A Medical Student Need To Study Hard For Admission In A Highly Ranked Med School

A Medical Student Need To Study Hard For Admission In A Highly Ranked Med School

Students pursuing the field of medicine have to consider many factors in selecting the med school just right for them. It is a tricky aspect as some students are not even sure exactly what to look for in a med school. There are different factors that students go for. Some like to study in a huge campus having a host of sports facilities too, some go for a med school which is located nearest to their home and some look for the cheapest tuition fee as not many can afford the exorbitant fees you need to pay in order to study medicine.

The rankings of any educational institute play a pivotal role in making sure it gets students in hordes. Many students think of rankings as the ultimate way to find a med school as they religiously believe in them. There are many things that they need to understand as some aspects are really tough to understand for an average student. This blog is aimed at this aspect so that students can understand this quite clearly.


Usefulness And Accuracy Of The Rankings

Rankings for any purpose can’t be made in a short span of time as years of data is required to calculate and tabulate rankings. For making sure that a ranking is done right and every aspect worth considering has been taken into account, the use of different methodologies is critical. That’s why there are a number of reasons that this process can easily go wrong as the accuracy of rankings is based on several factors. These are both internal and external ones and hence the people who are at the helm of affairs in this concern have to balance on a tight rope.

After all the above-mentioned analysis of how rankings are done, you must be thinking that there are no further complications. No is the answer here. Confusions and objections start to arise as soon as any ranking is launched online or in a magazine/newspaper. There are a number of reasons as lack of consensus among different med schools and there, sometimes, the open fight turns ugly leaving students baffled as to what to think of the rankings and the fight among the med schools. That’s one reason medical school rankings can be really tough to tabulate and even difficult to understand clearly.

In rankings, even all the top medical schools feel they deserve more attention pertaining to a certain aspect. Or an aspect should have been highlighted and that’s why they give a thumbs down to the rankings and students also look puzzled as to whether to see the rankings as something really authentic or not.


Rankings Do More Harm Than Good In Most Cases

If you have an idea about the rankings that the top-ranked med schools always score high in terms of getting the attention of a maximum number of students in a particular region and hence unprecedented popularity among students, then you are wrong. It is like a double-edged sword as these rankings offer them more harm than good. Whether a ranking for any Caribbean medical school, for example, has been done perfectly to the core or not, such med schools always look at the ranking as lacking something or the other. In short, no one is happy with the rankings and hence the whole purpose of offering rankings to all the stakeholders hold no real purpose.

While rankings create intense competition in many med schools. Especially in various countries around the world like the US, UK, Canada and the Caribbean islands where many students go to study, we have always witnessed some great rivalry among them. But this should be a healthy rivalry and not a bitter one. When the rankings downgrade a certain aspect of a med school, the other one cashes onto it and can make things pretty ugly when a med school decides to blow this out of proportion.

After all the discussion above, I am sure that all of my readers must have an idea now that they don’t need to take rankings religiously. There are some departments of a med school, for example, which are glorified to no end but that particular med school, on a whole didn’t get even an average ranking. This poses serious questions about the very system on which rankings are based.

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