Top SEO Metrics to Measure your Link-Building

SOE metrics are an amazing addition to SEO strategy as it helps to track progress, ROI, and so many other things through different activities. When it comes to the most important aspects of Affordable SEO Services, backlink building is among the most influential activities.

As there are so many metrics that we can use in link building, choosing the best and the most efficient ones often become overwhelming. To help you get started with it, we have got you covered with the best SEO metrics that you can use in link building and get the maximum out of it.

We all know that link building is not an easy activity due to several newly-rolled updates from Google and search engines. Thus, before you go ahead to make a backlink for your domain, check these factors to ensure your link-building activities are going in the right direction.

Growth Trends of New Referring Domains

It sounds obvious but only a few people pay closer attention to these metrics and leave a lot of money on the table. You have to pay keen attention to the number of referring domains that your website acquired month over month.

It’s a simple yet powerful and result-driven metric that lets you determine whether your link-building efforts are in the right direction. One thing you need to understand is that overnight backlink success and generating thousands of Referring Domains in a Short Period are not suitable for your part as you might end up attracting low-quality or spam links that will bring no benefits to you. 

Building a higher number of referring domains is a gradual process and you have to be patient while dealing with it. Building a high and respected backlink profile is a long-term game and you should prepare a long-term strategy to play this game.

Domain extensions are easy for E-Commerce Link-Building, especially for online stores and businesses.

If we look at the suggested link-building way, you might be spending a couple of initial months building relationships in the community. It’s important that you build a positive relationship in the community by genuinely helping others and spreading knowledge. It’s the most effective way to grow our referring domain month-over-month. So, it’s recommended that you spend a good two to three months building relationships and it won’t take much time to attract quality links.


Improve Google Search Rankings

The next and among the most important metric that you should use for tracking backlinks performance is keywords Ranking On Google. We spend a lot of time finding good domains and creating backlinks for our website, right? Then why not track their performance to see if these backlinks are generating traffic and ranking or not.

Google Search Console looks like the only place to track this progress, however, you need to keep in mind that it doesn’t show the exact numbers but an average position. So, you need to use a third-party tool to track this progress. You can use Semrush to Find The Actual Ranking of your website’s page based on the backlinks you’ve made.

Using Semrush, you can track and also set alerts if the ranking or traffic drops for a specific keyword. It’s an ideal tool if you are aggressively focusing on link-building. Check how much traffic your backlinks brought in the last 30 days and compare it with what you’ve expected. If the numbers are matching, that’s great. On the other side, if you see your efforts are not bringing the required results, you might need to revisit your strategy.

With this, you should be comparing the number of referring websites your page has with the numbers for pages that are currently outperforming you.


Organic Traffic Growth

Organic traffic is the primary reason we are working so hard and going after the quality backlinking process. You need to ensure that your website’s organic traffic should grow gradually and give your website a healthy push in domain authority. 

You can use both Google Analytics and Search Console to track active organic traffic on your website which is helping you grow among the competitors. Based on how competitive your domain is, it might take between 3 to 12 months to hone the top rankings and dominate the niche. However, it also depends on how much effort you put that what strategy you leverage to drive organic traffic.

Content is the best way to Increase Organic Traffic in Google ranking.

The best way to grow organic traffic and ranking is to create content that will attract backlinks in a natural manner without being pushy. It will for sure boost the rankings along with growing your reputation in the respective niche.

Final Thoughts

These are the top three metrics that you can use and outgrow your competitors with link building. Make sure you put consistent efforts in the right direction. If you’ve just launched a website, it will take anywhere around 3 months to 12 or 15 months to get positive results, but they are all worth it.

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