Triple-Glazed Doors Installing Worth in Northern Ireland

Planning to design your NI home into a cozy and low-energy space? Well, improving the energy efficiency of your home is a challenging job. Rather it takes a lot of time, effort, and the right fenestration solutions to optimize the thermal efficacy of your living space, making it extremely low-reliant on heating or cooling systems. This is where Triple Glazing In Ni comes in.


Interestingly, triple-glazed doors and windows are gaining immense popularity among Northern Ireland homeowners. They are accredited for offering unparalleled insulation as well as heightened security. So, if you are looking for fenestration products that have highly efficient insulation properties and resistance to harsh weather conditions, triple-glazed doors and windows should be your ideal choice!


Here in this blog, we will have an in-depth discussion on why it’s worth installing triple-glazed doors and windows in NI homes. To begin with, let’s find out what triple glazing exactly refers to.


What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing refers to using three glass panes instead of one or two to manufacture a window or door product. The cavity between the glass panes is filled with an inert gas such as krypton, argon, or xenon. The main benefit of putting an extra pane lies in increased energy efficiency and reduced noise. Although double glazing offers a significant improvement over single glazing upgrading from single to double glazing involves a lot of time to pay back, particularly, in terms of thermal efficiency. That raises an important question – would bypass double for triple glazing make that much of a difference? Let’s find the answer to this in the next section of this blog.


Double Vs. Triple Glazing – Which is Better

The industry-standard measurement for comparing the energy performance of doors and windows is known as the ‘U-value’. It measures how effective a door or window material is as a heat insulator. And, the lower the U-value, the more efficient the material in terms of insulation.


U-values are calculated by dividing the heat transmission per square meter by the temperature difference across the construction. While calculating U-values, several notable research studies found that triple-glazedDoors and windows perform better than double-glazed products. Opting for triple glazing in NI homes enables the homeowners to retain a little bit more heat, making the property feel warmer.


Upgrading to triple-glazed doors and windows can offer a varied range of definite benefits in all the similar key areas as double-glazed fenestration products can. So, moving forward, let’s look closer at the merits of having triple-glazed doors and windows.


Perks of Installing Triple-Glazed Doors


1. Thermal Efficiency

Energy efficiency is undoubtedly one of the most popular features of triple-glazed doors. While double glazing made significant improvements in energy efficiency over single glazing, triple glazing has taken thermal efficiency to the next level. 


Whether you are building a new home or redesigning your existing property, triple glazing can prove to be the best solution for making your home highly energy-efficient. With an additional pane of glass than double glazing, triple-glazed doors and windows offer an extra layer of insulation to prevent heat from escaping your home.


2. Energy Savings

Needless to say, installing triple-glazed doors and windows is a great way to save energy costs. Triple glazing brings better acoustic and performance benefits to your home. No matter what material you choose – timber, aluminum, or uPVC for the doors and windows of your property, triple glazing can keep your living space comfortable and warm during the winters, with the heating on lower settings. Also, you can pick any door style for triple glazing – sliding, tilt & turn, composite, sash, bay, bi-fold, or French doors in Northern Ireland. Triple-glazed doors and windows are a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary buildings. They have outstanding energy performance and strong environmental credentials.


3. Durability and Security

While energy efficiency is an important consideration for doors and windows in Northern Ireland homes, security and durability play are equally important concerns for homeowners. Triple-glazed doors and windows feature Advanced Technology Revolution, extra stability, better thermal insulation, and soundproofing properties.


The continuous connection between the glass and frame provides additional strength to the doors, protecting the property against burglars and intruders. Similarly, the smooth finish of the frames boosts thermal efficacy and soundproofing qualities to ensure a long lifespan of the doors and windows.


Triple Glazing – Is it Worth Investment?

Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the outstanding perks of installing triple-glazed doors and windows in Northern Ireland. Unlike traditional single-glazed windows, triple-glazing in NI can reduce your energy bills, provide excellent thermal insulation during cold climates, promote warmer interiors, and prevent burglars from breaking into your property.


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