Tips for Capturing Candid Clicks

1. Keep it Straightforward

Eliminating the clutter of a beach trip will give your photos a more editorial and stylized appearance. I’m not saying that you don’t bring any of your coolers and bags. You’ll need them! When it comes to capturing the perfect beach image, however, leave them out of the picture. All of the beach chairs, towels, and fun floats should be behind you or off to the side so they don’t appear in all of your photos. For a few shots, move the kids away from the gear.

To take out the clutter, zoom in or move closer if you have a lens with a longer focal length. One or two cute beach toys can be ideal, but three or more are unquestionably a crowd. Visit our website for more tips and guides on selecting the best equipment for photography and vlogging.


2. Get Sense of Direction

Do you have a vision of a beautiful beach picture that you desperately want to realize? Yes, I agree! Place your children where you want them to be and tell them exactly what you want them to do to help you build that picture. To get the shot you want, give gentle, encouraging directions.

Begin by pointing out a perfect spot on the beach with ideal lighting. Then have your group build a sandcastle there or go pick up that super cute floaty.


3. Keep Eye Out for Quiet Moment

The best beach memories aren’t necessarily made on the beach with a sand shovel or when the kids jump in the waves. Napping on the beach also results in a shot that is worthy of framing. To Get Wonderful Vacation Beach picnics, snack breaks, and all the little moments when the kids are relaxing and refueling fit into this category.


4. Sunrise and Sunset will Occur Simultaneously

Sunsets can be spectacular, which is why you see so many classic beach sunset pictures. We all enjoy the soft pastel colors that paint the sky, and we’ve all tried to catch the magic as our children run around and play. 


However, depending on the angle from which the beach faces, the sunrise can produce better images than the sunset. If the beach faces west, try photographing the “sunset” picture first thing in the morning.


5. Pay Attention to Little Details 

I enjoy zooming in on the tiny details of the beach as much as I enjoy catching the entire scene. Not only will the informative photographs help you remember how the sand felt between your toes, but they will also add variety to your beach photo collection. Pay attention to the little details and make a point of recording the ones you don’t want to forget.


6. Get Little Cheesy

Every mom/dream photographer is to get that artistic, praise-worthy picture. Since candid photos that tell a story are so common, cheesy posed images have a bad rep. 


However, now and then, a good old-fashioned stand-and-smile picture is well worth it especially if you have young children who are always on the move because capturing their sweet faces can be difficult.


7. Take Road Less Travelled

Isn’t it true that getting there is half the fun? The path leading to the beach can be just as charming and beautiful as the beach itself. Before you hit the shores, take some time to look around for that perfect spot. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful view of the sea as your backdrop. You’ve already heard it a thousand times, but there’s a reason why photographers fear the bright midday sun.


8. Even Tiniest of Things Can Have Big Impact

I frequently fill the frame with their adorable beach babe bodies. Although these photos are cute, they can start to look the same after a while. I have to remind myself to take a step back to capture the whole scene to spice up my shots. Fill the frame with more of the beach to make your kids a small part of the picture. This is a fantastic way to document your whole beach vacation.


9. Have Patience

Take a seat, unwind, and wait for the right moment. Some of my favorite beach shots were taken while no one else was paying attention to the camera. I like to sit back and watch my kids play from a safe distance.


10. Contemplating Situation

Forcing a sweet, playful moment usually results in anger, tears, and camera resentment. Try taking a step back and contemplating the situation. You’ll be able to see the magic unfold in front of your eyes and will be more prepared to catch the camera when the time comes. Summer Will be Here before we know it, and I’m sure several of you have already begun planning your beach vacations. 

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