Fyodor Accuses Cosmonauts of Booze and Betrayal

Fyodor doesn’t need a higher opinion of Russian astronauts, who believe they violate the principle of abstinence from alcohol in the International Space Station Robot Alcohol Effect on Security Management and could be drinking, even though they come into space. The Alcohol effect on the human body.


Social Platforms Remove Sets of Offensive Articles

Fyodor himself is just a humanoid robot, which is the job of this Russian space application. He could be 1.80 m tall, weigh approximately 160 kg, and could successfully replicate human motions and activities. The robot also stands upward whether it drops and may use some essential gear such as a screwdriver and a wrench.


In the autumn of 2019, Fyodor was filled onto one of those Soyuz rockets and abandoned at the International Space Station, where a succession of experiments was conducted to observe whether it may be practical for astronauts. The positive effects of alcohol. Before, Roscosmos shared a few short videos on Facebook and Twitter revealing the robot shooting with superbly true sight.


At the ISS, the innovation of Russian spacecraft must reveal whether it may mend an assortment of equipment and whether or not it has the capability to eventually become a portion of astronauts’ distance traveling, they sometimes go beyond the channel for fixing and alternative tasks. Drastically increased work flow which has increased productivity. Some assignments are too dangerous for humans to do, also it will be helpful for robots to displace them in the activities under consideration. Alcohol and spaceflight.


Failed Meet Astronaut Expectations

On the planet, the robot proceeds to maintain its busy Twitter profile, which needs to be endorsed by Dmitry Rogozin-led Roscosmos. The accounts provide information about the Russian space application and videos from which Fyodor does many matters. In 1 video, as an instance, the robot has been also driving an automobile that supposedly belonged to Rogozin.


Everything is nice until October 12, once Fyodor’s profile starts to fill with questionable statements and blatant attacks on two prior Russian cosmonauts from the ISS – Maxim Suraev along Alexander Samokutyaev.


“Robots, including Suraev and Samokutyaev, do not succumb to flaws do not violate the ironic regimen of their orbital channel, usually do not talk crap, do their tasks at flight, and usually do not sell their job because astronauts for chairs at the State Duma,” he wrote. Fyodor on Twitter.


Robot Pretended to Have High Opinion of Humans

These statements are alternatives to forecasts for Fyodor to come back to work because robots do a lot better than humans. In just another of the past articles, he joked that he just talked in the office so when there is power. But traces that Russian astronauts are abusing alcohol also Fyodor hates humanity never have gone undetected, and the robot’s social-media profile was prohibited from the book.


But who’s supporting Fyodor’s profile also has a fascination with rude people such as Suraev and Samokutyaev, whom Russia takes because of their personalities. List of Spaceflight-Related Accidents and incidents


On the list of most likely assumptions is that Dmitry Rogozin, the top of Roscosmos, composed these offensive articles. Rogozin was in enmity using Suraev at absentia in 2018, once the astronaut publicly started simplifying Russia’s space program at a collection of interviews.


Observing the success of Elon Musk and his Crew’s drag on, which reached the ISS and left a thriving dock with the channel, Suraev accusations that Russia was lagging in the distance race. In his social networking accounts, the astronaut published memes and jokes regarding the contemporary look of this SpaceX rocket into the awkward-looking interior of their Soyuz.


Strike Astronauts

As stated by the technology book Ars Technica the tweets were written within the style that the mind of Roscosmos utilizes to impolite his rivals as well as the ones he believes” uncomfortable” and competition of the Russian nation space Bureau.

Rogozin’s answer, naturally, isn’t long before’s determined that Fyodor personally composed every one of these things because he’s sensible enough to manage societal support systems on their own and knows that the enemies of all Roscosmos are.


As we know astronauts Need GPS Very Much so that they can navigate easily. They get a lot of help from this.


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