Key Fashion Rules for Skinny Men

So you’re a skinny dude who wants to look strong and buff. You’ve come to the right place. People may tell you to work on your body hit the gym and eat more. But if you’re working on it but your crazy fast metabolism and stressful lifestyle just make it harder for you to gain weight and build muscles, you could use a quick fix to look better: fashion. There are times when skinny guys like you don’t want to come up as thin and fashion magazine-ready you want to come up as lean and a bit more muscular. With the right clothing, you can look bigger, stronger, and more appealing.


Check Out These 8 Fashion Tips


1. Wear Long-Sleeve Shirts

Think about skipping your favorite tee every once in a while and going for dress shirts, sweaters, long-sleeve button-downs, and polos. According to Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style, “Going for long-sleeved shirts works by matching the color of your arms with the color of your torso. That looks better than fully exposing your arms. Showing a contrast of your arms with your torso makes your arms look skinnier.


Other tips for wearing long sleeves:

  • Leave a little room allowance. Don’t wear sleeves that are too tight, which highlights your thin arms, or too loose, which gives a baggy impression, 
  • If you need to roll them up, make sure you don’t go above the elbow. 
  • Want to wear short sleeves It’s okay as long as they’re not too loose, making your arms look like twigs. The room should be just right for the arms to fill. 


2. Pay Attention to Small Details

The small details on your top could help add structure to your look. Next to your go-to paddings, there are other ways to augment your body. 


  • Shoulders – Make sure your shoulder seam is sitting at the edge of the shoulder, not past the edge. You may also look for epaulets on your Shirts and Jackets to help build up your shoulders.
  • Neck – Build up your thin neck with collars. For sweaters and jackets, you may look for zip necks, stand-up and shawl collars, and funnel necks. 
  • Chest – Double pockets on your chest part to help bulk up your chest.


3. Blazers, Coats, Jackets Your Best Buds

Wearing jackets is one of the best ways to make you look beefier while injecting style and structure, for a formal or smart casual look, layer with clean-lined coats and double-breasted suits like sports jackets, suit jackets, and blazer jackets. For a more laidback setting and streetwear clothing, go for a trucker or Sweatshirts By MacMiller and a corduroy jacket. These will instantly give your shoulders, chest, arms, and back, an instant boost. If it’s cut to fit you well, the jacket will also help slim your waist and accentuate the chest when you close it.


4. Layer Like Boss

Piling up on layers is another great technique. The rule of thumb is to go from the thinnest layer to the thickest. Start with a thin and light base layer, like a comfy undershirt. Add something a little thicker for your second layer, like a knitted sweater or open shirt. Top it off with something robust, like a nice coat or jacket.

Just make sure not to overdo it. Besides drowning in your sweat, you may also counteract the desired appearance you’re going for.


5. Nail Fit

Follow the general fashion rule don’t wear something too tight or too loose. Over-sized, billowing clothes are comfy but they’re not going to fool everyone that you’re bigger – they will only make you look frail and emphasize what you lack. Going for a body-hugging shirt, on the other hand, will only heighten your skinny stature. The same goes for your jeans. Neither super skinny jeans nor relaxed, baggy trousers will work for you. Instead, go for the regular skinny or slim straight-cut jeans.


6. Use Size-Enhancing Textiles

Opt for heavier fabrics, especially for your bottoms and outer layers. Some of the best fabrics are denim, tweed, flannel, glen check, and corduroy. You want to add a bit of depth and texture to your body so go ahead and use them for your trousers and jackets.


7. Go for Horizontal Lines

Fashion experts suggest plus-size men avoid wearing clothes with horizontal lines because it will make them look wider- but since you’re going for a bulkier look anyway, you can take advantage of this trick.


If you want to build up your upper torso, wear something with horizontal lines, like a sweater with a few stripes on those areas, to draw attention to your chest and shoulders. You may also see sweaters with shoulder patches.

8. Play with Colors Patterns

Try to avoid wearing dark colors, as they are known for their trimming effect. Instead, play with lighter ones like white, beige, cream, and pastels. Plus, light colors allow you to show off what little muscle definition you have.


Skinny men also have the advantage of looking great in clothing with loud and busy patterns. Do you have any tips for looking leaner and more muscular Let us know in the comments below.

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