10 Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2021

10 Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2021

Youtube is the second largest search engine (for videos) after its parent, Google. In a single day, about 5 billion videos and 300 hours of videos are uploaded, it is a staggering statistic to digest. This information gives an insight into the number of active users watching videos on Youtube on a day-to-day basis.

The cut-throat competition to be the best in your genre is evident. It is very important for a  YouTuber with an existing audience to maintain engagement with them along with growing. Anyone can be a host for the YouTube video like vloggers, small-local business companies, creative artists, photographers, and the list is endless. Each of them aims to reach a broader audience.

The demand for online videos has significantly taken over live TV. The number of tools available to extend to a broader audience is also continually increasing.

The two prominent ways to get maximum people to view your video are:

  • Quality content
  • More exposure to the audience

Moreover, a few things should be kept in mind while uploading videos on Youtube. The foremost is having a purpose. Often a video fails to entice its audience because it is directionless. Secondly, put up some quality content as opposed to quantity. Uploading videos at fixed schedules just for the sake of it is going to work the opposite of progress for you. Always keep in mind the prime goal, i.e. to brand your business in the video. Always associate a link to your business website/blog in your video.

In this blog, we talk about some great tools available online that are not only easy but of great assistance in making a captivating and fruitful video on Youtube.


Tubular Insights

Tubular Insights tracks video content from all devices and platforms from across the globe. Then, it breaks down these videos by trends. It performs analysis and gives out tips, trends, and predictions about what your target audience market expects from you on social media. It gives access to know more about your audience.

As the name suggests, it gives an experiential insight and guidance to grow your channel. It is excellent for entry-level Vloggers as well as the ones looking for innovation. Tubular Insights for YouTube is a peek into the most relevant and trending content. This insight is like a gem of information for YouTubers that are researching for newer content in their video logs.



Transcribe popular videos in multiple languages. If you’re targeting users present in different countries and speak other languages, Transcribe can help increase your chances of ranking higher even if multi-language searches are performed.

This software has some in-built tools with the following functionalities:

  • Automatic Transcriptor: It converts any audio file into text within minutes.
  • Accurate dictation: Convert speech to text. It saves a lot of time taken for typing. It supports languages like English, French, Spanish and Hindi, including many other European and Asian Languages.
  • Slow Down Audio: Often developing great content requires extraordinary efforts. In cases where the audio is too fast-paced for you, the Transcribe tool helps you to slow it down, rewind/forward specific seconds, timestamping, etc.

With more and more use of this software, it will become an inevitable part of your YouTube video creation process.



VidIQ actively tracks the video views and the watch time of the audience. This tracking gives a statistic dwell time of visitors on the video in general. This generates information as to what genre of videos are trending and well-received by the audience.

VidIQ and YouTube are certified-partners. Thus the tracking for YouTube is authentic and reliable. This helps in increasing the organic traffic to your video. VidIQ is like a YouTube SEO Extension that has a powerful keyword research tool. It has some competitive and intelligent YouTube tools like comment management and influencer identification.



After posting a video, in order to establish yourself as a known YouTuber, it is necessary to deliver quality content every single time. The ultimate success depends on consistent and relevant content. BuzzSumo is one such tool that can help you tap the most trending content on social media as per your field of interest.

Besides, it can be used as a reference to understand the scenario of the market and the general state of the audience as to what works and what is not accepted. They also have regular blogging for the most trending topics that help you formulate video content based on their piece of content.



Video editing is a prominent aspect of video creation. Minor changes like transition, colour correction, editing the audio, adding animation, and graphics can have a significant impact on your audience. It establishes a connection with your audience as your content will have clarity and will be more presentable.

Filmora Video Editor is a step-by-step guide to creating a  captivating video. Not only does it have tutorials for creating videos, but it also has various alternatives and tips for editing YouTube videos. The Filmora website covers different devices by multiple versions of the same product.

Filmora has many opportunities for new learners. For students, it is available at an affordable price of $7.99 per month. It has custom packages for families and businesses. It is a single solution to all your video-related queries at an affordable price.



In the world of social media, co-existence is beneficial. Various social media platforms, when co-ordinated in the right way, deliver fruitful results. To perform this mammoth task in an optimum manner requires a reliable tool. Woobox is one such tool that can be used to re-purpose your video content.

Woobox is a one-stop for creating campaigns that include giveaways, contests, forms, quizzes, polls, and winner pickers. These are the attractive methods that will make your YouTube channel a responsive one.

Among many other features, Woobox allows you to put up all your YouTube videos on a single Facebook tab. This integration is a great way to cover a wider audience. Not only do you get more viewers, the chances that these viewers convert into potential customers is also a generated possibility in the case of a business.

For regular vloggers, a strong fan base that recommends more people by word of mouth to your channel is an achievement in itself.



As per a report on YouTube, 90% of their best-performing videos have custom thumbnails.  It is the first thing that a user would view related to your video. It is necessary that it should be inviting. A thumbnail is usually such that it gives an idea about the things covered in your video.

They are meant to capture the user’s attention. Canva is a powerful tool to help you create a customized thumbnail for your video.

You can upload your images and layouts to design your video with Canva. Besides a free trial of a month, it is available at a very affordable price of $9.95 per month. Canva infographics are very easy to build and effective. Canva is all about improving the aesthetics of your video. It can become a key in making a clean-cut thumbnail for your video.


Agora Pulse

Any YouTube video is successful because its content resonates with the viewers. Creating a single dashboard that gathers information about important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on your various social media accounts. This will connect you to your audience’s frame of mind.

“What the user wants?”- A YouTuber who has the answer to this question can surely be successful. Agora Pulse is a unique social media management tool for this sole purpose. Its features like recycling general comments and generating an alert whenever your brand is mentioned make it impressive to use.

 One can term  Agora Pulse as a “Manager” of the YouTube channel. You can rest assured as there is a surety that you shall not miss even a single comment on your video. Moreover, it allows for the scheduled posting. After the 28 days free trial, AgoraPulse is available at as low as $39 for beginner level.


Keyword Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a great tool to determine keyword search volume for free, CPC(cost per click) and competition data on YouTube. Cost per click gives a clear idea about Pay per click (PPC). It is an analysis of whether you are overpaying for each action of the viewer. It is fruitful in calculating the actual ROI- Return on Investment.

This tool is available in the form of a browser add-on. You can directly copy the list of keywords and generate an excel, CSV and Pdf file. The competition data is a gauge of the number of advertisers advertising with a specific keyword on Google Adwords.

Thus all this information, in conclusion, is a set of complete analysis for useful video on YouTube.


Google Trends

Maximum Exposure to the audience is the goal of all YouTube videos. A tool that tells you where your target audience is or what is the best way to create your video for an audience present in a particular geographical area is now available.

Google Trends has emerged as an inspiration toolbox with the feature of “YouTube Search Results.” It has expert traffic analysis based on geography, popularity, and fixed time frame. Including such popular keyword searches in your video as a tag helps you crawl up in searches naturally.

Google trend has a list of keywords, the related search volume, and the trending searches.

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