Trekking Places in India for Winter Season

Our winter routine lies in bed, wrapped in a blanket before the TV. That’s how our winters especially our winter vacation have gone year after year. I know it was not just me, who lived like this, but also many others. It wasn’t me. This isn’t our fault, however! I think it’s just that we can’t get out of our cocoons and leave these heavy covers behind to do something.


Some days ago, a long-time friend of mine asked me and this made me wonder what I was doing during this winter break. At that moment, I had no reply from my mate but I was looking for him shortly afterwards.


I don’t think you want to spend another winter tied in a blanket either. I want to make mine adventurous this December. I’ve arranged for December a list of winter treks. You can also select any of these walks and give your December an adventurous touch. For a happy adventure trip, we must pack our luggage very carefully with Winter Wear Clothes.


Winter Dodital Lake Trek

Just imagine a high-altitude lake about 1000 meters above sea level, Surrounded by powerful oak, pine, and rhododendron peaks and woods! It’s lovely, okay?! There is a lake of this kind in the state of Uttarakhand within Indian borders. The lake known as Dodital is awe-inspiring. The attractiveness of the lake inspires exciting searchers and lovers of nature.

The entire landscape, which becomes a white fairyland, is hidden by the snow in the winter. The view is certainly breathtaking in the summer, but when the cold winds fill the atmosphere this feeling becomes even more majestic.


Kedarkantha Trek

This sanctuary also shelters the endangered leopard of snow. Due to the thick snow layer covering the entire area, Kedarkantha Trek, considered very simple in summer, becomes a little harder in winter. This is why, in December, many mountaineers consider this trek the best time to do so I think you’re going for it if you too want to do adventurous things. It goes through several picturesque lakes and peaceful villages on a path to the top of Kedarkantha at about 12.500 feet above sea level. Your eyes are treated to a magical view of the Garhwal Himalayas during the trip.

The tour starts from Dehradun’s quiet hill station and takes you first to Sankri, a small town. You will have enough opportunity to encounter regional wildlife by going through Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary. This protected area spreads over a surface of 958 sq km and many other species such as the Himalayan Black Bears, Brown Bears, Bharals, and Musk Deer. This sanctuary also shelters the endangered leopard of snow.


Triund Trek

The Triund Trek is only two days away, and the weekend in the cold month of December is the ideal getaway. Even if you just go through this blog to kill time and don’t plan to hike this December or if you don’t feel like you are fit for walking, you just go on the Triund Trek and enjoy the weekend. The trek isn’t just quick, it’s also pretty fast. 


The path extends over approximately 18km to you at an altitude of just over 10,000 feet. Would you like more? This short tour combines excitement, views, culture, and sightseeing with excitement.


Pangarchulla Peak Climb

Pangarchulla Peak Climb is a thrilling and exciting rollercoaster journey. You can trek in the middle of fascinating nature, surrounded by powerful Himalayan peaks. 


You will experience a unique closeness to nature as you have never before, walking through the wondrous wilderness and gazing at sky-piercing peaks. Whenever you go on the way, just go out of your camp to see a sparkling canopy of stars above your head as you sleep at night. When you live in a polluted area, you never see such clear skies and shining stars.


Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek is suitable for beginners. Any holiday that takes you on a trip to explore the Uttarakhand mountainous landscape, to walk on sky-piercing mountains, and to meet the Himalayan people will be spent well.


A paradise, a sight of lushness, with a backdrop of the high mountain, is located in the foothills of Faté Parvat, the magnificent Har Ki Doon Valley. The trail leads you through several remote, but untouched villages in the rest of the world. Here you can mingle your way of life with local people. You can discuss how it feels like living in such a beautiful place.


You also have a view of the Jalandhar Glacier which will be charming with your pictures on Swargarohini Mountain. Were you not interested in crossing the National Park of Govind Pashu Vihar and Sanctuary of Wildlife is one of those treks? You will go through the vast nature reserve and get the opportunity to see the different animals that make this their home during this trek too.

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