Gaming Phones are Different from Other Phones

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest-growing segments. its popularity is increasing with every passing year and The use of Mobile Phones Increase is Not a Surprise. Many are predicting the gaming smartphone segment as the next frontier. Affected by the new demand and market environment, the development of gaming smartphones is subject to numerous limitations, and handset manufacturers have begun to attempt breakthroughs.

Over the past few years, the rising popularity of mobile games has paved the way for the birth of affordable “gaming smartphones” and Low Budget Phones for Optimum Performance.

However, the current gaming mobile phone chip platform relies on Android and a powerful chipset. Faced with a bit of complicated spec sheet and numerous parameters, many people wonder about the differences between gaming and ordinary mobile phones.

In the second part of this article, we will also take a quick look at the best 8GB RAM mobiles and phones under 20000 which can be good smartphones for your gaming needs.


Bigger and Faster Screens

The main point of interaction for users with mobile games is the touchscreen. Hence it makes sense that users want the display screen of their gaming devices to be as huge as possible. Indeed, the majority of the latest gaming smartphones have screens that are larger than 6.5 inches, making them among the largest phones on the market.

The second factor about the screen display that puts a gaming mobile above the competition is the refresh rate. Generally, standard phone screens come with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is the same standard used on most televisions and computer monitors. The higher screen refresh rate means you can see faster and more frames per second.

Most light mobile games require a standard 60 frames per second performance rate, so the performance difference might not be noticeable. But, if you intend to play intensive games or the latest games on higher resolution, you will need to opt for something with 90Hz or 120Hz to get the optimum performance.

Dual Speakers

Naturally, sound is also a very important factor to enjoy mobile games, just like superior video quality. Gaming mobiles usually come loaded with front-facing dual stereo speakers.

When mainstream smartphone manufacturers are relying on mono speakers to make their devices even thinner and get rid of the bezels, a gamer wants phone manufacturers to offer them big, loud, and clear speaker configurations. Most of Gaming Mobiles, even gaming phones under 20,000 on the market, come equipped with a dual stereo speaker setup.


Powerful Processors and Higher RAM

To enhance the gaming phone’s performance, they come loaded with the latest powerful chipset and an 8GB RAM mobile or higher variants for plenty of memory. Then again, this does not necessarily mean a huge difference compared to premium or flagship devices, and several of them are even using similar processors from top brands like Qualcomm or MediaTek.

Gaming phones are often tuned differently to enhance performance by sacrificing battery life and reducing efficiency for achieving pure speed. They can also have custom features like cooling solutions for tackling the extra heat, including vapor/liquid chambers or external coolers.

Huge Battery Capacity

Mobile gaming can put lots of load on a battery. Short of a standard benchmark test, a demanding 3D game is one of the most exhausting programs you can run (coincidentally, gamers also rely on such tests).

A performance-oriented gaming phone that comes loaded with a fast SoC, a bright, big, high-refresh-rate screen, and powerful yet high-quality dual stereo speakers, and you are looking at a gaming device that consumes battery power like a beast. To take care of this high power consumption, smartphone makers offer massive batteries in their gaming devices and optimize them to provide a long usage time without forcing users to look for a socket point in the middle of their gaming session.


Top 5 Gaming Phones Under 20,000

  • POCO X3 (6,000 mAh, 120Hz)

8GB RAM mobile variant price-18,999

8GB RAM mobile variant price-16,999

  • Realme Narzo 30 Pro (5,000 mAh, 120Hz)

8GB RAM mobile variant price-17,999

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (5,020 mAh, 120Hz)

8GB RAM mobile variant price-19,499

  • Tecno Camon 17 Pro (5,000 mAh, 90Hz)

8GB RAM mobile variant price-16,999

Whether you are looking for an 8Gb ram mobile or a gaming phone under 20,000, you will find the above list helpful. These gaming phones have massive battery capacity, and higher RAM and are more optimized for the gaming experience. If you are delaying your purchase due to budget restrictions, then you are in luck. Keep reading to discover more.


Smart Way of Purchasing Your Gaming Phone

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