Why you need the Mobile Tracker App for your Kids?

Why you need the Mobile Tracker App for your Kids?

The upbringings of kids are more difficult as compare to the previous time. In the current era, the existence of new devices and technology is emerging more than past. People are more connected to others and want to know all about others through digital devices. 

In modern times, parents are bound to facilitate the kids with the latest smart devices and engaged themselves with cell phones for different concerns. Kids are more obsessed to use the latest devices and spend most of the day with mobile phones. 

The excessive use of digital devices is leading the kids to some serious issues like pornography, sexting, cyberbullying, and online predators. 


Mobile tracker and kid’s safety 

The cell phone is considering one of the popular devices in the present time. It connects people on a large scale from anywhere. But when kids use mobile they might involve in some serious troubles because they don’t know the outcomes of the excessive usage of cell phone internet and having social media profiles. They just take it as a fun and entertaining source. 

Mobile tracker app allows users to track the live location, call logs, saved contact, browsing history, social media accounts, SMS, media gallery, and all of the other functions of a mobile phone.   

Parents use the mobile tracking app to protect the kids from online dangers that are the cause of some serious troubles. Parents always try to do something to save the kids from any harm. 


Statics of using mobile phone and kid’s safety

Mobile phones are the cause of some online risks for kids these days. 

90% of young kids are using smart devices.

23% of young teens face cyberbullying while using cell phones.

32% of young teens and 68% of kids involved in pornography and explore adult content.


Parents need to know the kid’s online activities 

As already mentioned the cell phone has become an essential part of our daily life but that has been some serious problem with the excessive use by kids but most parents are unaware of kid’s online activities.

Here mention some serious issues while using digital devices. 


Pornography and sexting

Most of the kids involved in some vulnerable activities they might involve sexting and share unwanted material with their friends as fun. These activities may be a serious risk for a kid’s healthy upbringing. Parents should aware of all online activities of the kids. 


Behavioural change

Kids always want to use the latest devices without supervision and anyone’s involvement with their devices. But use digital gadgets without any restriction change the kid’s behaviour they become stubbing and do not follow their parents.


Health issues

Digital devices provide some benefits also cause some serious issues. Too much time spent with the latest devices is the cause of bad health problems. Kids may suffer depression, anxiety, loneliness, and some other issues. 


Solution of the excessive screening 

Parents always try their best to the growth of kids in the present time when digital devices are more commonly used and everyone can access them with people.

Use TheOneSpy is the best cell phone tracker to protect the kids from upcoming danger. 


The best cell phone tracker

TheOneSpy android spy is known as a monitoring application that helps to spy on all online activities of kids. Parents can easily access the kid’s digital devices secretly just with the help of this monitoring application. It helps parents to protect the kids from the harmful effects of excessive use of mobile.


Features of mobile monitoring application

Call recording 

It helps to know all calls of the targeted device even the coming and outgoing calls and also able to record the live call of the targeted cell phone. 


SMS monitoring

It is beneficial to know the all send or received text, MS of the targeted mobile device. it makes able to Parents can read all SMS, text of their kid’s cell phone remotely. 


Photos/ media gallery

Through the help of cell phone monitoring application parents able to spy the photos, videos and come to know the mobile gallery of the targeted phone. 


Internet browsing history 

It helps parents to know all about the mobile activities and also know the internet history of their kid’s phone remotely. 


At present time the one spy mobile monitoring application overcomes the parent’s worries related to their kids.

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