Gifts for Loved One’s Birthday

On this special day, it is mandatory to arrange a special surprise for your loved one. Relationships are bond of love and affection which needs to be watered by drops of care and investment every time. A birthday is one such occasion which needs special care. When it is a birthday the first question which crosses the mind is how to arrange for a surprise. Every birthday is special in itself But what is even more interesting is that the 30th Birthday Becomes even more important.


If not surprise or surprise arrangement for the evening is a must. This answer is catered to by the white range of gifts and products available by this website OyeGifts. It has every article needed for a grand celebration. From cakes to flowers, gifts, and daily essentials, everything is available.  It provides the best facility for the fastest delivery of the products. The gifts are sent on the same day when you will place the order and they can be ordered to any place in India. The wide variety of gifts available are.


Personalize Coffee Mug

Gifting something that is customized by the image of the person brings a different essence to the gift. This coffee mug is white and is personalized by the image of your choice. Inside this, a single-layer bamboo plant is kept. Delicious chocolates from Ferrero Rocher are also a part of the gift.


Birthday Cushion

This is a special question that is plain and simple with the Happy Birthday message written upon it. The white background contains a happy birthday message written along with decorative flowers and balloons printed along the side. The decoration is multi-colored. A bamboo plant planted inside a pot is sent along with a box of 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.


Scented Glass

A room full of fragrance is one of the best things one can get. When a person returns from the office it is the hidden desire to receive a warm welcome in a cosy, warm, comfortable room full of sweet scents. In this gift, we have four jars, a type of glass that is filled with fragrance material. When it is lit it will emit the scent.



Receiving chocolates is fun. This is a special gift that provides treats of chocolate. The chocolate is arranged in two stories. The outer layer is the one that is present at the base and the upper portion is a bit small. The entire gift is tied with the help of ribbons in a multi-knot bow. This double-story chocolate treat is created by a mixture of dairy milk, 5-star, and KitKat.


Plate of Dry Fruit

You can send a combination of gifts which includes a lovely Red roses bouquet along with a big greeting card where you can write your emotional message for your loved one. At last, this combination contains a beautiful platter with contains four varieties of dry fruits. It includes Kaju(cashew), badam(almonds), pistachios (pista), and kishmish (raisins). This is a lovely combination which can be easily given to your friends and relatives on their birthdays.


Apple Day

Apples are life saviour fruit which is generally recommended by doctors. It is often said that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. This wooden cane basket has two rows of apples along with three rows of dairy milk chocolates. It is a perfect combination with you can gift on birthdays, anniversaries, and on all occasions. This is best for elders or when it is the birthday of someone from the office.


Glory of Lily

Lily flowers look pretty. This flower symbolizes the feeling of peace and enthusiasm at the same time. This bouquet is prepared with roses and fresh lilies. This bouquet is a combination of pink and white wrapped in a baby pink sheet of cellophane. A perfect combination to surprise someone on their birthday.


Ferrero Rocher Bouquet 

This is a unique bouquet that is prepared by arranging Ferrero rocher chocolates between the space created by the material. Clothes pieces are arranged in such a way that they look like flowers. In each of these spaces, a piece of Ferrero rocher is embedded. This looks like a bouquet of golden flowers that have red petals. You can gift this bouquet to your friends, colleagues, and especially to kids. They all are fond of eating chocolates.


Red Velvet

This is a different kind of red velvet cake which is prepared by using cream. The base of the cake is red velvet upon which cream is coated. All the surface sprinkles of red velvet material are spread. This is a unique and delicious cake that is perfect for surprising people on their birthdays.


There is a wide variety of Same Day Delivery Gifts available for you to order. You can select the traditional cake and flowers or a different combination of gifts depending upon the choice. There is a wide variety of cakes available in different flavors. Get the advantage of exploring different products in one place.

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