Work Recognition Ideas Every Employee Would Appreciate

In this contemporary bustling business world and competitive market, it’s no wonder that most companies are struggling to top up their game. The key is keeping up with technological advancement and having top-notch, highly professional, and motivated staff. Employee recognition is all about showing your staff you care for them and that you acknowledge the hard work and accomplishment they do for your institution.


One of the top motivators nowadays is to show your employees their work matters to the company and the team, therefore, you need to exercise regular proper recognition. Here are some of the best employee recognition tactics and ideas you can implement that every employee would appreciate.


1. Give/send Spot Bonus

It’s not uncommon for a business to reward their workers with a bonus, but very often that occurs after signing an important contract or after a job is well done. To make your employees feel cared for and motivated, you can reward every seemingly small milestone. Show recognition by sending monetary spot bonuses for some small deed. Reward your employees’ collaboration, teamwork, working overtime, and similar. If you were to make a habit of giving out spot bonuses, your employees would feel ultra motivated to upscale their work.


2. Celebrate Birthdays Mindfully

There’s no need to host a huge party, but if your staff are relaxed and open-minded, you should celebrate their birthdays. Forget about a thank-you note or birthday gift voucher, and select something truly exquisite. If you want your employee to know you value their great achievement, then you should celebrate their birthday the way they desire. You can order and Send Delicious Food Hampers which can be full of gourmet goodies designed to please anybody’s taste. Consequently, you can organize a small party, something more personal if you know their preferences, or just give them a day off.


3. Organise Team Shopping Spree

Every time your team hits a fantastic sales goal or some other number based milestone, use that as an opportunity to show work recognition for the whole team. Designate a certain amount of money and instead of giving them a spot bonus take everyone shopping. They should spend that amount of money solely on themselves. This means that they shouldn’t buy presents for the kids, but spend the money on buying something personal and fancy. Later, have the team meet up for lunch and share what they have bought.


4. Set Up “Thank You” Meeting

An employee can’t know whether you are truly grateful for a certain job unless you tell or show them somehow. You can show appreciation by calling an employee into your office to say thanks or go for something even more impactful. Host a “thank you” meeting to say thanks and express your gratitude in front of the whole staff. Don’t discuss any other issues, only talk about the good work they have done. Praise is one of the best recognition ideas any employee would cherish.


5. Employee Recognition Wall

If you work in a large corporation, likely, most staff won’t know how productive your employees are. The easiest way would be to create an employee recognition wall where you would boast about your employee’s achievements and accomplishments. You can also make an employee of the month wall for extra praise and to reward Productivity and Creativity.


Having a sprucing employee recognition wall where you and your employees can post ideas, write congratulatory messages to exemplary coworkers, and see about your grandiose success represents a majestic way to boost morale. Letting your staff know their hard work and dedication are being recognized reasonably by the management can help motivate your company’s most valuable asset.


6. Reward Them With One-Day/Weekend Trip

Everybody needs a break from the routine. Most employees have probably earned a day off, but instead of spending it alone, designate and organize a memorable and fun they for them. If you wish to show them you appreciate what they have done for the company, treat them by creating a fun day far from office hustle and bustle. It can be anything from rafting, parachuting, hiking, or organizing a wine-tasting tour. Reward employees with experiences like these to show them you value their free time and that you know how to create memories.


7. Recognize Great Achievement

Sometimes it would be more beneficial to reward a single achievement but on a larger scale. Besides rewarding your management and the team with every successful milestone they have done together, it’s also paramount to single out every great achievement. Instead of sending out or giving rewards for “teamwork”, you can specify great achievement. You can organize a short weekend trip for them to a spa resort or winery. Host a nice dinner party with exclusive catering, or pay for lunch with the management.


8. Make it Social

Social media platforms have a bombastic influence on a large scale of people and if you wish to show recognition and make it official, post everything online. Take time to record everything so that your customers and business associates see you know how to appreciate your employees. Record every aspect of the appraisal. This can be a sleek marketing tool. Take a photo with employees, write a few positive reviews about the things they have achieved, go live, and talk about how satisfied and proud you are with the things your staff has done. When you show work recognition on social media platforms, you guarantee that a large scale of people will see how much you care for them.


9. Show Interest in your Employee’s Professional Development

Expressing interest in your employee’s professional development gives them adequate incentives that can bring even more effective future results. Offer to pay for various training and send them to seminars or other international workshops that will help employees provide professional advancement. Search for appropriate professional development seminars and don’t hesitate to invest in any productive workshops that will directly show your employees you pay attention to their progress. This is a brilliant way to support your employees in what they are trying to achieve which would contribute to having lucrative results in the long run.


10. Give Positive and Creative Feedback

Another effective and original way to boost morale and acknowledge work recognition is to give feedback. The aim should be to give thoughtful and creative feedback that would properly motivate your employees to push even harder. Hence, a simple “thank you” is not enough, so try to provide new and constructive ideas, start an employee of the month program, organize employee appreciation day, and always strive to give positive feedback and foster knowledge. Only if you approach your employees with honest and constructive feedback can you expect them to deliver excellent results.


11. Introduce “Boss For Day”

Let your best employee see how it is to be in your shoes. Even though this mightn’t sound like a very valuable thing for some people, for others it can be utterly important. If you were to reward staff with a chance to be “boss” for a day, they could have an abundance of advantages. For instance, you can play music in the whole office, let your staff snack at the desk, sit in your boss’s office and chair, use their parking spot, delegate work to other personnel, and have a chance to suggest various new and fresh ideas directly to the board. Above all, it gives your staff a taste of what it’s like to be on the top.


12. Hand Out Workspace Gifts

Equally useful and fun, workspace gifts make effective but low-fuss tokens of word recognition. If you are looking for a smart and eligible way to show appreciation, you can distribute practical office gifts. This can be anything from much-needed stationery, a new keyboard, a fancy notebook, or anything else that would certainly put a smile on an employee’s face. You can find customizable workspace gifts to make the gift-giving even more memorable and boost the overall sentimental factor. Knowing what each employee personally needs, makes them feel even more appreciative.


13. Designate Special Work From Home Day

Working in an office can sometimes be quite challenging and demanding. After the coronavirus pandemic, most people found it convenient to work from home. So why not set up a work-from-home day? Instead of coming into the office when there’s a special event in your employee’s personal life, such as the kindergarten end-of-year play or a child starting school, give them a day off and let them handle certain work matters from home. They don’t have to come into the office, but they can do just a few official tasks.


There are many other ways you can show your employees that they are appreciated, but the ones mentioned above are the main and most important. Never fail to praise your employees and do everything in your power to boost morale.

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