Best Places to Visit in Western Australia

People don’t think about how vast Australia is because many of them usually visit just Sydney or Melbourne. However, this country is a continent on its own. Nature’s amazing and the number of national parks is one of the highest in the world. Thinking about Traveling to a Wonderful Family Vacation in Australia where you can enjoy sports or beach activities? If the answer is yes, this article is the right one for you. We will show you some of the best places in the vast region of West Australia. You can use Perth as your base and visit some of these wonderful places from there. 


Visit Exmouth To See Whale Sharks

You’re not a fan of sharks? Don’t worry, whale sharks feed on plankton through their gills. You can safely observe them from your boat in Exmouth, especially if you choose to visit the famous Ningaloo Reef. It takes about an hour and 45 minutes from Perth on a plane. When should you visit Exmouth to see the whale sharks? Take into consideration that they are attracted by the coral spawning, which provides them with their main source of food. So look for some dates that take place when this is happening. We suggest any date from March to April.

Enjoy Sun At Cable Beach, Broome

If you want to enjoy some sunbathing at one of the most beautiful Australian beaches, then Cable Beach Broome is the right place for you. It’s not just about the sand and turquoise waters that make it so special. It’s the red cliffs, 22 km long coastline that will provide you with infinite walks towards the sunset, and many water activities you can do that make this place so unique. This beach is sunny throughout the whole year, but make sure you take care of some nasty jellyfish from November to May.

Jet Boat Tours To Horizontal Falls

If you prefer some remote and less approachable places that guarantee a good adventure, make sure that Kimberly Region enters your bucket list. A jet boat ride is a famous tour you can book and sail through the Horizontal Falls. Another option is to book a seaplane, which is equally attractive. If you’re near Broome or Derby, this can be a spectacular day trip since these places are close. The best time would be from March to November.

Visit Bremer Bay to see Orcas Every year from March to May, amazing orcas can be seen in Western Australia. These animals are apex predators and the biggest of all of the dolphin species. However, if you opt to visit Bremer Bay, which is very close to Perth, you can see them from January to April. See what fits your schedule the most. Orca Bremer Bay tour is a famous attraction that shouldn’t be missed if you visit this part of the country at this time of the year. What makes the experience unique is the fact that you get to see them in their natural habitat, rather than in captivity.

Snorkel At Ningaloo Reef Marine Park & Turquoise Bay

Are you a lover of aquatic activities? Ningaloo is the biggest fringing reef. It’s impossible to beat that. Think of 260 km of marine life, diverse species, and plain, beautiful nature. What makes it better than a Great Barrier Reef (although the other one is amazing as well) is its accessibility from the shore. We mentioned whale sharks before. 

What if we told you that here at Ningaloo you can swim with them? Sounds like an amazing adventure. The best time to visit this place is from March to August. If sharks are not your thing, after all, don’t forget there are more than 300 species of coral and 500 0f fish, which will make diving or snorkelling unforgettable.

Enjoy Some History Lessons At Rottnest Island

Rottnest owes its name to cute marsupials called quokkas. When Willem de Vlamingh landed there, he confused them with rats. The island where they nest was called “rott nest”, and the name sticks to the current time. Take a ferry ride from Perth and discover this nature reserve. Quokkas are more similar to squirrels, so you will probably find them adorable. 

Snorkelling is one of the favourite activities here as well, but don’t forget to visit the Rottnest Museum where you can see shipwrecks and many historical relics. If you like sailing this can be a delightful visit. For hiking lovers, this island offers a lot of trails, so don’t miss them. Autumn or Spring are the best periods to visit, with a special focus on October and November, when its Mediterranean climate is at its best.

Meet Some Kangaroos At Cape Le Grand National Park

If you’ve heard of Lucky Bay, you must have heard of Cape le Grand National Park. Secluded blue lagoons, wild nature, astonishing beaches…all this makes it a very desirable place to visit. Wild kangaroos are frequent visitors to these beaches but beware, they are not always friendly. The best time to visit this park is from October to April, with December, January, and February being perhaps the ideal option. Here you can enjoy surfing, snorkelling, and beach safaris. Don’t miss a visit to the Observatory which will grant you some amazing views. Some other recommendable activities include billing to the Twilight beaches and visiting the Stonehenge replica.

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is another great place for adventure. If you visit it, you will be granted a spectacular view of what millions of years of erosion have done to these steep gorges. Waterfalls and rock pools are additional traits. Talking about the falls, don’t forget the famous Fortescue Falls, the main point of the whole place. The Kalama Gorge is another place to explore. Organize some picnic in nature and enjoy it to its fullest. The second-highest peak in Australia is very close, and we are talking about Mount Bruce. You will need a good car to approach these terrains. May, June, and July are said to be the best time to visit Karijini, because of their mild temperatures.

There you have some of the best Western Australian places to visit. Whichever you choose, you won’t be wrong. This country simply offers some natural wonders that are hard to find anywhere else. From Bremer Bay orca tours to wild nature and sailing through narrow gorgeous, it has it all. Just see what fits your schedule, itinerary, and budget the most. If you want to travel in Dubai then here are some Best Travel Places in Dubai which you can see before starting your travelling.

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