Why Not Lose Weight Even After A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will ensure that your body is getting the nutrients from different types of foods to maintain a healthy body. You might be including healthy foods like.

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Lean proteins
  • Nuts

And avoiding – High fat, high sugar, high carb, and highly processed foods.

Yes, it is a nutritious diet, but a well-balanced diet should also calculate how many calories you need (based on your sex, age, physical activity, etc.,).

How much of it should come from carbohydrates, protein, and fat 9this again depends on the factors mentioned above).

Eating too much healthy food also results in a similar effect on your weight as junk food.


A Well-Balanced Diet

The internet is filled with 100s and 1000s of diet types and generic Protein-Packed Breakfast Balanced Diet charts when you want to start with a healthy diet. 

And even more number of blogs telling you what to eat and what to avoid, but we all know that there would be 100s of readers who are going to read those blogs.

But, are all those 100s of readers identical? Definitely No.

So, it may work for a few but not for all, because Diet is similar to your clothes. It is never a “One size fits all”.


What could be Different for you?

Well, there are various factors like your age, sex, gender, and physical activity that determine how much you actually need. 

And there are also certain factors like Inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and lifestyle conditions that can prevent you from losing those extra kilos.

Inflammation occurs within the body as a response to an infection or other threats, acute inflammation (short term) subsides in a few days, but chronic inflammation (present in the body for the long term).

can cause health complications, resulting in lifestyle conditions like diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, also increase your weight and prevent weight loss.

It can be caused due to chronic stress, exposure to chemicals including food additives and environmental pollution, and Nutritional Health Interfering deficiencies like Low Vitamin D levels, Vitamin B12 levels, etc.

Apart from this your existing conditions like diabetes, PCOD, etc., could also prevent weight loss unless they are taken care of first.

So, now you must be clear that a generic plan that you might be following, was not curated based on your requirement. 


How to Lose Weight in Right Way?

Identify with the support of an expert(Nutritionist) what is your caloric needs, and what the hindrance to attaining your goals.

Try to figure out what type of foods are suiting for you and create a personalized diet for yourself, rather than following any Fad diets.


Customized Nutrition Plan

The difference between the online or self-made balanced diet and a customized nutrition plan is, it is tailor-made for your unique needs Best Nutritionist in Bangalore.  

The best nutritionist in Bangalore says a Nutrition plan curated for you will have a very calculative approach to the number of calories you should eat, and how much of it should come from carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 

This ensures that you are not eating more than what is required and thus enables you to Lose Weight Naturally.

It is also planned to meet your daily requirement of protein, which is very crucial to lose fat and maintain healthy muscle in your body.

In a customized nutrition plan, your blood parameters are analyzed to identify your nutritional deficiencies. 

Apart from causing a symptomatic and asymptomatic imbalance in body functions, nutrient deficiencies are also found to contribute to weight gain, low energy levels, etc.

There are also blood parameters that serve as a marker to identify inflammation levels and risk of other lifestyle conditions like diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, stress, etc.

A well-planned customized nutrition plan should be created based on these parameters to reduce the risk and solve the problem from the roots, to get sustainable weight loss and improved holistic health.


How to Make a Customized Nutrition Plan

Reach your goal! Yes, we don’t want to compromise on that, but what else can you get.

It need not be a fancy elaborate meal all the time (unless you ask for it), it can be very well managed from what you are eating now, to make the diet plan sustainable and doable. However, it is created based on your preference, food intolerances (if any), and other lifestyle factors. 

It is also structured based on scientific studies to keep your metabolic rate up and high (that helps in burning the extra kilos), the meals are planned for every 2 – 3 hours once, keeping in mind your total calorie needs, and other factors.

In spite of how the general public assumes it to be, diet is nothing but a lifestyle, so you do not have to force yourself on something that you don’t like. And we all know that we are more likely to stick to the plan that we enjoy.

A customized Nutrition Plan for Weight loss assists you in developing healthy sustainable eating habits and makes you understand which foods are suiting you and which are not. And above all, it will make you feel more energetic and healthy while you are meeting your weight loss goals.

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