installation. Call us today at 07888078885 to ask about saving money on energy bills using the best boiler.

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