7 Common Signs of a Bad Drywall Repair

In Vacaville, acquiring a drywall service needs you to be extra vigilant. Whenever you are searching for a drywall repair near you remember, you will come across all kinds of options.

Good and the bad drywall repair company.

Cost-Friendly and Extravagant.

We rarely know much of any company at the time when we are hiring them. Honestly, it’s all that they portray that we see and no one displays bad qualities about themselves.

So, how do you know that you have availed of the right drywall repair or drywall installation in Vacaville CA, near you?

Although a drywall job could seem to be well finished at first glance, certain symptoms can suggest that it was not. A decent drywall job can be distinguished from a poor one. So, it is very obvious that a bad drywall repair service would do the work for the time being. The later time is going to bring you the same stress or maybe more.

We are here to share with you some of the most common signs of bad drywall repair service.

Let’s get started:


Notable Signs of bad drywall repair service

#1 Visible Joints:

While we cannot blame the company for certain flaws that are likely to be visible during the finishing of the drywall service, some signs are too disturbing that also show up in a quality drywall service. However, these signs are acceptable under some conditions otherwise consider them as a bad drywall repair sign.

One such sign includes the appearance of the visible joints.

If you have hired a good drywall service, you wouldn’t be able to tell where one sheet of the drywall ends and the other begins. However, the appearance of visible joints and gaps wider than 1/8 inch is a clear indication that the service provided to you has been poor.

The reason for such joints appearing could be incorrectly spaced drywall sheets or air bubbles under the tape that has been used to cover the joint.

If you are witnessing such issues, it might be better to report the drywall repair service near you and ask them regarding the service they have provided.

Never settle for a bad drywall repair service.


#2 The appearance of Visible Nail and Screw Holes:

Another common sign reported after hiring a bad drywall repair service is the appearance of the visible nail and screw holes.

Typically, a well-installed or repaired drywall wouldn’t leave any space for the nails and screw holes to sneak out on the surface. If they do, it is usually a bad sign even if they appear in the lower ends of the finishing.

It is common for one or two nail or screw holes to sometimes make their way out in the open. They are generally harmless and easy to fix however, if you notice more of them on the drywall surface then it is possible that either your drywall is failing again or has not been given proper service.

You might need to check in with the drywall repair near you.


#3 Uneven Corners:

Moving forward, one more common sign that indicated a bad service is the uneven corners.

In well-installed drywall, the corners are evenly set and are very smooth for the surface. They are generally straight with no crooked lines, gaps, the appearance of bubbles, or creasing.

If you are noticing uneven corners on the surface of your drywall then it is possible that it has not been installed properly or the services provided to you lack the quality.


#4 Rough Surface:

Again, it is completely normal for some minor roughness and ridges to appear at the lower end of the finish. However, most of the drywall should feel smooth.

If it feels rough all through the way, some bad service has been provided.

The reason behind these ridges and roughness in your drywall could be leftover joint compound, improperly applied a second coating of the compound, air bubbles, or any issues with the joint tape.

It will require some extra work to smooth the drywall surface down hence, you need to pay head to your drywall repair near you and demand some explanation.


#5 Bent Panels:

If a drywall service is provided by an individual installer, then it can bear some damage.

One such example could be bent panels. This is a clear indication that the service provided was not very high-quality.

Obviously, it is difficult to hold the drywall from one hand and to install it from another simultaneously. 

However, if the wall itself was crooked you don’t have much to blame the installer for.

But one should always be cautious regarding these services.


#6 Drooping Ceilings:

If you don’t have any water leaks upstairs then the sagging or dropping ceilings is solely the result of bad drywall repair.

They might have used the weak drywall sheets instead of using the strong ones to stand up firm against the gravity and bear the weight.

It is also possible that your installer used nails instead of screws that resulted in the drooping ceiling. Whatever the reason is, you definitely need to check on your repair services.


Final Thoughts:

If any of the common signs are visible on your drywalls after you have availed of drywall repair or installation service then it means you hired the wrong company and a bad drywall repair was expected.

You can avoid falling for such bad drywall repair services by doing proper research before hiring. The best place to start is to check the online business listing and reviewing directory sites where people mostly share their experiences and rate companies. Yelp, HomeAdvisor and HighFive Listings are the names of some directories.

And yes…

Stay vigilant and check on your company for an explanation and if possible, a redo.


Tip to select drywall service:

It is better not to hire a single man army for drywall service. The majority of low-cost contractors work alone. When a single person attempts to do all of the work on their own, errors are unavoidable.

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