TwenT3 Business Cards- a sure way to turn your business around

TwenT3 Business Cards- a sure way to turn your business around

Business cards are one of the easiest ways of exchanging information and have attained a distinguished status in the world of marketing. The effectiveness of the use of such cards to promote one’s business can be judged from the longevity and endurance of this centuries old practice. So much so that it is now considered a tradition to do so. As a businesswoman, I can hardly remember a meeting with clients without stumbling onto a card. In fact, an exchange of  business cards between the parties in attendance has become as important as any other component of a business deal.

However, despite finding loads and loads of such promotional cards for businesses in every single drawer of my office table, I had hardly noticed their inescapable significance in the corporate world until my own company decided to redesign its business cards as part of a rebranding campaign. Our go-to choice was none other than the eminent business card designers at TwenT3, suggested to us by our contemporaries in the corporate world, who assured us of the best possible results. The subsequent positive change in the state of our business propelled me into thinking as to why business cards remain as relevant as ever after all these years despite the ever-growing ways of exchanging information.

Why business cards are still relevant today

From my own experience, I believe in spite of the technological advancements, a printed card holds such a ritualistic status in the world of business because of its innate simplicity. That simplicity, which lies in the quintessential notion of shared trust, with the card becoming a material reflection of the promise of a continued alliance between the two parties. However, there are several factors involved in the design of business cards that can impact the sustainability of such an alliance.

  • Firstly, the main goal of a business aiming to expand must be to grasp the attention of the target audience, whether it be other companies or individual customers. However, with the ever-growing distractions, it is becoming increasingly hard to sustain people’s attention. Therefore, it is more than necessary to make an instant first impression that would keep people in the corporate world talking about you. With its wide array of options of charming and visually pleasing designs, the lenticular business cards at TwenT3 are guaranteed to catch one’s eye.
  • A well-designed business card not only makes the business look put together, but it is also a testament to the professionalism, hard work as well as the commitment of the team behind the business. According to a study, 72% of people judge a company by the quality and effort put in its business cards. Hence, these cards become the direct reflection of your business and its core values, therefore you may think of it as a way to make your company identifiable. Similarly, the reasoning behind measures taken by business professionals, such as wearing formal attire or driving formidable cars when going to meet the clients, lies in an effort to impress and build trust with them. Consequently, strategic projection of the image of a company can be controlled and enhanced with the efficiently designed and constructed TwenT3 lenticular business card, that is bound to make an impression that your audience not only in the UK, but throughout the world, will never forget.
  • Business cards give you an opportunity to convey the essence of your business in an effective yet concise manner, thereby, making your information more readily available for the target audience. Displaying the unique skills singularly offered by your business, on these cards in a manner that they would stand out, are a reliable way to get referrals. This is because people who come across your business cards, can refer your business to other people looking for that specific set of skills in the UK, that you offer.
  • Similarly, consciously designed and clearly displayed company logos are an assured and effective way to increase familiarity of a particular brand in the world of commercial enterprise. In addition to this, one cannot undermine the inherent value that lies in the tangible nature of a piece of paper, as in that of a pocket-sized business card. This increases the chances of the written as well as the visual information on the card getting glanced upon, as clients are more likely to come across it. Hence, that essential information gradually inculcates itself into the zeitgeist of the other party.

Why TwenT3 are the best business cards

The TwenT3 lenticular business cards are one of a kind marketing deal in the UK, providing excellent yet cost-efficient marketing pieces. Take it from me, the timeless pieces from TwenT3 can breathe new life into your business. TwenT3 provides innumerable design options from everything from custom fonts and shapes to colors, hence allowing you the maximum creative freedom to align the design of the business cards with the core values of your business. In addition, TwenT3 provides design options for the business cards unmatched by any other in the UK, such as the layered, 2 image slip and zoom effect business cards hence taking it to the next level. Furthermore, it’s exquisitely designed cards with its 3D lenticular lens are in a class by itself. There are 6 types of 3D lenticular business cards available, produced using an array of innovative lenses including the 40 LPI lens, 100 LPI lens or the 75 LPI lens. The latter being environmentally sustainable left me deeply impressed as I could see how the team behind TwenT3 are ecologically aware and hence leading the way in counteracting the negative impact of the corporate world on the environment.


Business cards continue to sustain their position as an essential marketing tool, hence adding a refreshing personal touch in today’s virtual world of business. The distinct and innovative cards provided by TwenT3 not only secure great business deals, but make the design process enjoyable.

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