How to Build Your Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media

How to Build Your Powerful Personal Brand on Social Media

The growing popularity and importance of social media have made it a strong medium to use for building your authority and connecting with your targeted audience in a better way. However, in order to gain the best benefits out of your personal branding exercises on social media platforms, you need to keep some important things in mind. In this blog we will discuss some actionable and effective tips to use social media for establishing yourself as an influencer and a trusted authority:

According to Wikipedia:

“Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.”


Maintain Consistency

The first thing is to maintain uniformity and consistency. It helps in establishing the genuineness of your account and building trust among the people. For that, you need to use the same profile across all your social media channels.

  • You might use some stylistic differences to align with different social media channels but ensure that the vital points remain the same.
  • It is also a good practice to maintain a specific file for multiple profile descriptions on different social media channels as it will help you in reviewing different profiles easily, noticing the differences and quickly making required corrections.


Use Images and Videos

A picture is better than a thousand words. It might be an old saying but hasn’t lost its relevance yet. If you go through the social media platforms you would notice that most of the posts that attract a better engagement rate use beautiful and relevant photos supporting their content.

  • In fact, you can even make your posts all the more interactive by using well-produced videos with a crisp script and quick deliverables.
  • It will not only attract better engagement but will allow entertain the audience and capture their attention in a better way.
  • Videos also provide you with a better, more direct way to put across your point.


Automate the Things

A good amount of time is spent on activities like scheduling posts or managing various accounts. It leaves you with less time to take more creative and value-added decisions.

  • It is a good practice to use the latest automation tools for automating such tasks.
  • It will help you in spending less time and efforts posting and managing your content across different platforms.
  • You can use the saved bandwidth towards building the traffic and enhancing the impact of your posts. It will accelerate the speed and gain more out for your efforts in a relatively less period of time.


Don’t Undermine The Importance of Less Known Networks

While Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the unchallenged brands on the social media landscape, you cannot neglect the importance of other channels as well. In fact, there are a number of less-known professional networks that concentrate on a specific industry or serve the interests of a special fraction of society.

  • Such platforms can be a great way to connect better with your niche community or clients and enjoy more concentrated benefits with relatively fewer efforts.
  • Those professional networks aren’t overloaded with lots of general interest posts that help you get a better opportunity to be noticed.
  • Besides, these networks are used by serious users with definite goals and objectives that can eventually help you achieve specific RoI out of your endeavours.


Use Diverse Formats

While the text is an integral part of any social media message you also need to keep in mind that different formats leave a different impact on the mind of your audience. In simple words, using the more and diverse format of your social media posts will enhance the impact; increase the opportunities and strengthening your brand proposition.

  • For instance, you can use Instagram for images and life stories while flicker is the best medium for sharing images.
  • If you want to use video formats (Which is highly recommendable) then YouTube is the best channel for connecting with the targeted audience as it is widely popular among people who love interactive media.
  • Likewise, you can use Slideshare to share your awesome presentation’s slides with the global audience.


Align With Varying Tastes of Your Audience

One of the best ways to connect with your targeted audience is to align with their varying moods, objectives and time restrictions. For that, you should strategically choose diverse channels to suit your varying needs, schedule, and objectives.

  • For instance, you can use Twitter for short, crisp and quick messages as well as updates.
  • Likewise, LinkedIn can be used for connecting with industry leaders and professional audience and posting industry news, updates and insights.
  • Facebook is unarguably the medium that can be used for multiple formats, lengths, and objectives-right from posting brief content to live videos, events, and webinars.


Link Multiple Social Media Accounts

It is also important to wisely link your multiple social media channels in order to boost the overall efficiency of your personal branding endeavours and widen your reach. It is not difficult to link your multiple social media accounts.

  • For instance, the Linkedin account allows you to display a Twitter feed that keeps your LinkedIn audience updated about your latest activities on Twitter.
  • Likewise, there is also a provision to display your blog feed on LinkedIn that increases your opportunities to establish your subject authority and connect better with the audience while leaving a long-lasting impact on their minds.


Quality is The USP of Your Personal Branding Activities

While it is a good thing to use diverse platforms and formats you need to keep in mind that they are just the mediums for connecting with people but the soul of the whole social media activity is your own credentials and content quality. If your content lacks quality then even the best social media platforms and tactics won’t help you much.

  • So, it is best to invest some time in reviewing your profile and strengthening your qualifications and learning the art of writing and connecting with people.
  • Likewise some times it could be better to be a little patient and boost your social media endeavours only after strengthening your real profile by profile by enhancing your qualifications and gaining better credentials.


Show Your Humanity

As human beings, your audience is more likely to connect with those who respect humanity. In fact, even professional networks like LinkedIn are used for uploading content that highlights positive human characteristics like helping others or offering gratitude. It will also help you achieve better respect in the industry.

  • For instance, you can contribute to specific social causes or involve yourself in varied philanthropy activities.
  • Make it a point to create engaging content around such activities supported with the help of interactive media like event photos and videos.
  • It will not only inspire others but also help to establish you as a socially committed authority.


Use Social Media for Better Customer Service

A large number of progressive companies use social media as a strong medium to offer better customer services to their clients in real-time. Unlike opening tickets or sending emails the clients find it easier to connect with the customer service quickly via their social media channels.

  • It also reduces the operational load by reducing the clerical jobs associated with the documentation of tickets, email communication, etc.
  • Also, social media is a more personal way to connect with your clients instead of compelling them to go through the hassles of visiting your site, opening a ticket, etc.


Don’t Oversell Yourself

Personal branding does not necessarily mean overloading all your entire social media with posts that only talk about your personal brand. Instead of attracting any positive response it will irritate the audience and does more harm than good. In order to connect better with the audience and keep them engaged, you should have a healthy portion of user-friendly posts that are relevant to your expertise. In fact, you can use it as a subtle method to build your personal branding.

  • For instance, the financial consultants can impart practical knowledge about how to strategically plan expensive purchases (house, car etc.) without disturbing the budget- something that would be appreciated by the audience with a limited budget and gain wide popularity.
  • Make sure to keep such posts as specific, relevant and unique as possible and use a relaxed conversational writing style to make a quick connection with the readers.



Social media is the best way to establish your personal identity and can help you a great way of building and enhancing your personal brand. However, for optimal results, you need to adopt the best social media tactics and a streamlined strategy. In this blog we have discussed some of the best actionable tips to strategically use social media for building, maintaining and enhancing your personal branding. By wisely implementing these tips the readers can enjoy better returns out of their personal branding activities in less period of time.

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