6 Best LinkedIn Tools to Boost Your Business

LinkedIn is known as a great networking forum. You can network with other business owners and employees. You can find great resumes and competent candidates for the jobs you may have. That’s common knowledge about LinkedIn. But, most people are unaware of the actual potential that this platform has.

Being an entrepreneur, I never thought of LinkedIn as a platform that can boost my business. But after leveraging the business tools, I witnessed that my business achieved new heights in networking, hiring, marketing, and most importantly; selling. And I was able to bring this massive change to my business using just two things, my WOW Internet and a valid LinkedIn profile. 

Over time, LinkedIn has introduced a variety of business tools, which can help keep you on top of your marketing and selling a game. LinkedIn doesn’t do a great job when it comes to surfacing these tools for you to discover and leverage them. Therefore, to remedy this, let’s explore these business tools, apps, and solutions, which LinkedIn offers. 


Top 6 LinkedIn Tools to Leverage for Business

  1. Company Pages
  2. Sales Navigator
  3. Showcase Pages
  4. Ads and Display Advertising
  5. LinkedIn Ads
  6. Talent Solutions


Company Pages

Having a company page on LinkedIn will allow you to promote your brand effectively. You will have a valid intro as a company and your niche should be effectively defined. You can build better connections with your customers, peers, job seekers, and prospects.

You can also extend the company pages with career and showcase pages to get hold of better opportunities.


Sales Navigator

You can convert your passive and inactive LinkedIn profile into an active social selling machine using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This solution will facilitate you with:

  • Lead recommendations.
  • Account import.
  • Contact import.
  • Advanced search using Lead Builder.
  • CRM sync or Salesforce.
  • Account pages.
  • To measure your business efforts, you have an index dashboard for social selling.
  • Real-time updates.

The Lead Builder allows accessing as many as 400 million updated professional profiles. 


Showcase Pages

Bring your business to the spotlight using showcase pages. This will enhance your main company page. Whether it is a business unit, a brand, or a startup, you can improve your page using showcase pages. This will enable you to create a page for different aspects of your business. These pages will have audience segments and messages of their own. When you link your profile to the showcase pages, they will appear on your company page’s right column.


Ads and Display Advertising

Did you know that LinkedIn offers three types of advertising? The third type is Display Advertising and it is different from the other two. It allows you to get exposure to your leads. And that’s both on and off LinkedIn. By using this powerful method, you can extend your advertising reach exponentially.


LinkedIn Ads

Make use of LinkedIn Ads. Use both Text ads and promotional ads. You will be able to target your audience better using both. Use filters to do it.


Text Ads

Know about Google’s pay-per-click advertising? It is similar to that. You set a budget and bid for it.


Promotional Ads

These ads are more like native advertisements. They appear on the home page stream of the targeted prospect on both, mobile devices and computers.


Talent Solutions

Hiring is essentially an on-going process for any business. If you hire resources on regular bases and are in need of new staff, leverage LinkedIn talent solutions. It offers a robust suite of opportunities for you to take advantage of.



It enables you to view as well as contact anyone on LinkedIn. You can rely on LinkedIn Recruiter to help you actively search for relevant talent. For talent acquisition, it uses 20 filters, which are recruiting-specific.


Job Slots

For huge companies and organizations, listing job roles over the year becomes a hassle. Take advantage of LinkedIn Job Slots to list your jobs. It is an economical way of doing it. Without having to pay any additional charges, you can use a job slot to post a job list again and again.

Also, you can see the job slot listing being featured on:

  • The career page of your company.
  •  Jobs homepage.
  • In the section “Job you might be interested in”.

Whether the users are active or passive, the job offer will reach them anyway.


Recruiter Lite and Job Posts.

For businesses, which hire less frequently, “Recruiter Lite” on LinkedIn is helpful. You can also take advantage of LinkedIn Job Posts for a one-time job listing.


Career Pages

Utilize the “careers” tab to enhance your company page on LinkedIn. You can emphasize your history, culture, and goals using this very feature. You can establish yourself as a quality employer brand. 

Also, take advantage of referrals. They also facilitate the hiring process. I was able to hire more than 50 candidates for my company by only using one of my WOW packages and LinkedIn talent solutions.

Good luck!

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